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  1. 4 hours ago, VaBeach_Eagle said:

    Just curious on the comparison so I looked up the stats for the past 2 seasons.

    Brady (32 games):
    760/1151 66% 8,932 YDS 61 TDs 5.3% 19 INTs 1.7%  279.1 YPG 100.2 Passer Rating

    Goff (31 games):
    660/1038 63.6% 8,492 YDS 60 TDs 5.8% 19 INTs 1.8% 273.9 YPG 100.8 Passer Rating

    And since this is an Eagles board...

    Wentz (24 games):
    544/841 64.7% 6,370 YDS 54 TDs 6.4% 14 INTs 1.7% 265.4 YPG 102.0 Passer Rating

    I was further curious to see what the numbers would be if Goff and Wentz had both played all 32 games, like Brady did so using their averages, I stretched the numbers out over 32 games...

    681/1072 63.5% 8,766 YDS 62 TDs 5.8% 20 INTs 1.9% 100.6 Passer Rating

    725/1121 64.7% 8,493 YDS 72 TDs 6.4% 19 INTs 1.7% 101.9 Passer Rating

    Shows how important it is for Wentz to stay healthy, if he can continue to produce those kinds of numbers.

    Whats so ironic is if you would have asked what qb would fail to finish two seasons out of the 3 healthy, i would have bet the house it would be the slender Goff.

    Two straight seasons and two major injuries for Wentz, while Goff continues to not miss a game due to injury.

  2. Tony Dungy take

    All you have to do is look at history,” Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy said on Friday’s PFT Live. "There’s been all kinds of bad calls, non-calls. It happens all the time. It will never be remembered if you win the Super Bowl.”

    Dungy pointed out that, as Saints fans continue to be up in arms over the call that wasn’t, the Saints benefitted from a similar error nine years ago in the NFC Championship against Minnesota.

    "The Vikings got an apology on a Brett Favre interception that should have been roughing the passer,” Dungy said. "Wasn’t called. And the Saints go to the Super Bowl. They’re not giving their Super Bowl trophy back and saying, ‘You know what? That was roughing the passer. We should play that game over.’”

  3. 8 hours ago, Jeep_Man said:

    TO be fair, I do believe the Rams vs Saints game was already setup for Rams to win. NFL needed to inject life into the populace in LA and getting the RAMS to the superbowl was the best way to do it....  I dont feel bad for the Saints though, they are just a shi* franchise in general...

    If the nfl wanted the rams to win, they could have simply called the obvious face mask on goff on the drive before. Imo The refs didnt want to decide the game so they swallowed the whistle on both sides late game and ended up letting a obvious blown call go.

    The saints got the ball first in ot. 

  4. Chiefs or Rams bc are the new fresh story lines

    Mcvay is the Pat Mahomes of coaching. Like Pat, Mcvay hasnt won a SB, but people are fascinated and amazed bc they feel like they shouldn't be this good this young. 

    McVay took over a franchise that hasnt had a winning record in over 10 years and is now the youngest coach to ever go to a NFC championship game.

    Mahomes at his young age and limited nfl experience shouldnt be this good. I got ut, he has great ability, so did Vick. But Mahomes shouldnt be this smart of a player, shouldn't have this type of poise in his 2nd year at his age.

  5. 10 hours ago, BCEagle said:

    You seem confused by words, logic, and possibly even your socks on a bad day, so let me translate what I wrote using only monosyllabic words so that you understand:

    me glad birds won bowl this year so me not sad

    pats did not win bowl this year so me glad

    rams did not win bowl this year so me glad

    saints did not win bowl this year so me glad

    birds won bowl this year so me glad

    me say me sad but tongue in cheek -- me glad

    next year me might be sad but not this year

    In other words the eagles won a SB last year, so your fine with mediocrity this year.

    Thanks i got it.