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  1. [Spadaro] Kudos To Coach Doug; More Notes From Win

    There is no doubt the Eagles played great defense yesterday. My concern is that they did not get any turnovers. There were three sacks for 15 yards. We will have to do better than that if they expect to win next week. The pressure on Matt Ryan forced him to throw earlier than he wanted. Did the front four block any passes at the line of scrimmage? A block pass can ignite a crowd much more than an ordinary incomplete pass.
  2. Recommend for Sunday

    Let's remember what the Cowboys did for us last year. They ran the ball and the time ran out. Let's do the same for them should a similar situation arise This is a great time to experiment and have some fun. Try the option play for halfback and the end around; run the Single Wing like both UCLA and Princeton did in the early 60s.; run fake punts and field goals.
  3. Now Dave. There will unusual happenings at my house next Sunday. Philadelphia will be on television at home playing against our number one rival over the years, the Dallas Cowboys . Our coach wants to plays our starters. Please no. Let's give our pinch hitters some playing time. They want a chance. I want to avoid injuries.
  4. [Spadaro] Tonight Is The Night To Clinch For Eagles

    We want a lopsided victory to avoid any injuries tonight and spare my nerves. In 04, Andy Reid rested the regulars for the final two games. Even though Dallas is number one adversary, he did likewise in 2010 in the final game at home. The Eagles led 13 to 0 with five minutes to go. Our long time nemesis De Marcus Ware returned a fumble deep in Eagle territory for a toucdown. After an interception, Tony Romo threw to Jason Whitten for another. The loss didn't bother me. That was our second team playing the entire game and to finish like that was pretty good. The problem now is who is behind Nick Folues. I don't see any quarterback now.
  5. A One Yard Punt

    Thanks for your response. I don't follow college football. Theismann's punt would have delighted me. Can't remember the last time I saw JT screw up.
  6. A One Yard Punt

    The team that laid the rotten egg won the game. The punters, for one play, looked very bad. Their team eventually won the game so there no immediate damage. However, the confidence in both kickers and teams took a severe dive. Thanksgiving Day 1964. Chicago Bears at the Detroit Lions. Thanksgiving Day football in Detroit has been a tradition since 1945. Green Bay was the visiting team every year until 1964. Today it was the World Champion Chicago Bears. Bobby Joe Green, their punter, was the best in the NFL. Green was the first pure punter in the game. His great punts made up for his lack of versatility. Bobby Joe Green played two years with the Pittsburgh Steelers and 12 years with Chicago. His booming punts gave his team great field position. In 1963, the Chicago Bears were NFL Champions. Their offense was only average; but their defense and the punting of Bobby Joe were the real drivers in Chicago’s first place record of 11-2-1. The Bears were 1/2 game better the second place Green Bay Packers who were 11-2-1. Both of the Packers losses were to the Bears-10 to 3 opening day and 26 to 7 in November at Wrigley Field. Bobby Joe Green was dubbed the Rain Maker from his punts that were both high and long. He played two years with the Pittsburgh Steelers (1960 to 1961) and 12 years with the Chicago Bears. (1962 to 1973). His statistics were 970 Punts, for 41, 317 yards, for a 42.6 yard average. His longest punt was 74 yards. No doubt his punting style helped his statistics. Bobby Joe took the snap from center and with great coordination kicked the ball with his left foot off the ground about a foot. It was really graceful to see his right foot hit the ball at the high point of his jump with his left foot. I wondered why he did not teach dancing, ballet, or acrobatics. He had his greatest embarrassment on Thanksgiving Day in 1964. This brings my narrative to its starting point 53 years ago. Bobby Joe Green took a good pass from center. Both the offensive and defensive line went downfield. Green began his jump and kicked the ball downfield, one yard from the line of scrimmage. This delighted the home field crowd and gave the Lions a touchdown. I have never seen a one yard punt with no attempt to block it before or since.
  7. [Spadaro] A Miracle Ending To A Remarkable Win

    Dave-The Eagles defeated the Rams by that 27 to 21 score in 1990. The win was special because of the 21 to 7 loss at the Vet in the 1989 Playoffs.
  8. [News] Clutch Defense Leads Eagles To Week 1 Win

    I don't know if I had the details right. Third quarter. The Redskins had the ball the deep in their own territory with Philadelphia in the lead 19 to 14. Here I wanted a big turnover that would put the game away. Kirk Cousins was flawless driving the Redskins down to a fourth and two inside the Eagles 15. Opting for conservative play, Washington kicked a field goal. The Redskins felt, as I did, that they could move the ball and win. Luckily, we both were wrong.
  9. Doug Atkins-The First Big Defensive End

    The subject player was the first big Defensive End in the NFL. Doug Atkins at 6’8″ and 257 pounds was an imposing sight. He played from 1953 to 1969; two years with the Cleveland Browns, 12 years with the Chicago Bears, and three years with the New Orleans Saints. Atkins went to the Pro Bowl eight times and was an All Pro once. DA in his career intercepted three passes, recovered 11 fumbles for 34 yards in returns, and scored a safety. Doug Atkins never had a touchdown, which all defensive players treasure. Ironically, he narrowly missed one in the final game of his career. The Steelers came into New Orleans, blew a 14 to 0 lead, and lost 27 to 24. In the second quarter Steeler running back D Hoak fumbled at the Pittsburgh 24. The ball went right in front of Atkins with a clear path to the End Zone. He saw a swan song. Atkins had visions dancing in his head and kicked the ball. This drew of course a 15 yard penalty and the Steelers kept the ball. Doug Atkins went into the Hall of Fame in 1982.
  10. [News] Taking A Look At The NFC East

    To respond your talk about special teams. Let's remember that future starters often come from them. Week 13 1977 at Veterans Stadium contra the New York Giants. At the half the Eagles trailed the Giants 7 to 3. The Eagles fumbled at their own 20 basically giving NY a touchdown. I think that the officials ignored a pass interference on Harold Carmichael in the Giants End Zone. The Eagles settled for a field goal on a short drive. Wilbert Montgomery took the second kickoff and went 102 yards for touchdown. The Eagles won 17 to 14; this capped a 65 yard drive with Ron Jaworsky bootlegging with 14 seconds remaining. Final 14 at Veterans Stadium. On the final week, Wilbert Montgomery gained 103 yards in a virtual downpour. The Eagles shout the New York Jets 27 to 0. I remember Roman Gabriel coming in at quarter back for the second play in 1977. The Eagles were at the NY 20; the water was falling in sheets. There was just under two minutes remaining. He handed off to Wilbert Montgomery who went 20 yards for a touchdown. This game was the coming out for Montgomery. Final Eagles 27
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  13. Hi Paul.  Thank you for reading my post and commenting.

  14. [News] Didinger: Brian Dawkins Belongs In The Hall

    I think Larry Wilson who started blitz but still was great on pass coverage was an innovator as was Dawkins. The Eagles appeared on only won Super Bowl during his time and this will hurt his chances at least for the first year. My FACEBOOK page is Title Leonard's Memory Lane-Philadelphia. You are welcome to use anything. It is not just football but general Philadelphia history. I am 69 years old and have followed the Eagles since I was 8. Over 60 years of experience. I am on the message board.
  15. [News] Didinger: 44-6 Was A Rout For The Ages

    With the exception of the 04 Title Game, the 23 to 11 win over the New York Giants was the greatest post season game I ever saw. Remember the Giants record of 12-4 was two and a half games better than the Eagles. The Eagles defeated New York twice over a five week span. The NFC Title loss to the Cardinals came from overconfidence. Let me contine tommorrw.