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  1. What a waste of money. He’s second tier at best. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26450912/cowboys-lawrence-agree-105m-deal
  2. First test he’s had come back negative in a long time
  3. As is Dak to an extent. What happens when you take him out of Garret’t’s offense? The Foles question
  4. Foles doesn't have Luck's talent, but he's done a lot more. Luck is still worth more than Foles despite that. Wentz is still worth more
  5. 8 million more a year than Brandon Graham. That’s a Jets contract. A Bills contract. A Lions contract. Contenders with tight caps don’t touch that kind of money unless he’s a bona fide hall of famer. Watt. Mack. Cox. Donald.
  6. Havenless

    Jets new uniforms

    I hate the helmet is a different green than the jersey. Maybe it’s OCD, but nothing infuriates me more. They look good in the photo shoot controlled lighting, but in normal light it’s like a mish mash of 2 different teams’ uniforms and helmets
  7. Apparently Tyreek was disciplining his son so vigorously that he broke his arm... The boy is 3 years old https://www.google.com/amp/s/deadspin.com/reports-cops-investigating-tyreek-hill-for-allegedly-b-1833334466/amp some May remember Tyreek was under investigation in college for beating up his girlfriend... while she was pregnant with the boy
  8. Everyone here remembers 2010. We were not expected to do much. "Rebuilding year", Donovan was let go, Kolb was raw as heck. Vick ended up shocking the world, our offense was dynamic, made it all the way to the division championship. Ended up bringing the eventual Super Bowl championship to the wire, losing on the last play of the wild card playoff game. Now Indianapolis just had that season. Nobody thought they'd do anything. Luck destroyed everyone, they finished the regular season winning 9 of their last 10 games, beat the division champion Texans in the first round. What we had on offense, they have on defense. 10th in points allowed, 6th in yards per rush allowed, 3rd in passing tds allowed. 2 teams with no expectations have outstanding QB seasons (Luck won comeback player of the year and is ranked by PFF as the third best QB in 2018), so what is the common denominator here? 2 10-6 teams with massive cap room. Which technically shouldn't happen because you can't be that good without high priced players making it happen. Which is what we heard in 2010, and only fueled the concept that if we added a plethora of pro bowlers to what we already have, the sky's the limit. Team Cap Space Effective Cap Space # Active Cap Spending Dead Money Colts $106,411,235 $106,411,235 60 $130,441,388 $1,294,090 Jets $102,149,882 $96,209,882 39 $97,873,277 $2,194,623 Texans $80,913,667 $80,913,667 52 $128,746,632 $1,769,452 Bills $79,986,112 $79,986,112 54 $112,061,665 $7,564,040 Browns $79,149,465 $79,149,465 60 $162,594,820 $4,943,286 Raiders $72,915,680 $72,420,680 50 $119,192,670 $1,497,423 49ers $67,493,622 $67,493,622 63 $161,564,236 $2,838,175 Do you see that # column there? That's the number of players they currently have under contract for 2019. This is extremely important. Look at the Jets for instance. They have 100m$ in cap space, amazing! Right? Not really. They need to add 14 players just to make their 53, most of them starters or starter competition for weaker positions. Another 8 players to fill out their practice squad. Another 29 players to fill out their 90 man offseason roster. Many of those will be draft picks, UDFAs, cheap free agents. But that still is a monster number to chip away at. Especially when an Antonio Brown costs 22m$, a Leveon Bell might be 17m$. Would be great additions to help them compete, right? Not really. Suddenly we're at 63m$ left and still have 49 players to go. Less than 1.5m$ a player, now we have to get stingy just because of those 2 moves. Still need a myriad of starters. 100m$ has stipulations, it needs context. Now look at the Colts. 60 players under contract. Almost no dead money. They only have 3 free agents who played more than 53% of the snaps last year, and only one of them made PFF's top 50 free agents list (#49). Everyone else important to their success is under contract for 2019. This is where the similarity exists between them and the 2010-2011 Eagles. They literally will dictate how this free agency period progresses. Remember last year's draft? They had the 3rd overall pick, traded down to take an All-Pro player at 6. They have what we have, 1 first, 2 2's, 1 3. And they don't really need any of them. There is no drafting for need, because they can literally sign anyone they want to fill any gap they want. Here is NFL.com's top 25 free agents: 1 DeMarcus Lawrence 2 Le'Veon Bell 3 Jadeveon Clowney 4 Nick Foles 5 Grady Jarrett 6 Trey Flowers 7 Earl Thomas 8 Dee Ford 9 Frank Clark 10 Landon Collins 11 C.J. Mosley 12 Anthony Barr 13 Sheldon Richardson 14 Ronald Darby 15 Tyrann Mathieu 16 Lamarcus Joyner 17 Teddy Bridgewater 18 Preston Smith 19 Ndamukong Suh 20 K.J. Wright 21 Za'Darius Smith 22 Ezekiel Ansah 23 Daryl Williams 24 Ha Ha Clinton-Dix 25 Brandon Graham Now let's clean this up a little bit. Brandon Graham is signed, that's 24. I don't believe Seattle will allow Frank Clark to leave, especially with their cap space, they've made that known... that's 23. Cowboys have also made known they will resign Lawrence, 22. It's a good bet Indianapolis isn't going to spend any money on Foles or Bridgewater, 20. Texans have proclaimed Clowney and Mathieu aren't going anywhere, 18 players. Let's break down some contracts they could look at: Earl Thomas: Eric Berry's contract is currently the highest annual value for a safety in the league at 13m$ a year. It is reported Earl wants 15, but the more important scoop is that he wants to be the highest paid safety. 