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  1. Jaguars and Buccaneers are not rivals.
  2. A Bears fan seems to be upset: I've been waiting for this video. This is hilarious. This guy claims Foles is horrible. One reason he says that is because Eagles decided to keep Wentz instead of Foles. I couldn't blame Eagles for keeping Wentz instead of Foles. Wentz showed flashes in 2016 and was great in 2017. He showed he can be a franchise QB. Was Bledsoe bad because Patriots preferred Brady? No. Patriots liked Brady's upside better like Eagles with Wentz. There's times Foles looked great and can lead a team. Mind you, this is same guy who thought Cousins is better than Foles.
  3. gameshowfan91

    DeAndre Hopkins Traded to Arizona!

    If I am Deshaun Watson, I don't sign a new deal/extension until Bill O'Brien is fired/gone from organization for good.
  4. Howie would have been smart to either trade him or sign him to a reasonable deal
  5. Would you say to pay him if he was on Eagles?
  6. Then he can miss out on a huge paycheck like Le'Veon Bell did. And one less to prove himself.
  7. I would dare Dak to hold out. It won't do him any good. he'll miss out on $33.4M, plus teams may not be interested in him after a year.
  8. If I'm D. Watson, I won't sign a new contract until O'Brien is gone.
  9. You can't fault them for trying. Before last year, they offered him $30M/year, and Dak turned it down. This year, they offered him $33M/year, and once again, Dak turned it down. What else can Cowboys do? They can't force Dak to sign a contract.
  10. It's not Cowboys fault that Dak got drafted in 4th round. $33M/year isn't enough? Maybe Jerry caved because he knew Dak needs Zeke to succeed. Dak wants more than Wentz and Goff, here you go: 5 years/$145M, $120M Guaranteed.
  11. 1) No he hasn't. Wentz (even though he wasn't actual starter) and Goff got their teams to Super Bowl, Dak hasn't. Zeke carried Dak in 2016. When Zeke got suspended in 2017, Dak sucked. A. Cooper needed to save Dak in 2018. In 2019, Dak couldn't be a team with practice squad guys with division on line. 2) That's his fault for not being good enough to go top of draft. Jerry has offered Dak $33M/year (more than fair offer), and he turned it down. Exactly what I'm saying.
  12. If I was them, I use use transition, not franchise, tag. It gives them chance to see what teams would pay him (can match or decline offer), plus it's cheaper tag (about $27M). Does anyone think any team would trade good compensation AND give Dak whatever he wants? If not, Cowboys would be stuck paying him about $33.4M under franchise tag.
  13. gameshowfan91

    Anyone watching XFL?

    I am watching it right now. So far, no excess of flags. I like way they do kickoffs (no annoying touchbacks). Punts are really no different. For both, if ball goes out of bounds or into endzone, opposing team starts at 35 yard line. I like PAT. For a successful attempt, it is 1 point at 2 yard line, 2 points at 5 yard line, 3 points at 10 yard line (no kicking PAT, which was really easy). I also really like Live Mic from head coaches. I also that there is a 25 second clock between plays. That can make for a more competitive last few minutes of games. One thing I'm not crazy about is receivers only need foot down for a catch; I think it should be 2 feet down. I'm also not into a running game clock (outside of final 2 minutes)- less chances of making plays.
  14. This stuff is funny. Dak is overvaluing himself. There's people who are saying Dak is being disrespected over $33M/year like they are feeling sorry for him.
  15. This is a no-brainer. Heck yeah I would. Dak is being difficult. Brady has shown he's better, plus I can groom next QB under Brady. Dak, the future? If Cowboys give Dak what he wants, they wouldn't have much talent.He's replaceable.