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  1. NJWolverEagle11

    Week 4 TNF: Vikings @ Rams

    Am I the only one that feels like Im watching Big 12 Football lol
  2. NJWolverEagle11

    Clay Matthews was jobbed

    Member when defenders could do this...
  3. NJWolverEagle11


    Trust me I dont expect 3-13 again for them but keep in mind they were what 0-3 or 0-4 before the injuries started piling up. They should be better but I think superbowl talk for them is a little over the top. But if that nightmare were to happen it would have to be through free agency. No way we make that trade w them.
  4. NJWolverEagle11


    The media attention they get is annoying but that's jus how life works for them. I think the people are coming to terms w their mediocrity lol. But whats funny is how people talk about the 3-13 giants somehow being a Superbowl contender.
  5. NJWolverEagle11


    I think the home team has won the last four meetings.
  6. NJWolverEagle11

    Thoughts on Today's Other Games

    Thanks for the correction. No time to check their record when our game is starting. So I guess they get the strength of victory nod
  7. NJWolverEagle11

    Thoughts on Today's Other Games

    Didnt the vikes lose to saints and lions? Our only loss is to chiefs so how do they leap frog us if we lose one in conference? Or we can win out and none of this matters
  8. NJWolverEagle11

    Mccoy reportably on trade block;eagles should make the move

    So there was at least a possibility, legit or otherwise, of us being able to get all of Shady DeSean and Maclin back this year...nice sentiment but we've seen this before
  9. NJWolverEagle11

    Mccoy reportably on trade block;eagles should make the move

    Worked once didn't it...