13.5-14 million will probably get it done. Eric signed for 6 years, Earl is 30 and likely will get closer to a 3-4 year deal, but we got the cap room! Let's beat everyone else out and convince him to come join Andrew in Indy for 5 years of moula. I'm going to take Rodney Mcleod's contract at 7m$ a year and double it, giving Earl 5 years, 70m$. That would give Earl a 5.2m$ cap hit in year 1 (doubling Rodney's 2.6m Roseman set up), reducing the Colts cap number to 101.2m$ for 2019. Le'Veon Bell: Hmm, what will his deal look like? Well what do we know? Steelers offered 5 yr, 70m$ (14m$ a year) and he said no. Wants to be paid like a RB and a WR combined. Quarterback money. Today Le'Veon is already 27. Getting that long of a deal is extraordinarily unlikely, but we have the money to make him a reasonable offer. I think if we offer 5 years again, everyone else will back off. Front load the guarantees so we can dump him early if we have to, and even if he plays it out he'll only be 31 when it ends. I believe someone will offer him 15 for 4. That sounds like something the Jets could afford, the Texans could afford. let's do a crazy 16m$ per year for 5 years. I don't think anyone would be willing to try and match that. Give him a deal that beats Pittsburgh's, show him we care, give him that financial security every player wants (particularly him), especially a RB through his age 30 + 31 seasons. Conveniently, that's exactly double Lesean Mccoy's deal! What are the odds. Mccoy was a 5.5m% cap hit year one, doubling that leaves Indy with 90.2m$ left to play with. Ronald Darby: Detroit’s Darius Slay was extended before the 2016 season to the tune of 4 years and $48M. At the time of his extension, Slay had accrued three seasons of play — he started 36 games and had 4 picks and 37 passes defensed, or a pick every nine games and a PBU every game, on average. He was 25 years old.For comparison, Darby will turn 25 this season — so he’ll be about Slay’s age. And over his past three seasons, even with the injury, Darby has started 36 games, seen 5 interceptions, and broken up 42 passes. That’s stronger statistical output than Slay. We'll also have to account for inflation, as that contract was 2 years ago. Let's offer 5 years, 65m$. Probably a bit excessive, but CBs usually have an inflated market during free agency. Remember Brandon Carr? Byron Maxwell? Jonathan Joseph? That's 13m$ a season, let's see where he places: Annual Contract Value: 1. Redskins cornerback Josh Norman: $15 million 2. Jets cornerback Trumaine Johnson: $14.5 million 3. Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes: $14 million 4. Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson: $14 million 5. Bears cornerback Kyle Fuller: $14 million 6. Falcons cornerback Desmond Trufant: $13.8 million 7. Jaguars cornerback A.J. Bouye: $13.5 million 8. Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore: $13 million 9. Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins: $12.5 million 10. Titans cornerback Malcolm Butler $12.2 million Barely top 10, for a guy hitting free agency and not signing early with his team while on a rookie deal, that's about right. Exactly Gilmore's deal, and he was an 8.6m$ cap hit year 1. Now the Colts are at 81.6m$ Trey Flowers: We need some pass rush on this super team! Flowers plays DE in a 4-3, but like Graham can move into a DT spot on passing downs. He hasn't had huge success rushing the passer, but consistent has averaged between 6 and 7.5 sacks the last 3 years. Here is our list of Dlineman: 1. Dolphins defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh: $19.1 million 2. Jets defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson: $17.2 million 3. Eagles defensive lineman Fletcher Cox: $17.1 million 4. Giants defensive lineman Olivier Vernon: $17 million 5. Texans defensive lineman JJ Watt: $16.7 million 6. Panthers defensive lineman Kawann Short: $16.1 million 7. Bills defensive lineman Marcell Dareus: $15.9 million 8. Giants defensive lineman Jason Pierre-Paul: $15.5 million 9. Titans defensive lineman Jurrell Casey: $15.1 million 10. Jaguars defensive lineman Calais Campbell: $15 million A few Tackles in there, but I think this paints a nice picture for where we can expect Flowers to end up. I don't believe he'll get Watt/Vernon money due to production, but he'll be close. I think he's going to want to at least beat out Campbell and Pierre-Paul, putting him squarely at 16m$ a season. At 25 years old, a 6 year deal is right up his alley. JJ Watt was 6 years, 100m$, divided for annual value difference gives Flowers 6 years, 96m$. Divide JJ's year 1 cap hit again, and we get 13.4m$. Now we're at 68.2m$. And we've only just started! Sheldon Richardson: Why bring in a big DE if you don't have the DTs to eat up the double teams? Minnesota signed him to a 1 year, prove-it deal at 8m$. Truth is, he played pretty well in Seattle the year prior and backed that up in Minny. I think we can give him a hefty raise at 4 years, 48m$ and convince him to leave the great white north for the... still white, somewhat less-north. Some of you might recognize this as Timmy Jernigan's deal. This would give him roughly a 7m$ cap