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  1. Havenless

    Josh Gordon UPDATE: Traded to the Patriots

    Apparently it's because he had tardiness issues. I would pick him up just so Dallas can't. He'd be a good depth guy until Jeffery comes back.
  2. Havenless

    OFFICIAL: Nick Foles 2017 option not picked up by Chiefs

    Can someone frame this please?
  4. The Seahawks? They were run, run, run some more. And Russell Wilson was a game manager at that stage.
  5. Havenless


    They're not really good right now. And they'll probably have to pay their qb 20+m a year, stuck in a Dalton situation where he's JUST good enough.
  6. Havenless

    New 'No Kneeling' Rule May Go Ballistic

    They’re not gonna run their business based on what some idiot guy says (Shaun King.) he would have hijacked the narrative regardless.
  7. Havenless

    New 'No Kneeling' Rule May Go Ballistic

    I don’t want to stick up for Goodell, but this comment is very misplaced. This isn’t his rule, this is Jerry Jones and Jeffery Lurie and Woody Johnson and Pat Bowlen and Ziggy Wilf’s Rule. You have no idea how good Goodell is at his job.
  8. Havenless

    Concussions ... AGAIN

    To compare fighting for our freedom with being an entertainer to fantasy football fiends is an insult to veterans everywhere.
  9. Havenless

    Which Team Can Go From Worst To First In 2018?

    One if the problems I have with top 10 lists is people ignore context. You name 3 snubs from a top 10 list, but then you have to remove 3 guys they are better than, which no one ever does. You can’t have 13 guys in the top 10. Same concept here. It’s fine to say teams are better, but they have to beat out 12, 13 win teams to get there. Think about who you’re saying will have to fall on their face in order to make it happen. The giants? The buccaneers? I get thinking they’ll improve, but they’ll be better than the Falcons AND the Panthers AND the Saints? No. Or the Eagles and the Cowboys? That’s a long shot. 1. Broncos. They still have a talented roster, and play in a division with 3 wildly inconsistent teams. They improved their qb position and 10-6 will probably win that division. 2. Texans. They play in arguably still the worst division in football. This depends entirely on the injuries of Deshaun Watson, JJ Watt, and especially Andrew Luck, but that’s still better odds than the Bucs upending 3 playoff teams. 3. 49ers. Maybe, but I don’t quite get the hype. Other than QB they didn’t do a lot to remake the roster from the 1-10 start last year. It would be a really great story if they go 7-9 and Garappolo has a pro bowl season. But that team beating the Rams and the Seahawks? Eh.... the rest are wildly unlikely
  10. Troy Aikman...?
  11. Havenless

    Pre SuperBowl Pre Cap Era

    Yes it's more diluted. What I'm saying is everyone is more diluted, so teams are on equal ground the same way they were on equal ground were everyone was stacked. It really doesn't matter which way it is, because competition is close to even either way. The Salary Cap and the draft keep it moreso now.
  12. Havenless

    Pre SuperBowl Pre Cap Era

    Teams were as balanced then as they are now. You say they’re diluted, but everyone was stacked back then. And it wasn’t about who had money, Green Bay is the smallest market in the league and it has the best pre-SB pedigree. everyone is diluted, even playing field. Everyone is a pro bowl team, even playing field. In that sense it doesn’t matter.
  13. Havenless

    Who thought this was a good idea?

    This is so bad and on the nose it’s hysterical. Is this real? This can’t be real.
  14. Havenless

    Pre SuperBowl Pre Cap Era

    Because the two leagues weren’t playing for the end all, be all championship, therefore it was more like an NFCCG than a Super Bowl.
  15. Havenless

    Many "reaches"?

    I think part of it was the disagreement on scouting was a lot more prevalent this year. No more so than the top 5 qbs. People swearing Allen was the best, other people saying he wasnt even better than Jackson. Rosen being the most mechanically sound and will probably be a winner right away... then he goes 4th. It's something that benefits the Eagles greatly, as Howie has specific players he targets, and other teams clearly don't value those guys as highly. Do you think Howie would have ever taken Mayfield 1 overall? Barkley over Chubb? Vander Esch over literally anyone else who was taken with the next 10 picks? As long as it keeps working in our favor, then shhhhhh.