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  1. I may be a bit ignorant about British history or royal history, but I can't help but think it sounds so selfish for an individual to want millions to chant, "God save the queen"
  2. I'd rather watch an old, out of retirement John Madden at this point than the drivel that is MNF on ESPN
  3. Personally I think Chip would have ruined Mariota. Mariota is truly a good QB, quite underrated. His precision is astonishing and he's so humble and level headed.
  4. Haven go ahead and admit you don't like it. We all dislike it. Don't be scared of the NFL Network and big daddy Goodell.
  5. Yea I'd like to know what the state of the Eagles are
  6. Ok the Andy jokes are weak at this point, however I couldn't help but still laugh
  7. Interestingly enough, his contract was paying him as a premium WR honestly. As much as I'd like him back, I have to say that he didn't play at a premium level with the Chiefs and seems they felt the same.
  8. And I would have 100% preferred to have him than Torrey Smith. Don't have a magic 8 ball to tell what will happen in the future though
  9. Damn i'm shocked the Chiefs did this honestly. But looking into it, they saved money on the cap
  10. Exactly. As I recall, it was Kim Kardashian that was riding him
  11. There's no excuse for him. He's in a very favorable situation.
  12. As long as he continues his trend of being part of ruining organizations then i'm all for it!
  13. Yea I was wondering, did McNabb have something to do with celebrations being permitted now? lol
  14. I was wondering if maybe he had the Audi brand in mind. But I hope he didn't think his offense was luxury. This guy is a nut
  15. Annoying that the video uploader removed the video from YouTube. It was a pretty funny interview. Shady said on live TV that Kiko's father wishes that Shady was his son lol