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  1. Crennel is a great guy but his defenses are wanting...
  2. ShakeThatMonkey

    AFC Championship: Titans @ Chiefs

    Agree. Some of the Eagles fans need to let go of the hate and vitriol. The Eagles already won their superbowl and Andy has been gone for a long time now.
  3. ShakeThatMonkey

    AFC Championship: Titans @ Chiefs

    Happy for coach Reid, but the job isn't finished yet. He needs to finish the job once and for all, get that superbowl win.
  4. ShakeThatMonkey

    AFC Championship: Titans @ Chiefs

    Titans need to milk the clock. Any amount of time given to the Chiefs can prove deadly
  5. ShakeThatMonkey

    AFC Championship: Titans @ Chiefs

    Henry gets a lot of attention, but those Titans WRs are no joke.
  6. ShakeThatMonkey

    D.K. Metcalf shows everyone they screwed up.

    All the other teams did. I think Metcalf was just a rare exception when someone really blows it up at the combine, and still is able to match the hype or expectation once the pads go on. I don't blame teams for passing on him and it's not like he slid all the way to the later rounds.
  7. That trade certainly is a win for the Giants. Yea they took the cap hit, but he isn't on their books anymore. Not to mention the fricken headache that this guy causes constantly. Joe Judge would have tried to get him out if he were still with the Giants.
  8. Yea I guess from that perspective you may be right. It would be different if they were making consistent playoff runs, but that's hardly been the case.
  9. He's never going to be in an ideal situation with an NFL team. He wants top dollar, but it's quite rare for a WR to be the reason for a SB run. Owens helped the Eagles (then wanted a new contract) Moss with the Pats (he helped the Pats dominate that year, but they were winning SBs prior to him) Fitzgerald with the Cards (He was in his prime and it took Kurt Warner to make the difference) Julio Jones (This is probably the clear-cut example of the WR being the difference) I can't think of anymore in the past 20 years.
  10. ShakeThatMonkey

    Other teams Gameday Threads

    that Dallarse fanbase is as delusional as it gets. And the Ravens thread was a sad read lol. You could feel the emotion sucked out of them from those posts.
  11. ShakeThatMonkey

    Sources: Antonio Brown not expected to play again this season

    Valid point. Can't generalize all football players. Guess it just boils down to people being people.
  12. ShakeThatMonkey

    Sources: Antonio Brown not expected to play again this season

    @ndirish5567 That was a good read man. It doesn't surprise me in the slightest. I work for a big bank and even some of the ordinary people walk around with a sense of entitlement.
  13. ShakeThatMonkey

    Luke Kuechly

    Just saw this. Man I remember when Patrick Willis retired and thought that was a shock. Now Kuechly too. Those linebackers take some punishing blows.