hit year 1. Now we're down to 61.2m$ Daryl Williams: We've brought in all this talent, but we have to start thinking about keeping Luck upright. As Williams missed 2018 with injury, let's look at what Pro Football Focus has to say about him: Williams is another player that is sidelined for the remainder of the 2018 season due to injury. It’s a tough break for the fourth-year tackle, as he was coming off a breakout 2017 season in which his 78.0 overall grade ranked behind only Ryan Ramczyk and Lane Johnson at the right tackle position. He showed effectiveness as a run blocker and as a pass blocker with top-10 marks in both among right tackles. Coming off of his rookie contract, Williams makes an intriguing tackle option in the 2019 free agency class. If his improvement in 2017 is anything to go by, whichever team ends up signing him could end up with one of the top tackles in the league. Now, the list of top paid O-lineman: 1. Titans offensive lineman Taylor Lewan: $16 million 2. Giants offensive lineman Nate Solder: $15.5 million 3. Falcons offensive lineman Jake Matthews: $14.5 million 4. Cowboys offensive lineman Zack Martin: $14 million 5. Jaguars offensive lineman Andrew Norwell: $13.3 million 6. Chargers offensive lineman Russell Okung: $13.25 million 7. Redskins offensive lineman Trent Williams: $13.2 million 8. Saints offensive lineman Terron Armstead: $13 million 9. Cowboys offensive lineman Tyron Smith: $12.2 million 10. Packers offensive lineman David Bakhtiari: $12 million 10. Chiefs offensive lineman Eric Fisher: $12 million 10. Bengals offensive lineman Cordy Glenn: $12 million 10. Browns offensive lineman Kevin Zeitler: $12 million Surprisingly lower than I expected. I believe we can get a guy coming off injury for a safe 4 year, 48 Million dollar deal. Maybe push it to 5 years, 60 if the panthers try and keep him. We've backloaded a lot of our deals thus far, so let's keep this one even across the duration. 12m$ cap hit year 1, with 49.2m$ still to finagle. Anthony Barr: As great as the Colts played last year and as consistent as their defense was, do you know who they had on the Strongside at Linebacker? Najee Goode. No, seriously. Barr had an outstanding 2017 and followed it up with a weaker but still very nice 2018. He's only 26 and will probably command top dollar. Let's bring out the list: 1. Broncos linebacker Von Miller: $19.1 million 2. Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston: $16.8 million 3. Cardinals linebacker Chandler Jones: $16.5 million 4. Chargers linebacker Melvin Ingram: $16.5 million 5. Rams linebacker Robert Quinn: $14.3 million 6. Packers linebacker Clay Matthews: $13.2 million 7. Browns linebacker Jamie Collins: $12.5 million 8. Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly: $12.4 million 9. Packers linebacker Nick Perry: $12 million 10. Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan: $11.5 million Lot of pass rushers in there, safe to say he's not making anywhere near Von Miller money. The key one to pick out is Kuechly. Barr made 12 million last season, and he's probably looking to get a raise due to production. He'll have a whole lot of suitors so we'll have to break out the bank to get this guy. 5 years, 13.5 m$ per year should get it done. Let's avoid backloading too much and average this one out as well, mostly because I'm tired of looking up all this crap. That brings us down to 35.7m$ in cap room, still a lot to maneuver with. Antonio Brown: And Now, the big one. Steelers want a 1 for him, maybe someone offers it. But if people did want to give up a 1 to get a diva at 20+m$ a year, wouldn't they have done it by now? The problem is he's reporting to want guaranteed money, which his current contract has none. Nobody wants to give it to him, evidently. More likely, I think he can be had for a 2 this year and a 3 next year. We'll still have our 1, 2, 3 left this year, and we'll get him on a nice deal that won't kill our cap right away. As soon as he's brought in, lets rip up the old contract (steelers get hit with all the dead cap in a trade) and give him what he wants. Originally he was at 4 years, 68m$. Lets do 4 years, 60 million, 30 million fully guaranteed. First two years right up front at signing, then we can deal with whatever issues he brings up after that. Steelers set his old contract up so it was only an 8 million cap hit year one. That's going to be crazy backloaded, so lets try and hit 10m$ year one. Combine that with the fact that his contract is worth less than what Pitt gave him, that should spread it out fairly nicely. 25.7m$ left, and I think we should stop there. We'll still have expiring contracts in 2020 and 2021, and we don't want this offseason to kill our team in the future. This will give us room to resign those guys, plus we still have all our original picks this year to inject youth and bring some other position cap numbers down. Likely, we'll eve have some guys to trade or release due to this influx of talent, giving us a bit more room again. We just added 8 pro bowl/all-pro caliber players to an already stacked team. Yes, this is one of those 'ONLY WORKS IN MADDEN!!' threads. But the Rams did something similar last year, and made the Super Bowl. Philly did almost this exact thing in 2011, didn't work for a variety of reasons, but Luck sure ain't Michael Vick, and that D-Coordinator sure ain't an OL coach. How did I do?
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    Tyreek Hill under investigation for beating his son

