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  1. Leonard's Memory Lane

    Best Pro Bowl

    he 1966 East-West Pro Bowl was played on January 22, 1966 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in front of 60,124 fans. The coach of the Eastern Conference, Blantom Collier of the Cleveland Browns used the domination of the West that year to rally the Eastern team against the West coached by Vince Lombardi of the Green Bay Packers. Final Score East 36 West & During the 1965 season, it was clear that the Western Conference was better than Eastern Conference. Western teams had won the NFL Championship Game, the Playoff Bowl, and 13 of the 14 Inter-Conference Regular Season Games. Coach Lombardi felt he was unfairly at a disadvantage in the game because the NFL denied him a last minute appeal to use his own quarterback, Bart Starr. Starr had previously been scratched due to injury, but had recovered enough and was ready to play. Dale Meinert of the St. Louis Cardinals was awarded lineman of the game. Jim Brown was awarded back of the game for the third time in his career. He carried 21 times for 65 yards. One story line of the game, the anticipated match-up between Brown and rookie Gayle Sayers of the Bears, never materialized because Lombardi surprisingly only handed the ball to Sayers on only one offensive play, a 15 yard carry.
  2. Leonard's Memory Lane

    Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    You are doing great Dave. These fans, me included, can be very demanding. We here that Jordan Howard may be available. If this good is true, he will obviously add an additional offensive threat. However, we don't know if he be effective after a layoff. After the season, we need to look at this second straight year end surge. I just wish we had been able to defeat Atlanta, Detroit, and Miami. There would have been a free game on Sunday just like 2010 and 2017. In the Reid years after the Super Bowl in 04, we had the same problem of waiting until the year end to win consistently. Remember 06, 07, 08, 09 ,011. In 06, 08, 09, I think the team would have done better in the playoffs with the BYE week and the home field advantage. 07 and 011 there were real appointments. The Eagles won the last three games in those two years but missed the playoffs. Andy Reid had the same line. "I am proud of our guys for winning but I have got get it done sooner. The St Louis Cardinals, the New York Giants had recurring streaks. You let me know and I will send them to you,.
  3. Leonard's Memory Lane

    Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    Dave-We here about the shoulder injury to Dak Prescott. I hope it is real & it's not just possum playing. It would seem appropriate because Philadelphia has been so depleted with injuries both last and this year. How are Jordan Howard & Jay Agayi. Could they play Sunday? I don't know when I have ever been so tensed about a regular season game. Football is a game of inches. If Rasul Douglas makes that play last year in Dallas he would have gone 99 yards & won the game. We were gracious two years ago & allowed Dallas to beat the Eagles. About the only good thing I see this year is that, regardless of what happens, Dallas will be at best a 9-7 team. That's one game behind last year. I hope Jones fires Jason Garrett. The change in Dallas will be unsettling and they may be easy pickings in 2020. I just don't think I can stand watching the game & I will watch the condensed version on NFL Game Day.
  4. Should have written this sooner. Some times you can zero in on one play that turns things around for the whole season.  It was the Giants game at home last year with the Eagles just having lost the 48 to 7 game with the Saints.  The Eagles had just scored narrowing the margin to 19 to 11.  Down came the Giants from around the Eagles 40. Manning went for the touchdown which might have opened the floodgates. Malcolm Jenkins intercepted  ending the threat. Eagles outscored  NY 14 to  3 in the second half.  Tell them to turn it on next week.  Only consolation now is Dallas will not improve on their 2018 season. 

  5. Amusing reply.  How about the  comment on consecutive completions.

  6. Dave-Let's say this directly.  The best thing for the Eagles defense would be DeSaun  Jackson  returning from his injury.

  7. Chris, I don't no why you eliminate periodically the last section of the Fans' page. I am referring to the bottom half of the page that begins with In and Around Philadelphia.  Now in the 24 to 0 win over Washington, the announcer said that Nick Foles tied the record with 25 consecutive completed.  Don't interceptions break that streak?


