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  1. I go to two home games a year living in Myrtle Beach...love it.
  2. Will be up in 523..free tickets...what lot are you tailgating in?
  3. I'll be there!
  4. now that I"m looking at it again..looks like I recieved misinformation..looks like you can buy it after 1 on sundays..either way I'm buying it the day before to be safe!
  5. Just a heads up..make sure you get your beer on Saturday..can't buy it in Charlotte on Sunday,
  6. Thanks! Got to experience it last Sunday. Awesome time.
  7. Is Steamers Sports Pub still the place to watch the Birds on Sundays in Charlotte?
  8. http://blogs.twincities.com/vikings/2015/07/26/vikings-place-linebacker-casey-matthews-season-ending-injured-reserve/
  9. Would be interested in two if you still have any..
  10. Charlotte!
  11. way down here in Myrtle Beach