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  1. ESPN Considers DROPPING ‘Monday Night Football’

    That just about sums it up. ESPN may actually be ok if they drop MNF. They really need to get back to other sports and miscellaneous things like the strongest man competition.
  2. Week 10: Dolphins @ Panthers

    #Respeck Chica for actually keeping up with this game.
  3. We not only may face Maxwell in week 13, but Marcus Smith too.
  4. Black Monday: Who's on the hot seat in 2017? Who gets fired?

    While I didn't think he'd be fired today, I did think he'd be fired during the season. It won't happen now, but I absolutely cannot see McAdoo returning. Just not possible. Mara and Tisch could not have been blind to the whole Chip Kelly fiasco in his last year.
  5. Ben McAdoo On Hot-Seat - 2 Players Squeal

    I'd cream my pants if the Giants draft Darnold. That would set them back YEARS
  6. Black Monday: Who's on the hot seat in 2017? Who gets fired?

    Yea I read that too. But it sounds to me that he can still be booted after the season. Like literally a day after the final game.
  7. Goodell better sleep with one eye open for the rest of his life.
  8. I absolutely do NOT want Jerruh ousted. He not only brings entertainment to the league, but he usually keeps Dallas in a hole. Last year was their greatest chance.
  9. Cowgirls Got Smoked!

    What the hell is going on here! LOL
  10. Week 10 Open Discussion.

    lol Garrett covering for his own flaws. Should have had TE help. But on another topic, that Vikings team will be something to keep an eye on. They're a resilient team, just like the Eagles. Very tenacious too.
  11. Ben McAdoo

    LOL is there a story i'm missing or is it the stache? But McAdoo is a goner. No need to even keep him for the rest of the season IMO. Give him the Chip Kelly treatment.
  12. Cowgirls Got Smoked!

    Yea the game was pretty much a comedy special.
  13. Week 10 Open Discussion.

    Just watching him is so incredible. His burst was ridiculous.
  14. Should Teddy Bridgewater get the starting QB job back?

    Agreed, good point. It's a unique situation, but it will surely test Keenum's focus and composure. Seems there's a lot of talk about the Vikings wanting to get Teddy starting as soon as possible.
  15. A Plan to Fix the problems with the Thursday Night games

    Exactly it. Basic economics.