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  1. dave how do i have a higher reputation then you? lol..

  2. dave how do i have a higher reputation then you? lol..

  3. the cowboys are going to win because they will win the turnover's game.they are healthy and their scheme is better.

  4. u are not a desean jackson believer

  5. EagleVa = Maclins biggest hater

  6. get it.. got it... good..

  7. just noticed u wished me a happy birthday!! lol

    thats it when i get home we playin some boys 2 men and that thing is gettin a beatin'!!! u kno what i mean lol

  8. ernie mccracken awsome name!!!! hahahaha

  9. Happy Birthday!!!!

  10. Did u know cats always land on their feet.. unless u cut them off. Then u can laugh at them when they hit the ground!

  11. one day we will learn that each of us own our own peice of the negadelphis as well as posidelphia. Only then will the portal of enlightemment open setting us all free of the sins and wars of this violent ball of dirt and water floating through space patiently waiting to crash into another world much like our own, i guess we would call that killing two birds with one stone, me i'd rather think

  12. damn nice pic, you looking good gurl!!!! Real fine real fly and real MFing good gurl!!

  13. you are a friend of a friend of danny ammeglia or whatever his name is.... do you have any friends who are friends with boldin?