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  1. I don't dislike the list, but they should come up with a better voting system. I want to know how Cox got to 38, whether a crazy amount of players had him in there or some intern at NFL network just inserted him.
  2. At first when I saw Graham and Jenkins, I was pumped because I knew Cox was still to come. Now that we're through 41, I'm getting the feeling he didn't even make he list, I don't know why he'd jumped to top 40 after last season.
  3. He was on a team flight and celebrating with teammates. Because the team was handing out alcohol he said he was under the impression he was allowed to have some. His conditions under the substance abuse program state he cannot have alcohol whatsoever. No laws broken, he simply cannot walk the line to save his career.
  4. I'm happy we didn't take anyone who may be serving jail time before minicamp, but this draft's grade is heavily influenced by what Sidney looks like in December. We either stole a top guy or threw away our second round pick. Not much inbetween on that one.
  5. As I'm reading this article, it's pretty exhausting the lengths Cleveland is willing to go in order to continue to be terrible at football. I guess they've already mastered all the shortcuts to sucking, and this is their new venture.
  6. TATC
  7. Fournette out of the top 14? I'm suddenly in the betting mood.
  8. You guys are overreacting, this play rarely actually impacts the outcome. Anyone know how many leaping players blocked kicks vs how many were injured for at least the remainder of the game due to the play? Next year at this point we won't even notice a difference in it being gone.
  9. God, look at the top of that 2013 draft. We dug through a pile of cadavers and found someone with a pulse. remember when we were gonna offer Graham and a high round pick for Jordan? Oh how the tables have turned.
  10. In order to make a comeback you have to have been there in the first place. More like "Johnny Football may actually try and make his first real attempt at being an NFL player." but don't hold your breath.
  11. They're going to trade out of the first overall pick to get a slew of middle round selections, watch. That'll be 2 years in a row they turn down bonafide talent in order to gamble on 2nd and 3rd rounders. And that's why they're the Browns.
  12. You know what agitates me? Non-specific topic titles. If you want to start a topic, start a topic. Enough with this beating around the bush BS.
  13. I wouldn't count a lot of these just because players were backups or at the end of their careers. And then others everyone will remember, like the whole point about the Kurt Warner story is he went to NY and sucked and then rejuvenated in Arizona. So I'll go with someone who actually did something notable with a team but no one really recalls, like Chiefs great Priest Holmes was a thousand yard rusher for Baltimore or that Darelle Revis probably makes Tampa Bay's all time team.
  14. Or the 2013 NFCE champion Philadelphia eagles. One of those teams.