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  1. [Spadaro] Statement Made: Eagles Are For Real

    He caught the 1st pass of the game.
  2. [Spadaro] A Short Week And A Very Tall Challenge

    I'm still sceptical about this team. Yes we have looked good but our combined opponents record in the games we have won is 5-14 and one of them was a battle of winless teams and another was Washington and NYG. So before I can completely buy into this team I need to see them beat a quality opponent. Thursday at Carolina will be a tough game. I heard some where that home teams win close to 80% of Thursday night games. So if I was to see us go in to Carolina and beat them at home that would start to show me that this team is ready to take the next step.
  3. [News] A Giant Opportunity? Rasul Douglas Welcomes It

    I don't expect the secondary to be great I just want them to keep everything in front of them don't get beat deep and I will be happy.
  4. [Spadaro] The Tale Of Two Rookie Running Backs

    It sucks that direct tv has a strangle hold on the Sunday ticket I wish you could just stream your team somehow.
  5. [Spadaro] The Tale Of Two Rookie Running Backs

    Ugh hating not having Sunday ticket this year wish I could watch the game
  6. [News] Dorenbos Trade A 'Difficult' One For Team

    Jon Dorenbos we as Eagles fans thank you for a great decade of work. That being said where in the US would a magician rather go then New Orleans (Ok maybe Vegas but the Raiders aren't actually playing there yet) His acts will be a hit on Bourbon St. and he will help that community continue to heal from the aftermath of Katrina even a dozen years later.
  7. [News] A Big Week As Preseason Closes Strong

    I want the best 53 and Treggs is way better then Gibson. According to Mike Mayock Gibson couldnt catch a cold i will take Treggs who has really impressed me this off season and I could easily see him taking the slot away from Agholor if he struggles continue this year.
  8. [News] Preseason Game 2: A Primer For Tonight

    I have a lot more questions then that and more I hope to see as well. For instance. - Wentz timing and chemistry with the receivers (that will be a question until I see time with the offense in the regular season. They dumb the play calling down in the preseason and nobody actually game plans for their opponents on defense so it's easier to get open.) - OL granted GB blitzed most of the game but even the starters had people running free at Wentz and we struggled to run the ball. - Can we establish a running game? - Do we see Wentz and the other QB's under center more often, since I would assume we see way less blitzing from Buffalo - How do the CB's look can Mills hold his own on the outside now that more attention will be drawn his way with a legit CB opposite from him. Who plays the slot? - Do we see Barnett get any 1st string reps? - Can Mack Hollins continue and build off everything he has done through the off-season and first preseason game? How will Marcus Johnson look in his 1st preseason game? And a lot more.
  9. [News] Hicks Takes Control Of The Defense

    Long time lurker 2384th time poster here. Still not sure how this team will look come opening day. Our offense has a lot of new pieces (even more with Jmatt gone now) 2 new outside WR, a new slot WR, a new starting RB, and a new LG. That is a whole new offense at your skill positions basically. The only things that didn't change were QB and TE. That's a lot of chemistry to build for one off-season. I know Wentz did it last year but you also had Sproles year 3 R Matthews and Barner in year 2 Jmatt in year 3 Agholor in year 2 outside that had chemistry together. This year you only have Sproles and Smallwood returning to their positions from last year and they are backup or specialty players.
  10. [News] Many Reasons To Believe In WR Group

    Hard to run a QB sneak or up the middle with an undersized C getting blown up. I'm glad he put on a little weight this off-season hopefully we will see an improvement in his power and ability to stand stout when run blocking and not get pushed around as bad by bigger defensive lineman.
  11. [News] Cornerback Picture: Work In Progress

    Belicheat says he evaluates 15 guys as 1st rd talents we got 2 of those top 15 guys in this draft how can you complain about that?
  12. [News] Cornerback Picture: Work In Progress

    I'm not sure why anyone would be complaining about this pick. Are we contenders this year? Would one of those other guys made us contenders this year? He will be back next year and was arguably the best CB in a great CB draft. At that point we should be getting a good to elite level CB. For when this team is ready to compete for a Superbowl in a couple years if we draft well and find a few ELITE talents like Jones could be.
  13. [News] Offense Is Complete: Now What?

    I don't really agree with that sometimes it takes a year or two for the players to gel together
  14. [News] Offense Is Complete: Now What?

    I like what we are putting together but I'm pumping the brakes also. We added a lot of new pieces on both offense and defense. I need to see them on the field before I'm going to say we have done anything more then improve on paper. Now I hope that we are much improved but with all the new additions you never know just how we will look until they are on the field together against a quality opponent.
  15. [News] Roseman: Blount A Tempo-Setter At RB

    Clement is expendable every year a power runner slips in the draft or becomes a UDFA. He would have to really **** away with what I saw from him on the field to keep him on the active roster, and at that point we evaluate the other RBs and see if one of them now become expendable or trade value is to good to pass up. I just can't justify carrying 5 RBs on the active roster.