  8. Leonard's Memory Lane

    Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    Dave, you are doing a bang up job on this site. I have yet to understand why fans can't stay mannerly while they post their concerns. Sure everytime I look at the Title game and Super Bowl, it angers me that LaGarette Blount left. But I am not going to forget that we are all in this together. We can attract attention by the quality of our writing rather than crude responses.
  9. Leonard's Memory Lane

    [News] Want To Watch Eagles-Packers? Here's Your Guide

    I think you are talking about Exhibition Games. The NFL Game Pass is marvelous. You see all the plays and commentary tearing away everything else. This condensed version last about one hour and 20 minutes.
  10. Leonard's Memory Lane

    Only Eastern Victory in 1965-Dallas Over SF.

    Of the 14 Inter conference games in 1965, the East won just one game. In mid-season, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the San Francisco Forty-Niners 39 to 31. San Francisco gained 411 yards to just 242 yards for the Cowboys. It was a combination of big defensive plays and special teams. Dallas had only nine first downs. For San Francisco-George Mira completed 14 of 30 passes for 274 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions. Ken Willard carried 25 times for 91 yards. Dave Parks caught six passes for 120 yards and two touchdowns. For Dallas-Don Meredith completed 11 of 20 passes for 216 yards two touchdowns and two interceptions. Bob Hayes caught four passes for 108 yards and two touchdowns. There were the following: —Defensive Tackle Bob Lilley intercepted one pass and returned it 17 yards for a touchdown. —Mel Renfro returned a kickoff 100 yards for a touchdown. —George Andre recovered a fumble in the End Zone for a touchdown. Cowboys 39 49ers 31. Advertisements
  11. Leonard's Memory Lane

    Eagles fans in Dallas?

    All right, my friend, do you want to know why the Cowboys are our number one rival & why the Eagle fans are the most passionate. Odd the way I put are & our.
  12. Leonard's Memory Lane

    Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    Dave, let'e look at Foles. The key is his desire to be the number one Quarterback. If he could just stay another year and relook his status, all parties might benefit. NF is not the first reserve to start and help his team to the big prize. I will list them but you know these guys better than I do. The Eagles are still a young team and I really think the we offer Foles the best opportunity to wind up in the Super Bowl again. The Eagles were only a few plays away from a 12-4 record. Even on the sidelines, he can offer valuable analysis of previous plays, why they did or did not work, and make rapid fire suggestions on play calling. A veteran quarterback on the sidelines is in some ways more valuable than the starter on the field.
  13. Leonard's Memory Lane

    Eagles fans in Dallas?

    Okay McNabb I am going to leave you very with the reasons why 1) Eagle fans are the meanest in the country and 2 ) why Dallas is the #1 foe in our hotbox. Let me caution you about two things. I am not saying fans go through this reasoning like Socrates. It just something people gradually accept. Let me encourage you not to boo the Dallas Cowboys or any other team when they come on to the field. These players, though overpaid, are working hard to win and life is only meaningful with some challenge and resistance. Just think how much fun it is to sit with fans that don't agree with you. So when the 8 bad guys come onto the field let's enthusiastically applaud them.
  14. Leonard's Memory Lane

    Eagles fans in Dallas?

    Being in Dallas has to be a lonesome feeling for an Eagles Fan.
  15. Leonard's Memory Lane

    New York Giants 9-7 in 2011 Super Bowl Champs

    This had the usual discrepancies between the Regular and Post Season Games. Since the differences were more intense and a 9-7 team won the big prize, I will look at the the games closer in the near future. Here are the NFC Playoff Teams and their records Atlanta Falcons (WC) 10-6, Detroit Lions (WC) 10-6, Green Bay Packers 15-1, New Orleans Saints 13-3, New York Giants 9-7, San Francisco 49ers 13-3, From AFC the Giants played the New England Patriots who were 13-3. Here is how the Giants fared against the Playoff Teams during the season On the road: defeated the New England Patriots, 24 to 20; lost to San Francisco 27 to 20; lost to New Orleans 49 to 24; at home lost to Green Bay 38 to 35. For the Playoffs at home, (WC) , defeated the Atlanta Falcons 24 to 2; at Green Bay defeated the Packers 37 to 20; at San Francisco defeated in overtime the 49ers 20 to 17. In the Super Bowl the Giants defeated the Patriots at Indianapolis 21 to 17.