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  1. Mr. Mcdermott.. WTF

    Both basically. It was on first take and he brought his own career into it. I have to say that i feel for mcnabb as he didnt leave the nfl in a positive light after being a great player for years. Guys like peyton manning and elway got to finish their careers on great teams winning superbowls. Unfortunately for donovan this attitude is part of why he didnt hoist a lombardi. Qbs are leaders of men and of the team. Qbs CANNOT be victims and toward the end of his rope it was an angle he chose to walk often. Its not a good look when you play poorly get benched and then denand money for being benched. He tarnished his own image. The bears also got attacked for drafting mitch over watson. Funny andy got left often since watson was the 3rd qb taken.
  2. Yes. Home owners cant file chapter 7. Thats not the right percentage. Chapter 13 requires you to pay back 70%
  3. Wentz > Dak

    I think the big difference is that wentz was still competitive while driving a less than stellar bus. Dak honestly doesnt look like starter material thus far without zeek and smith. Im not so sure he will be their long term qb yet.
  4. Mr. Mcdermott.. WTF

    How has he had a short leash? Hes been the starter for several seasons !
  5. Mr. Mcdermott.. WTF

    Really? Warren moon, steve mcnair, vick, jamarcus, winston, mcnabb, cam, doug williams, leftwhich, culpepper, campbell, banks, brooks, carter, dak, cunningham, freeman, and young had short leashes? The truth is mcnabb feels bitter that the eagles moved on from him. Personally id have kept him for a couple more years but he didnt get benched for kolb, grossman, and ponder because hes black and neither did tyrod get benched because hes black. Mcdermott obviously doesnt feel hes there future and wants to see what they have. Tyrod has been given several seasons in buffalo and has been consistently inconsistent. Either you have a franchise qb or you dont. They dont. Foles has accomolished more than tyrod and hes not starting. When youre a 3rd round pick or lower these are the breaks ! Was it racist when hoyer got benched for the rookie in san fran? Come on man. When youre not the guy youre not the guy. Thats it.
  6. Mr. Mcdermott.. WTF

    Nick foles.
  7. Wentz > Dak

    The first ring sure...not the second.
  8. Wentz > Dak

    Big ben is a bus driver? Completely disagree there lmao
  9. Mr. Mcdermott.. WTF

    Mcnabb turned the tyrod benching into a race issue. Oh boy.
  10. Wentz > Dak

    I agree with you and heres what ill add. Weve seen similar things from all 3 of the above mentioned qbs. With a good line and weapons all 3 have shown the ability to play at a high level and win games. Dak and foles proved they could win with avg to below average defenses. Wentz hasnt had to as the d has allowed over 30 only once in all 26 carson started once. Without good skill players or lines none of them were good. I think wentz is the best of the 3 but that they are all interchangable in that i dont think the team records would be much different in the circumtances if wentz, dak, or foles were leading the team.
  11. Reid Is Incompetent

    The chiefs were ALWAYS smoke and mirrors this year. Reid did a good job scheming wins early in the year. The truth is the injuries to the defense made them porous and the o was always fake. Hunt hit the rookie wall. Kelce is all they really have. Hill is just a tavon austin type gadget player. Smith is still smith. Those who bought the chiefs should be examined.
  12. Buy or Sell: Case Keenum

    So much for the vikings arent real b.s.
  13. Mr. Mcdermott.. WTF

    Looks like they do lol
  14. He did file backruptcy. Chapter 13.
  15. NFC Final Eagles vs Saints

    Honestly i fear them more than the saints. There defense is scary and they have 2 big physical receivers that are matchup nightmares. It will be interesting to see the final month.