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  1. Been a long time Dave. We need to catch up.


  2. After 13 years of active duty... I'm coming home!!!

  3. needleb2003

    Fans Helping Fans is Nationwide!

    Hello all, This is my first post, anywhere. Here's my story... I am currently enlisted in the US NAVY and station in Fallon, NV. About 1 hour east of Reno. I have been in a little over 9 years. I have been all over Asia, South Pacific and even did a tour in Iraq. This May-June, I will be re-enlisting back in th NAVY and am very proud to do so. Here's the thing... At my re-enlistment ceremony I am allowed to have anyone do my Oath of Enlistment. I am hoping that the Eagles Family here and help from other sources will help in getting D. McNabb to come and do the Oath for me. If anyone knows someone who knows somebody, please pass this story along. I dont have a lot of time. Please everyone, your help would be greatly appreciated. I know this is just a long shot. I have never been to an Eagles game, EVER! But I have been a fan since my Dad knew he was a father. If this is not possible, I would really love to come back to Philly and go to the first home game in 09, possibly getting field tickets. I really want to meet D. Mcnabb! I will sell my truck if I have to. This means a lot to me. So, if anyone can help, please. God Bless...