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  1. Draft Day Coming Up!

    Even Foles. I like Foles better, but what we got was a lot more from Bradford than what St. Louis got from Foles.
  2. Julio Jones Trade Incoming?

    Possibly nothing... but he just deleted all of his Atlanta Falcons pictures on Instagram and Twitter. He unfollowed every play and staff member from the Falcons organization. When asked what was going on by the twitterverse, he then made his twitter account private. That's... odd. No idea what that's about, but if it is something serious, Dez would have a perfect landing spot in suddenly WR-depraved Atlanta.
  3. Draft Day Coming Up!

    32. Philadelphia - A third string QB who'll accomplish virtually nothing that Roseman will somehow convince the Jets to give up 2 1st's and a pro bowler for.
  4. Why Didn't The NFL Create A Line Of Action Figures?

    Here is one of the best games of all-time using the Amiibo system extensively: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2017/11/guide_all_the_legend_of_zelda_breath_of_the_wild_amiibo_unlocks On one hand, I have the game, have no Amiibos and am missing absolutely nothing. On the other hand, a person in a different position can make the case that at least 25% of these are must-buys.
  5. Why Didn't The NFL Create A Line Of Action Figures?

    Exactly, plus you get the toy
  6. Browns Picks

    Its essentially what the Jets did, which is really, really not intelligent. You're basically saying your scouting department is so inept that you can't find a difference between the top 3 qbs (in this case if rb is 1 overall), and youll take anyone. If in any way you find 1 qb being superior over the others, you absolutely have to take him at 1. 3 draft spots is worth Peyton over Leaf, Luck over RGIII, Ryan over Flacco, Smith over Rodg... well, you get the point. Take the best QB, only go RB if you feel none of the qbs are as special. Plus, its far more likely someone will trade you for 4 than 1, and you may get more compensation than even a Barkley is worth due to qbs still being on the board at 4.
  7. Why Didn't The NFL Create A Line Of Action Figures?

    No no, the game comes with everything normally, the amiibos add special things you cant get anywhere else. Like in Zelda they give him alternate outfits, in Madden it would just be special cards or a secret play mode or something. nothing required, just little add on stuff.
  8. Why Didn't The NFL Create A Line Of Action Figures?

    Not really. An Amiibo is a toy you can buy that unlocks something in the game itself. Like for instance if you buy the 9.99 richard sherman action figure, you can scan it to unlock his 99 overall 2014 version to be used in franchise mode. or Maybe the 2013 Nick Foles Amiibo unlocks a 'beat tom brady in the superbowl' challenge they look like this They have a little computer chip in the base and all current gen systems have a way of scanning them
  9. Why Didn't The NFL Create A Line Of Action Figures?

    Madden with Amiibos actually sounds like a great idea
  10. Draft Day Coming Up!

    Wake me when Shefter admits it's not all BS for clicks.
  11. NFL Trivia Game!

    Right guy, but already guessed. New question soon
  12. NFL Trivia Game!

    Jeff Blake is correct, 1 point to bwestbrook36. It was available because rule 3 was broken when it was guessed.
  13. NFL Trivia Game!

    Good guess, by no unfortunately. He even started eagles playoff games. Cmon man.
  14. NFL Trivia Game!

    Everyone’s guesses are reset
  15. NFL Trivia Game!

    Hints! Question is now worth 1 point. 1. The team he started the most seasons for is east of the Mississippi but not on the East Coast. 2. He was an Eagle at some point in the last 20 years....