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  1. It most certainly will! And it would solidify the Eagles as a legit playoff team!
  2. Humongous loss. Going to miss his production. Now we need a new punt returner and change of pace back.
  3. Darn shame about Sproles. I concur that it would be most unfortunate for him to call it a career on an injury. I hope he does return for one more (at least) and finish on top. Time for Blount/Smalls/Clement to step up (do they bring Pumphrey back from the IR holding cell????).
  4. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  5. Wow. Fantastic finish! All I can say. Go Eagles!
  6. Quit apologizing and GET BUSY!!! Let's get it on!!!!
  7. Now let's see how the 53 shapes up and bring on the skins!
  8. Since he is free and clear, Haden could sign one of those 1 year "show and prove" deals to reestablish himself as a good CB.
  9. Just do better than Demi Lovato and snap the dang ball correctly!
  10. Well, let the man play and see how he does against his former squad. If he seems competent out there, and looks better than the other bubble CBs, give him a shot at the 53. Not much else can be said about him (from my perspective).
  11. I know, right?!? Howie should have an "opinion box" email address for us "experts" to assist him in his work.
  12. JD will be missed dearly. He was one of those players who you never really know he's there unless something went TERRIBLY wrong. Long snappers have a quiet, thankless job. I am glad that he's got a spot on a NFL squad and the Eagles got some compensation for him. Win-win in my book.
  13. Consistency people! How about some consistency!!!!???