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  1. ShakeThatMonkey


    I'll give the Rams credit for at least cutting their losses and acknowledging it now. However that Jarred Goff contract looks horrendous.
  2. I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or not, but when I say right after, I'm talking in the span of finishing the regular season.
  3. Foles has had to deal with either ever changing offensive philosophies or has been hampered by injuries. Honestly I think teams have placed obnoxiously high expectations on Foles and part of that is due to him having the highest of highs when he's on. But overall Foles is a good QB and if you're patient with him, he can provide results. Gotta remember, Foles didn't exactly look stellar right after taking over for Wentz in 2017.
  4. ShakeThatMonkey


    Made sense he'd go to the Falcons
  5. ShakeThatMonkey


    Guy dropped so hard like a bag of bricks. He's barely talked about these days.
  6. ShakeThatMonkey

    Giants fans, Talk About The Giants

    Gettleman isn't that bad. And while I dislike the question myself, but who else out there do you think would be better?
  7. Agree I don't like how he's been jerked around during his career.
  8. ShakeThatMonkey

    Tom Brady confirms he is leaving Pats, expected to join Buccaneers

    Bro you must not know Jameis Winston as a QB. I could start a thread of all the goof ups he has done to date.
  9. ShakeThatMonkey

    Tom Brady confirms he is leaving Pats, expected to join Buccaneers

    It's a good move and I suspected that would be the case. Glancing at Tampa's schedule, I think the team is capable of making a playoff run. Their defense is ok, but due to many of the offense TOs, it put a lot of pressure on the passing defense.
  10. ShakeThatMonkey

    Byron Jones to Dolphins

    Dolphins better hope he doesn't pan out like the last Byron they had at CB...
  11. ShakeThatMonkey

    2020 Free Agent QBs UPDATE: Rivers to the Colts, Brady to the Bucs

    I have no idea where Cam Newton will land if he wants to be a starter. I mean possibly the Chargers if they want a starter while the rookie QB gets up to speed. Don't know if he'd want to be in a situation like that but there aren't any alternatives really....
  12. ShakeThatMonkey

    Tom Brady confirms he is leaving Pats, expected to join Buccaneers

    I think Tampa is the only realistic landing spot. The team has some good offensive talent and the division is weak outside of the Saints.
  13. lol exactly. Don't know what the Titans were thinking, but it's smart of Tannehill. I think he just caught fire and opponents just weren't doing their diligence in preparation against him. Especially if you've got a mack truck like Derrick Henry to worry about.
  14. I think they should, but there's reports that he'll likely get tagged and that the Cowboys might sign Cooper long term. That wouldn't make sense to me and just like you mentioned, Cooper will probably go through FA.