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  1. Depends on the game. Who I'm playing. How good their D is. How good my short yardage O is. How much time is left. What's the wind speed and direction? What's their percentage stopping short yardage plays? Does their kicker have good range? Did their coach sleep with my wife? Have I been drinking? Seriously though, it really depends on a multitude of factors.
  2. Stop drinking
  3. No one cares what anonymous "some fans" think.
  4. Lol it took Nelson Agholor 2 years and a brandon Graham 4-5 years but this guy is a bust after 6 games. Love it. CLASSIC TATE Anyone else remember the Shady McCoy is a bust thread from 2009?
  5. The problem with AR's last few years was he completely abandoned the principles you talk about and that made him so successful. That is, sticking up for his guys and always putting the responsibility on himself. He went out and signed a million high priced FA, drafted poorly, and then, scapegoated Juan Castillo by firing him midseason when the defense wasn't playing very poorly. The wheels fell off after that when the players realized Reid had lost it
  6. They'll win a game. Garrett just started playing against the jets and had two sacks. He's gonna be good. They have some talent on D. I think they'll squeak out a 13-10 win at some point
  7. Oh give me a break. The ref blew the call.
  8. What does the refereeing have to do with kneeling ?
  9. Bucs are a joke franchise. They've always been a joke franchise. Andy Reid was just more of a joke and allowed them to win a Super Bowl. Jameis is so wildly overrated. He'll never win anything. And Dirk Koetter is just another garbage NFL coach who will be coaching UNLV in 3 years.
  10. Lol never gonna happen. Cmon stop with that. If there's one thing we know, it's that Andy is a great regular season coach. But, put a little postseason adversity in front of him and he chokes like Mama Cass. Theyll blow it in the playoffs like they did last year
  11. You guys are aware how horrific the bengals offensive line is right? All this talk about how talented they are but have you actually looked at their roster? They've got like 5 starters and RB and WR and none alone the offensive line
  12. KC -7. KC must win by 8 or more for you to win if you bet on them. If Washington wins or loses by 6 or less, you lose and anyone who bet Washington +7 wins. If KC ultimately wins by exactly 7, it's a push and you get your money back.
  13. We've seen a bunch of times now that you have to complete the process of the catch. The ball came out clearly and landed 3 yards from him. Idk how you can think that's a catch. Helmet to helmet contact on that tackle.
  14. Or maybe sensitive snowflake American conservatives can just turn it the F off or change the channel during the pregame. Or they can suck it up and deal with it like we've had to deal with their BS about families and anti abortion and the pledge of allegiance.
  15. Penalty, penalty, penalty, penalty. Borefest.