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  1. Rooting for the Josh Gordon Comeback Story

    I was rooting for his comeback 3 years ago, now it's just sad. Football should be the last thing on his mind, is he just trying to make a quick buck?
  2. RB Adrian Peterson traded to the Cardinals

    Why would AP want this? He should have stayed with the Vikes.
  3. Lets open the saints a peterson book

    Patriots have always been rbbc and have 5 backs. Peterson to Seattle, however....
  4. Maybe Howie should have grabbed Kareem Hunt

    Lesean Mccoy 600 yards rushing and 300 yards receiving with 4 combined tds is an impact rookie, but Jordan Matthews 879 receiving yards and 8 tds isnt? Nice logic.
  5. Profootballtalk just talked to a source with the bills that McCoy is not available. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/08/22/bills-havent-entertained-lesean-mccoy-trade-offers-and-wont/ PFT also says there was no real source to this other than a guy hypothesizing. They literally just confirmed that Bobbywizdum made this all up. No sources, no trade block, no "reports." Tradeblockgate. He got everyone here to 11 pages though, so I guess it was worth it for his hubris?
  6. It's absolutely true. As for my source, in the immortal words of Bobbywizdum, "Listen, you're just gonna have to trust me on this. It happened."
  7. No, sources are now saying the bills see him as their only offensive weapon after the Watkins trade, and he's "untouchable."
  8. But you said you heard some report it. Show us where you heard that, and it's okay if hes not very reliable. We want to know how you came to this.
  9. The answer from the OP is: "Nowhere in the site's terms does it say my threads have to be factual." In no uncertain terms.
  10. You and I both know what's happening here, but I'll go ahead and spell it out so that it's clear for everyone. You read an article speculating the bills would trade McCoy if a good trade came there way. Hell, they'd even consider calling people who might need him if the calls aren't coming in from the other end. They aren't reporting that a bills source told them this, mind you, they're just speculating for fun. Which is just fine. You and I both know that doesn't equate to him being on the trade block. Or even an erroneous report to him being on the trade block, available to whoever meets their asking price. so what you did is take a story about a player that belongs in IWTETG, you lied about 2 major points in the story, "reports" and "trade block", so that you could get it on the main page of TATE. Now the problem with little lies like these on the internet is there are no real world consequences, so you can simply create bigger lies to substantiate it. Now the excuse is we can't find it because we're not as good at the internet as you, but you still have no way of procuring said story in way of saving this thread. Because it doesn't exist. But you can simply lie it away until we get bored and then try and change the subject as quickly as possible. No, this isn't ban worthy, and yes, I'm sure you're thinking right now I'm turning a molehill into a mountain. But I like this site because it's both lenient and informative. You're taking advantage of their leniency to take advantage of People looking for the right information. And in the process, youve created what is called fallacious clickbait. And that's not what this forum is about.
  11. Good, now link the article that someone is claiming, however inaccurate, bills have officially put him up on the trade block for everyone to see.
  12. I have no interest in debating you about legitimacy either. I'm simply asking you to link one single article saying they may have heard, however sketchy, that Mccoy is not only possibly available, but he's outright on their trade block.
  13. "reportedly on trade block" link the source that is "reporting" Buffalo has him on the trade block
  14. Saints shopping CB Breaux

    Offer them Ryan Mathews. Worth a shot.