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  1. The subject player was the first big Defensive End in the NFL. Doug Atkins at 6’8″ and 257 pounds was an imposing sight. He played from 1953 to 1969; two years with the Cleveland Browns, 12 years with the Chicago Bears, and three years with the New Orleans Saints. Atkins went to the Pro Bowl eight times and was an All Pro once. DA in his career intercepted three passes, recovered 11 fumbles for 34 yards in returns, and scored a safety. Doug Atkins never had a touchdown, which all defensive players treasure. Ironically, he narrowly missed one in the final game of his career. The Steelers came into New Orleans, blew a 14 to 0 lead, and lost 27 to 24. In the second quarter Steeler running back D Hoak fumbled at the Pittsburgh 24. The ball went right in front of Atkins with a clear path to the End Zone. He saw a swan song. Atkins had visions dancing in his head and kicked the ball. This drew of course a 15 yard penalty and the Steelers kept the ball. Doug Atkins went into the Hall of Fame in 1982.
  2. To respond your talk about special teams. Let's remember that future starters often come from them. Week 13 1977 at Veterans Stadium contra the New York Giants. At the half the Eagles trailed the Giants 7 to 3. The Eagles fumbled at their own 20 basically giving NY a touchdown. I think that the officials ignored a pass interference on Harold Carmichael in the Giants End Zone. The Eagles settled for a field goal on a short drive. Wilbert Montgomery took the second kickoff and went 102 yards for touchdown. The Eagles won 17 to 14; this capped a 65 yard drive with Ron Jaworsky bootlegging with 14 seconds remaining. Final 14 at Veterans Stadium. On the final week, Wilbert Montgomery gained 103 yards in a virtual downpour. The Eagles shout the New York Jets 27 to 0. I remember Roman Gabriel coming in at quarter back for the second play in 1977. The Eagles were at the NY 20; the water was falling in sheets. There was just under two minutes remaining. He handed off to Wilbert Montgomery who went 20 yards for a touchdown. This game was the coming out for Montgomery. Final Eagles 27
  3. Hello. Thank you for viewing my article.


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  5. Hi Paul.  Thank you for reading my post and commenting.

  6. I think Larry Wilson who started blitz but still was great on pass coverage was an innovator as was Dawkins. The Eagles appeared on only won Super Bowl during his time and this will hurt his chances at least for the first year. My FACEBOOK page is Title Leonard's Memory Lane-Philadelphia. You are welcome to use anything. It is not just football but general Philadelphia history. I am 69 years old and have followed the Eagles since I was 8. Over 60 years of experience. I am on the message board.
  7. With the exception of the 04 Title Game, the 23 to 11 win over the New York Giants was the greatest post season game I ever saw. Remember the Giants record of 12-4 was two and a half games better than the Eagles. The Eagles defeated New York twice over a five week span. The NFC Title loss to the Cardinals came from overconfidence. Let me contine tommorrw.
  8. Previously I mentioned the Cardinals late season losses. In 1963, St Louis lost two of the last three to finish 9-5. In 1964, there was a midyear dip where the Cardinals lost three of four games. The final record was 9-3-2 one half game behind conference winning Cleveland Browns. For consolation, the Cardinals bettered the Browns head to head games. There was an early season tie at Cleveland 33-33 and they defeated the Browns 28 to 19 at home in December. 1965- For a complete picture I mentioned the 1965 season a few weeks ago. After losing to the Philadelphia Eagles on opening day, the Cardinals won four consecutive games. The 49 to 13 win at Cleveland was one of the best games in St Louis history. The final game of that stretch was a 20 to 7 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. They lost the next two bringing their record to 5-3. In week nine, Charley Johnson fired a 59 yard touchdown pass to Billy Gambrel for a 21 to 17 win. Then came disaster came as the Cardinals lost their remaining six games for a 5-9 record.
  9. Thank you for reading my post.   I will root for the Cowboy on Sunday.  That gives the Eagles a chance to win on New Year's day.

  10. It has been a long six weeks with the Eagles finally winning. As you indicated, maybe we will win these close ones in the future. Remember the 1999 season; At least five of the 11 losses could have gone the Eagles way. The Eagles did win these close ones in future years. As I recall, there were two games that went into overtime. Philadelphia also blew a big lead 24 to 6 on opening day vs the Cardinals. I felt to night that there could have been a better pass rush. I hope Dallas wins Sunday and they play second string in Philadelphia next week. In the last game of 1999 they defeated the St Louis Rams 38 to 31. The Rams went on to defeat the Tennessee Titans in the Super Bowl.
  11. Thank you for your nice comment. I will be 70 next birthday and I have followed the Eagles since I was 8.
  12. There I was sitting at the Eagles 10 yard line second level. With eight minutes to go and in the lead 17 to 0 I felt good looking for a shut out. Nothing feels as good as completely slamming the door on your opponent. Then I started to see the whole thing coming apart. The Falcons were methodical putting up 14 points. On the third drive the Eagles barely stopped the Falcons. On fourth down and two, I was relieved that the Falcons were trying for the field goal. The way the Eagles were diving, I wasn't sure that they could stop Atlanta on fourth down. So now the Eagles were tied at 17. On the first series after the kickoff, a defender hit JAWS and the Falcons intercepted. Surprise. The Eagles did not allow a first down. Mick Luckhurst was attempting a second FG in the span of about three minutes. This one was from 43 yards, 20 yards further than the previous. He missed wide left and not by much. The Eagles missed the a land mine for the second time. In overtime, the Falcons punter put the ball at the Eagle one. I felt Ron would throw an interception and the Falcons would return the ball for a touchdown. This was what happened at the Vet in the overtime loss to the Giants six weeks earlier. But the Eagles won as we all know. But let's also remember that the Eagles at that point had won 5 of the last 6. Their record now stood at 6-5 and with confidence that they would make the playoffs. However, Philadelphia lost four in a row and their coach after the fourth loss. Ironically one of those four duds had the Eagles again blowing a big lead in the fourth quarter at home to the Minnesota Vikings. With 7 minutes to go in the fourth, the Eagles were leading 23 to 0. I saw a win and a shut out in the picture which faded. The Vikings put up four touchdowns in those 7 minutes and Eagles lost 28 to 23. Once again there was a flip. The week before the final game the Eagles fired Coach Marion Campbell. The FO named Fred Bruney for a one game trial. Somehow I guess from a fluke in the schedule, the Eagles had two games with the Vikings. Paul MacFadden kicked his third field goal. The Eagles defeated the boys from Minnesota 37 to 35 to break the four game slide
  13. The Eagles lost yesterday by missing several scoring opportunities. I try not to talk about intangibles but in this case the team just may not see themselves as winners. This I think was one of the problems yesterday.
  14. Thank you for liking my post.

  15. About the only complaint in the 21 to 10 victory was the fumble from Ryan Matthews late in the game. This lead to the only touchdown the Vikings. It would have a real confidence booster to keep Minnesota out of the End Zone. But this was still a great defensive effort.