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  1. Havenless

    Kareem Hunt brutalizes and kicks woman in hotel video

    I meant leading the league on another team as a hypothetical about last year. He’s reigning rushing champ. Until he’s knocked off, he’s got the crown... just like us.
  2. Havenless

    Kareem Hunt brutalizes and kicks woman in hotel video

    I always felt Hunt was at least partially a product of the system. He’s not leading the league in yards on the Colts or the 9ers. They won’t be as derailed as you’d think.
  3. Havenless

    Is it time for Fox and CBS to have doubleheaders each week?

    To maintain value in a commodity, it is necessary to assure its demand. NFL knows EXACTLY what it's doing.
  4. Havenless

    Cowboys just traded for Amari Cooper

    WOW. What if they go 7-9? This could be the 11th or 12th overall pick for him. At that spot you're assured one of the top 2 WRs, a top Olineman, probably 3rd Dlineman, and a position to trade up for a top 5 quarterback. You trade that away to get a guy you'll immediately have to give a 15+M$ a year contract? Is he even a top 5 wr? Just insanity, Oakland stole one.
  5. Havenless


    Rams fan started it, Rams fan threw the first punch, rams fan hit woman, rams fan threw a dude down a flight of seats. Minnesota nice.
  6. Havenless

    Patrick Mahomes breaks records.

    To be fair, when has Andy not made a qb look amazing?
  7. Havenless

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    You specifically said you were ‘in here’ before him. Not talking to RStartr, nor debating this topic, you said ‘in here.’ You deliberately lied and are now trying to change the subject after being caught lying to everyone. Just be a man and own up to it, why are you always like this?
  8. So it gets worse. Police showed up after he tried to break into Trae Wayne’s house. They talked to him for awhile and convinced him to take an ambulance to a mental health clinic. He later jumped out of the ambulance. He got out because he said he wasn’t injured and couldn’t remember why he was in an ambulance. They talked for awhile again and he got back in. The Saturday practice before the hotel incident he showed up even with the injury and expected to practice. A Vikings personnel guy (not GM), knowing Everson was prone to major errors in judgement, told him to leave practice and said they’d talk later. When said executive agreed to meet Griffin at his hotel, Everson forgot why he was there and said he didn’t want to talk. So the guy just left, confused. Oh yeah the person who called 911 franticly explaining that Everson Griffin is breaking into Wayne’s house? Mrs. Everson Griffin.
  9. Havenless

    Josh Gordon UPDATE: Traded to the Patriots

    Apparently it's because he had tardiness issues. I would pick him up just so Dallas can't. He'd be a good depth guy until Jeffery comes back.
  10. Havenless

    OFFICIAL: Nick Foles 2017 option not picked up by Chiefs

    Can someone frame this please?
  12. The Seahawks? They were run, run, run some more. And Russell Wilson was a game manager at that stage.
  13. Havenless


    They're not really good right now. And they'll probably have to pay their qb 20+m a year, stuck in a Dalton situation where he's JUST good enough.
  14. Havenless

    New 'No Kneeling' Rule May Go Ballistic

    They’re not gonna run their business based on what some idiot guy says (Shaun King.) he would have hijacked the narrative regardless.