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  1. Havenless

    Travis Frederick Retires

    What name are you on that board?
  2. Yes but you hate them for reasons that occurred 20-50 years before the jags even existed
  3. That’s by default, they’re a 20 year-old team with only 4-5 relevant seasons. They are less of rivals than we are to the Jets.
  4. Havenless

    DeAndre Hopkins Traded to Arizona!

    Don’t forget they paid the Seahawks to take Jadeveon Clowney
  5. I get the underlying conspiracy theory that he’s only good when he plays for Philadelphia, but what I don’t get is why these teams are investing so much into him only to give him the shortest leash in the NFL
  6. Havenless

    Your top 3 worst Super Bowls since 2000

    I also came to say this one. The raiders should have never made it that far, that was just a stupid SB
  7. Payton’s issue was directly in violation of players’ safety. He ran a headhunting scheme. In many ways that’s so much worse.
  8. So it’s no secret Dallas is in the market for a TE after rumors Witten is gone and The backups have been... backup quality. One of the big names at the position in free agency is the guy who replaced Zach Ertz at Standford, Austin Hooper. After playing his First four years in Atlanta, he’ll be an unrestricted free agent when free agency begins. I don’t know if Dallas Has already tried to contact Austin (tampering) or have an under the table agreement with his agent that other teams are aware of (collusion), but they’ve officially added him to their active roster list today: https://www.dallascowboys.com/team/players-roster/austin-hooper/ This isn’t the kind of oopsy that happens on a roster page; someone in the front office has to approve it before it can be officially changed. What in the actual #%€£ is wrong with this organization.
  9. Havenless

    AFC Wildcard: Titans @ Patriots.

    Patsfans.com just crashed. Hilarious
  10. Havenless

    Myles Garrett Assault Needs Its Own Thread

    I’m pretty sure I saw Thanos do this to Iron Man in Infinity War
  11. Havenless

    Myles Garrett Assault Needs Its Own Thread

    The worst thing that happened was Garrett Tomahawk chopped a dude on the exposed head with an NFL helmet. The second worst thing that happened was Garrett dragged a man off the ground by his facemask. If we were ranking these, then the next 3-4 bush league actions on the list were by Rudolph. Kick to the groin, possible punch to the groin later (can’t quite tell), pulling at Garrett’s helmet, not ending the fight after both were off the ground and Garrett was walking away. Then after all that was the body slam. Don’t think it was a late hit, but he did put all his weight on the QB and appeared to hold him down. Nothing egregious, regular things that happen in a game. Everything Rudolph did was worse than this, because at least Garrett was making a football play. If you notice, this list is in inverted chronological order. It was a fight that escalated, both are at fault. But it in no way diminishes Garrett’s final act. You do that when someone pulls a knife on you, not when they’re being annoying. I think most people upset at Rudolph would have a different tune if Garrett hit him in the sweet spot and he was still in the hospital today.
  12. Just discovered on the Cowboyszone message board that the word ‘cowgirls’ is banned and it auto corrects it if you ever type it. How thin can your skin be. THE-WORD-THAT-SHALL-NOT-BE-TYPED
  13. There’s no reason any Eagles fan should care about the Minnesota Vikings.
  14. Havenless

    Week 2 Open Discussion.

    Patrick Mahomes is unbelievable