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  1. Havenless

    AFC Wildcard: Titans @ Patriots.

    Patsfans.com just crashed. Hilarious
  2. Havenless

    Myles Garrett Assault Needs Its Own Thread

    I’m pretty sure I saw Thanos do this to Iron Man in Infinity War
  3. Havenless

    Myles Garrett Assault Needs Its Own Thread

    The worst thing that happened was Garrett Tomahawk chopped a dude on the exposed head with an NFL helmet. The second worst thing that happened was Garrett dragged a man off the ground by his facemask. If we were ranking these, then the next 3-4 bush league actions on the list were by Rudolph. Kick to the groin, possible punch to the groin later (can’t quite tell), pulling at Garrett’s helmet, not ending the fight after both were off the ground and Garrett was walking away. Then after all that was the body slam. Don’t think it was a late hit, but he did put all his weight on the QB and appeared to hold him down. Nothing egregious, regular things that happen in a game. Everything Rudolph did was worse than this, because at least Garrett was making a football play. If you notice, this list is in inverted chronological order. It was a fight that escalated, both are at fault. But it in no way diminishes Garrett’s final act. You do that when someone pulls a knife on you, not when they’re being annoying. I think most people upset at Rudolph would have a different tune if Garrett hit him in the sweet spot and he was still in the hospital today.
  4. Just discovered on the Cowboyszone message board that the word ‘cowgirls’ is banned and it auto corrects it if you ever type it. How thin can your skin be. THE-WORD-THAT-SHALL-NOT-BE-TYPED
  5. There’s no reason any Eagles fan should care about the Minnesota Vikings.
  6. Havenless

    Week 2 Open Discussion.

    Patrick Mahomes is unbelievable
  7. Havenless

    Browns fans are ready!!!

    So the guy who has epilepsy is standing on top of a van (I don’t have epilepsy and would never do that) while paying attention to something else.... and his 8ish year old son is on Twitter? Are these the activities we’ll be funding?
  8. Havenless

    Zeke Set To Hold Out Of Training Camp?

    100% yes
  9. Havenless

    Is Goff really worth that money?

    Yes he’s worth it. He’s good. A lot are equating his success to the Rams offense, but it doesn’t work that way. Very few men on Earth can run it as proficiently as he can. is he a top 10 QB? No. Is he worth 100m$ guaranteed to the rams? Heck yes.
  10. Havenless

    Zeke Set To Hold Out Of Training Camp?

    Luck is definitely one. In the Superbowl when the Patriots came back and it was 33-32, anything could have happened at that point. But if you're good, luck tends to go your way. Which we were. But think about the Tyree catch, the non-run at the goalline, even this year the pass interference. Pats don't hold NO to 3 points. Rarely does a team win it due to outright domination from beginning to end. Seattle did in 2013, Atlanta almost did in 2016. Even 2010, the MIchael Vick underthrown ball to Riley in the wild card round. That was against the eventual super bowl champions. Call a different play and everything changes.
  11. Havenless

    Zeke Set To Hold Out Of Training Camp?

    Yes, every Super Bowl Winner was a complete team in most regards, like Dallas. but I also think that is not a coincidence. Very rarely does a dominant back have a bottom 5 nfl defense. His ball control makes them look pretty, because their imperfections are not on the field very often.
  12. Havenless

    Zeke Set To Hold Out Of Training Camp?

    This is all kinds of wrong. 2014 Seahawks would have won the superbowl ironically if they pressed on their feature back MORE. Not giving him the ball is what lost that superbowl. 2013 they did win it with their highly paid RB basically running the offense. Before the 2012 season, the Baltimore Ravens signed Ray Rice to one of the biggest contracts in the NFL. He had 84 carries in their 4 playoff games. The 2008 Steelers won the Superbowl with the 2007 league's 4th leading rusher, Willie Parker. Over 1300 yards. He got knicked up in the 2008 season so he couldnt repeat... even so in the 2008 playoffs he had a whopping 70 carries in 3 games. NOT a committee. 2005 The Seattle Seahawks again got screwed in the 4th quarter, this time by the refs. They should have won that game, and at the time Shaun Alexander was the highest paid RB in NFL history. Losses don't count? Well the team they were playing made Jerome Bettis the third highest paid RB a few years prior. 2004 Patriots won with a 1600 yard running back, lot of people don't remember that even though we played them for the 'ship. There are a bunch of different ways you can win a super bowl, and having a high-paid, feature RB is definitely one of them, even in today's game.
  13. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/09/01/report-texans-seahawks-agreed-to-split-jadeveon-clowneys-2019-pay/ Holy smokes, we should have traded for him. Texans got absolutely crushed on this one.
  14. 2 1st rounders and a 2nd rounder. Wow. Many things going through my head right now. 1. Most ever given up for a non-QB? I don’t think any other deal is close. 2. Jadeveon refusing to go to Miami basically cost the Texans a 1 and a 2. And then that player worth a 1 and a 2 netted them a 3 and some bubble players. Incredible. 3. Don't forget, Houston drafted a LT in the first AND second rounds of the draft this year. And they signed Matt Khalil as well to compete for the job. So that’s 3 first round picks and 2 second round picks all put into the same position in 1 year, plus a free agent promised competitive playing time. 4. Philly jumping them for Andre Dillard has destroyed them psychologically. They’re bouncing off the walls. 5. If Tunsil refuses to sign an extension and plays out the remainder of his contract, he’ll have the most leverage any player has had... ever. Houston has no GM, if you haven’t figured that out by now. https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1167913325188931586?s=20
  15. Would have actually gone Carmichael, but Randall is a good choice.