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  1. ShakeThatMonkey


    I've been so far removed from football this summer that I forgot who Josh Jacobs was for a moment lol.
  2. ShakeThatMonkey

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    Good information here. This is why higher taxes for the rich isn't the way to go. The way to handle this is to enforce a cap on execs and ensure that the wealth and value of the company is distributed in a balanced way throughout. The very rich have an abundance of ways to accumulate wealth. Those that are much less fortunate don't exactly have the same resources to tap into.
  3. ShakeThatMonkey

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    lmao I'd love to see the article
  4. ShakeThatMonkey

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    Don't forget Jerruh's glory hole expenses.
  5. ShakeThatMonkey

    5 in / 5 out of the playoffs....

    You think that superbowl hangover is going to hit them hard?
  6. ShakeThatMonkey

    Top 5 non eagles games to watch this year

    So you think the Ravens will be as bland, or actually worse?
  7. Damn is right. These stories never got out, or at least I may have not paid close attention. I'm sure there's many other disgusting stories that never see the light of day.
  8. ShakeThatMonkey

    Top 5 non eagles games to watch this year

    Oh and unless the Eagles are on Monday Night, then I refuse to give ESPN any viewership.
  9. ShakeThatMonkey

    Top 5 non eagles games to watch this year

    AFC NORTH Ravens may finally stop being one of the most bland teams in the NFL, so perhaps i'll tune in for a game or two for them. The Browns are intriguing so i'll watch them. The Steelers and Bengals will mainly be interesting because of the turnover with those teams. AFC EAST Almost no interest in any of the teams, but I have family here who are loyal Bills fans and I sorta root for them. AFC SOUTH Jags with Nick Foles Slight interest in the Colts with Frank Reich. Texans and Titans, no interest. AFC WEST Pretty much all the teams are interesting, with the exception of the Broncos. Never liked the Broncos and can't stand Elway. NFC Just about all the teams in the NFC interest me, but watching the Skins is like watching paint dry.
  10. ShakeThatMonkey

    2019 Hard Knocks - Who gets it this season?

    Figured the Raiders would be this year after the signing of Brown. Hard to say if they'll be bad this year going forward, so HBO and the NFL want to cash in now.
  11. Good list. Never thought we'd see the day that Marvin Lewis would finally get booted. The only one on the list I think is safe is Mike Tomlin. But I thought for sure he would get the axe after last year's disaster.
  12. ShakeThatMonkey

    I wouldn’t jump on the Daniel Jones hate train just yet

    Barkley is the most dangerous in the only his second year. Transcendent player. Reminds me of the Chargers situation back when Tomlinson and Brees were young.
  13. Welp, was nice knowing you Joe.
  14. ShakeThatMonkey

    Tyreek Hill under investigation for beating his son

    Ridiculous. Not to mention he'll probably get paid a nice sum when his contract is almost up.
  15. Who in their right mind would want to work with that guy. Adam Gase is a goon. You gotta be sick in the head or downright desperate.