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  1. It's a post June 1 cut. Saves a ton of cap. They'd better hope they have the depth because they traded their 1st next year. I don't think he'll be an eagles though.
  2. TATE has seeped into the NFL forum.
  3. Dean Blandino is getting a lap dance on Jerry's party bus right now.
  4. Chip had very little to do with the 49ers being so bad.
  5. Nick Foles is partying all over the Colts like it's 2013.
  6. Really? ****ing about the schedule? What are you, six?
  7. Well, Bradford was also on the list above. So, I'm not really sure what you're asking for since some of those mediocre vets were also once high picks. But, I don't believe the Jets had any delusions of Super Bowl grandeur this year. And if they did, they certainly weren't going to win one with Paxton Freaking Lynch.
  8. Would you really though?? Let's take a look at QB taken in the first two rounds the last ten years and whether or not that gamble would have resulted in BOOM or bust. QB's taken in the first 2 rounds since 2006: 2006 Vince Young (3) - Bust Matt Leinart (10) - Bust Jay Cutler (11) - BOOM Kellen Clemens (49) - Bust Tarvaris Jackson (64) - Bust Total: 1/5 2007 JaMarcus Russell (1) - Bust Brady Quinn (22) - Bust Kevin Kolb (36) - Bust John Beck (40) - Bust Drew Stanton (43) - Bust Total: 0/5 2008 Matt Ryan (3) - BOOM Joe Flacco (18) - BOOM Brian Brohm (56) - Bust Chad Henne (57) - Bust Total: 2/4 2009 Matthew Stafford (1) - BOOM (and that's generous) Mark Sanchez (5) - Bust Josh Freeman (17) - Bust Pat White (44) - Bust Total: 1/4 2010 Sam Bradford (1) - Bust Tim Tebow (25) - Bust Jimmy Clausen (48) - Bust Total: 0/3 2011 Cam Newton (1) - BOOM Jake Locker (8) - Bust Blaine Gabbert (11) - Bust Christian Ponder (12) - Bust Andy Dalton (35) - BOOM Colin Kaepernick (36) - Bust Total: 2/6 2012 Andrew Luck (1) - BOOM Robert Griffin (2) - Bust Ryan Tannehill (8) - Bust Brandon Weeden (22) - Bust Brock Osweiler (57) - Bust Total: 1/5 2013 EJ Manuel (16) - Bust Geno Smith (39) - Bust Total: 0/2 2014 Blake Bortles (3) - ? Johnny Manziel (22) - Bust Total: 0/1/1 Anything more recent wouldn't be fair. But, just from that list, you have a success rate of 7/34 (20%). Many coaches aren't willing to risk their jobs on a 1/5 promise. Taking a QB early that may bust also prevents you from addressing other needs at that high spot.
  9. Because NFL owners fire coaches after 2-3 years nowadays. They therefore don't often have the luxury of developing a young QB. They also know that if the young QB fails or takes too long to develop, they likely won't be around by the time the youngster finally does.
  10. La'el Collins torn ligament in foot. Out 6-10 weeks.
  11. Ummm have you watched FB before? It's a lot easier to knock it out of bounds than to fall on it.
  12. I dont get all these people rooting vociferously for the Redskins. Sure, I would rather they win than the Giants start 3-0. But, the Eagles always kick the crap out of the NYG and struggle against the Skins.
  13. Anyone remember when the Eagles tried a fake punt on Monday night football against the Bears in 2011 and Chaz Henry under threw a wide open Colt Anderson? Dream team
  14. He looks a lot faster this year
  15. Cody parkey misses another Fg . Bradford throws td