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  1. It needs to be reversed. Lynch didn't do enough to warrant a suspension. Sure he put his hands on an official, but it's not like he hurt anyone. Trevathan did worse and got a one game suspension. Ejection and fine would be enough. He served his punishment.
  2. Eagles and Cardinals.
  3. Well, she can't stop you from watching football nor should she.
  4. A suspension for that? That would be dumb. An ejection is enough. It's not enough to warrant a suspension. He didn't try to seriously hurt someone like Trevathan did.
  5. Dumb challenge by Pagano.
  6. I eventually got around to Wentz pick last year, and you didn't see me calling for Foles to start (not even after Chiefs game). I liked talent in that draft. I was also for trading Bradford. I don't think I would get around to liking Paxton Lynch. I likely would have been calling for Foles to start. Were you upset when Doug Pederson was hired? Were you upset when Howie was hired again?
  7. How much did Broncos offer Osweiller after 2015?
  8. How much did Broncos offer Osweiller after 2015? I would have been upset had Eagles drafted him at #8.
  9. (or if your team is down 3 and it's 4th & Goal at opponents 2 yard line, do you go for it?) I think yes, depending if a tie would help or not, especially with OT being 10 minutes now.
  10. Could be them not knowing how Sullivan will call plays.
  11. Sullivan is calling plays, not McAdoo.
  12. Why?
  13. Why do some of you want Steelers to win?
  14. What did she say/tweet?