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  1. Cook- because of injury. Cousins- because Chip Kelly is a moron. Cousins had another opportunity to lead his team to Playoffs last year, but he blew it. Carr has shown he can win games for Raiders, maybe even Playoff games, but because of injury, he couldn't play in Playoffs. Cousins IS replaceable. He deserves it unlike Kirk Cousins. 2016 season showed that without Carr, Raiders are horrible. Carr lead Raiders to a possible first-round bye while Cousins cost his team Playoffs last year. If Cousins told me he wants $26M+/year, I would tell him he's crazy and have him play through tag and let him walk.
  2. You hit nail on the head. For this very reason, I would pick Wentz over Mariota. It would have been a very dark day (possibly for years) for Eagles had they traded up to get Mariota. Chip is someone who would have given Bradford a long-term deal instead of trading up to get Wentz. Would you still take him if it meant Chip Kelly would still be here? I'm with you. Dak hasn't convinced me yet.
  3. Tony Romo was on his last leg.
  4. Eagles were in a 2 year/$36M contract with Bradford, but that didn't stop Eagles from trading up for Wentz.
  5. If Cowboys really thought Wentz was a franchise QB, they should have traded up to 2 like Eagles did. I don't know why they didn't. They would have had to give up less than Eagles did. Cowboys didn't trade up for Lynch either, and they ended up with Prescott. I would take Wentz over Prescott and (definitely) Lynch. Wentz was the QB I wanted in that draft if they were to draft one that year. If they had gotten Goff instead, I would have flipped out and be calling for Foles to start.
  6. Who would you rather have?
  7. If I was a Redskins fan, I would hate it. I would offer him $20M/year and that's it; he could take it or leave it. I could see him being worth it if he would have lead them to a TD drive against Giants in Week 17 and especially beating Seahawks in Seattle, but that didn't happen. Cousins knows this, so he has all the leverage. Here's something to think about: If Redskins had signed Foles (to a deal similar to one Eagles signed him too), Cousins wouldn't have as much leverage over Redskins as he does now, and the two QBs are similar in performance. Having Foles there would mean letting Cousins walk would have been an easier decision or possibly getting Cousins to come to a reasonable deal.
  8. Do you think Redskins should have signed Foles?
  9. Some Redskins fans are against this.
  10. What would you think if Redskins give Cousins $25M+/year?
  11. Nick Foles.
  12. and no Playoffs. That's what I'm saying.
  13. Eagles punting on 4th & 1 at their own 22 yard line with 1:30 left in OT.
  14. If a team is down by 8 and driving, they can't possibly take lead, only tie. I think they made this rule change for this reason. Reid went for tie in 2008 against Bengals, and it worked out for Eagles in end.
  15. It would mean less days of football.