    Chiefs need to cut him and he should get at least 10 games for this IF if was intentional. Kids get hurt all the time, and the mother might just be overreacting. But with his history of rage it could be true.
  10. Havenless

    Seahawks LB Mychal Kendricks Finally Locked Up

    I even called him Seahawks linebacker in the title and not free agent linebacker. I did everything I could to avoid click-baity-ness
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    The Goedert catch and run?
  12. Havenless

    LeVeon Bell to the Jets

    don't be deceived Eagles fans, it is incentive-laced and he could make as much as 61m$. So 15m a year as long as he lives up to it, we never had a chance.
  13. He there, I have a suggestion. I'm sifting through the Foles to Jacksonville for 4 yr deal thread, and I'm having some trouble pinpointing where the update occurred because its merged with threads dating all the way back to January 10th. And it occurs to me that I've been doing this a few times today, flipping pages to find the first update post. Desean's thread, even Michael Bennett's thread to a lesser extent.

    Would it be possible to get a mod edit in the opening post to link to the specific post in the thread that reflects the updated title?

  14. Havenless

    Brees is actually OVERRATED

    Prettiest 7-9 QB we’ve ever seen
  15. Havenless

    Antonio Brown Saga

    This is why you wait for Shefter. He remained quiet all night last night, and while NFL.com had Brown plastered on their front page in a Bills uniform, Shefter told ESPN not to run the story yet.
  16. Havenless

    Antonio Brown Saga

    Not really, have you seen Fitzgerald’s QB list? Anywhere Brown goes other than Indy, he has no shot at 1500 yards.
  17. Havenless

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    You don’t have to @ him, he’s banned for good
  18. Havenless

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    This would be ultimate closure for this thread if the Raiders chose Foles over Carr
  19. Havenless


    The cowboys offseasons are SO BIZARRE
  20. Havenless

    Johnny Manziel kicked out of the CFL

    If I'm the XFL, I'm jumping all over him. Especially if weed isn't banned as is rumored. He'll put butts in seats, and he's still better than whatever QB crop is left for them to sift through.
  21. Havenless

    Robert Kraft Arrested....

    ???? We still talking about Brady?
  22. Havenless

    Robert Kraft Arrested....

    When interrogated by police, he proclaimed he complained to management that he never asked for the Philly special. Said he specifically requested the tuck rule, and that makes him totally innocent. i wonder what his girlfriend thought when it was discovered that his playoff opponents weren’t the only ones who found him guilty of cheating.
  23. Havenless

    Robert Kraft Arrested....

    I was thinking the same thing, also why it was not listed with the rest of the names. Gotta be super delicate with that one.
  24. Havenless

    Robert Kraft Arrested....

    This is going to be blown up to be a way bigger deal than it is. Jim Irsay got busted a few years with drugs and a crazy amount of money to buy huge amounts of them. Kraft was having relations most of us expected him to be having in his private life, he just paid someone for it which is illegal. Embarassing? Oh yeah. Conspired with a sex trafficking ring? That’s a stretch.