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  1. Ham, you are preaching to the choir. I got that nervous anxiety feeling. That's normal for an eagle fan.
  2. M J K, our Eagles could have been directly impacted by Spygate in Super Bowl 39. We will never know. Pats fans believe in those victories and nothing will change their minds. I went through it down here with some of the most arrogant hated Cowboy fans. There were so many of them visible when they were winning Super Bowls in the 90s. The last 20 years you don't hear so much from them anymore, but they always bash me over the head with the fact that we never won a Superbowl.
  3. Thanks, 93. We get it going on MNF.
  4. Woody, when I got to DFW in 1993. Those hated Cowboys were winning Super Bowls. They use to call my Eagles back then crash and burn. We would start out good. I remember beating them on Monday Night Football real bad. Even the fans here thought that was our year. Then, we faded. We got stuck with the name crash and burn Eagles. Tough times when you're surrounded by fans who won 3 out of 4 Super Bowls.
  5. Woody, that is my concern. Many Eagle fans are expecting a big year. 13 and 3, I don't know about that record. I see many on here expecting a big year. I have been disappointed so many times. I am trying to keep my expectations average. Let chip do his job and stay away from the outside noise. I remember that year when we beat the Niners 40 to 8. We all thought that was the year. Then, the team just disappeared. I think chip has a better team, but remember these are our Eagles for good or bad. Mercy, going into 55 years and counting.
  6. Rang, congratulations on getting Social Security. I can start Social Security now or wait until full retirement at 66. My full retirement age got put to 66 in the eighties, when President Reagan and Tip O'Neill increased the age for the group born between 1943 and 1954. Fortunately, they left Medicare at 65, which I can get in less than 2 years. I am trying to hang on until at least 65 before taking Social Security. However, with this election next year in 2016, the Republicans will be looking at increasing social security once more. They probably won't affect me because I am too close, but they will go after people in their fifties, 40s and younger. So taking Social Security soon for me could be an option but Medicare I can't get until May of 2017. Yes gas prices are get gasoline prices are down but my stock portfolio is taking a beating. That is not good and the oil industry is very competitive right now. The USA is producing record amounts of gasoline which is lowering the price to all. Trying to hang on but getting tougher and tougher. They want younger and cheaper employees, but that's life.
  7. MJK, funny thing, I will be driving right past Atlanta sometime Monday. I wish our Eagles well and hope they win, all the time wishing I was at the stadium.
  8. Hey Joe, if Eagles lose Monday night. You know we will have the usual suspects on here crying and moaning 4 chips head. They will forget it is Game one and believe the season is over. Fun times...
  9. Rang, back here on the boards. This was a pit stop just checking in for now . Still on a road trip. Business side of the trip will finish up Friday. Then onto South Carolina on Sunday to visit daughter number 2. Stay there about a week and then head up north. Will visit daughter number 1 in Delaware and see brother and sister in Philly and last remaining aunt on my mother's side in Sea Isle New Jersey. Time to take some vacation after this business trip. I want to take my new truck out on the road.
  10. what Parque better be good.
  11. I still have that nervous anxiety going into the season. I saw where ed Rendell predicted 13 and 3 for our Eagles. I don't know about that prediction but I will hold going that high a record. It might bring our Eagles bad luck.
  12. Freak I am still tracking home runs. I am just busier than a one armed paper hanger right now. I have lubes at 93 home runs right now.You guys crack me up with your fantasy football and Madden.
  13. This must be Jerry Lewis telethon.
  14. I will be driving right by Atlanta on Monday. I wish I could see the game.
  15. Not back...still a road warrior. No rest for the wicked.