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  1. First test he’s had come back negative in a long time
  2. As is Dak to an extent. What happens when you take him out of Garret’t’s offense? The Foles question
  3. Foles doesn't have Luck's talent, but he's done a lot more. Luck is still worth more than Foles despite that. Wentz is still worth more
  4. 8 million more a year than Brandon Graham. That’s a Jets contract. A Bills contract. A Lions contract. Contenders with tight caps don’t touch that kind of money unless he’s a bona fide hall of famer. Watt. Mack. Cox. Donald.
  5. What a waste of money. He’s second tier at best. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26450912/cowboys-lawrence-agree-105m-deal
  6. Havenless

    Jets new uniforms

    I hate the helmet is a different green than the jersey. Maybe it’s OCD, but nothing infuriates me more. They look good in the photo shoot controlled lighting, but in normal light it’s like a mish mash of 2 different teams’ uniforms and helmets
  7. Havenless

    Tyreek Hill under investigation for beating his son

    Chiefs need to cut him and he should get at least 10 games for this IF if was intentional. Kids get hurt all the time, and the mother might just be overreacting. But with his history of rage it could be true.
  8. Apparently Tyreek was disciplining his son so vigorously that he broke his arm... The boy is 3 years old https://www.google.com/amp/s/deadspin.com/reports-cops-investigating-tyreek-hill-for-allegedly-b-1833334466/amp some May remember Tyreek was under investigation in college for beating up his girlfriend... while she was pregnant with the boy
  9. Havenless

    Seahawks LB Mychal Kendricks Finally Locked Up

    I even called him Seahawks linebacker in the title and not free agent linebacker. I did everything I could to avoid click-baity-ness
  10. Havenless


    The Goedert catch and run?
  11. Havenless

    LeVeon Bell to the Jets

    don't be deceived Eagles fans, it is incentive-laced and he could make as much as 61m$. So 15m a year as long as he lives up to it, we never had a chance.
  12. He there, I have a suggestion. I'm sifting through the Foles to Jacksonville for 4 yr deal thread, and I'm having some trouble pinpointing where the update occurred because its merged with threads dating all the way back to January 10th. And it occurs to me that I've been doing this a few times today, flipping pages to find the first update post. Desean's thread, even Michael Bennett's thread to a lesser extent.

    Would it be possible to get a mod edit in the opening post to link to the specific post in the thread that reflects the updated title?

  13. Havenless

    Brees is actually OVERRATED

    Prettiest 7-9 QB we’ve ever seen
  14. Havenless

    Antonio Brown Saga

    This is why you wait for Shefter. He remained quiet all night last night, and while NFL.com had Brown plastered on their front page in a Bills uniform, Shefter told ESPN not to run the story yet.