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  1. I would just cancel them. Stop diluting and saturating the product. Create scarcity/low supply
  2. Here are the problems with Monday, Thursday and Sunday night games- the matchups usually stink. Years ago, when Monday was the only primetime game, it was usually 49ers, Steelers, Cowboys, Giants, Bears, or some other high profile teams. And I remember the Browns and Bengals owners ****ing about not getting the National exposure that the other teams did. So, not only have they diluted the airwaves but they’ve done it with crappy matchups
  3. WCPhan

    Richard Sherman done for the year

    I was about to type the same thing. Without Sherman, that defense drastically changes.
  4. WCPhan

    Name A Team We Can't Beat

    Good teams find ways to win
  5. WCPhan

    Who would you wanna face in the SB?

    Realistically, I don’t see the Pats getting back, their defense is just too weak and Gronk is Brady’s only receiving target and he’s at the part of the season where he gets hurt. I do NOT want to play Denver- that defense is killin it this year. I think our biggest adversary in the NFC is the Redskins. They are coming on strong. I would rather lose this week, figure out our weaknesses against them and adjust. To address the question- I think second time around, well be ready for the Chiefs.