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    What Pats fans are saying as their dynasty crumbles

    17 straight winning seasons, 16 double-digit win seasons in 18 years, 9 straight division titles, 15 of 18 division titles, 8 Superbowl games in 18 years(5 wins), a 6th round QB that turned out to be the greatest QB ever. Let's not forget the CAUGHT CHEATING a couple of times. WTF do Patriots fans have to cry about? What are they going to do when Belichick/Brady are gone? Those fans have had the best ride any NFL fans could ever dream of, yet it's still not enough. Then, after all, said and done, the Patriots are still favorites to win next years Superbowl. Spoiled bishes.
  2. ackid38

    Week 13 Open Discussion.

    0 help today. Still trying to figure out how if the Eagles lose tonight does the vikings take over best record in NFC. This was stated by announcers during the vikings game.
  3. ackid38

    Week 11 Open Discussion.

    The Rams just made it look like the vikings had no defense on the field. The only team i think matches up very well vs our Eagles.
  4. ackid38

    Week 9 Open Discussion.

    We just hate dallas and all the special treatment they get because jurrah throws great parties on the bus. I hope we beat them as bad as we beat the best Defense in the league......
  5. ackid38

    Week 9 Open Discussion.

    Something happened........It doesn't matter. Let him play.....1 way or another he will be suspended. NFL protocol.......Still a conduct infraction. Sone how he put himself in that position....So yes, he will be suspended sooner or later. JC even AP was suspended for disciplining his own child. AP did to his kid what many old school parents have done.......A switch is no different than a belt........I've taken both in my day.........You and many others probably did too. This country is getting way too soft......Kids today cuss out their parents and when the parent tries to discipline, the kid threatens to call family services......All kids do today is get fat sitting in front of a tv playing video games and parents are too afraid to go to jail to do anything about it.......
  6. ackid38

    Week 9 Open Discussion.

    Oh...OK. Well, we lost lane for 10 games last year for trusting an APP that the NFLPA endorsed, yet Elliot refuses to accept his suspension........just because the girl refused to press charges does not mean it didn't happen. That dude needs to be suspended... not because i'm scared of him and the turds, no.....Because its just how it should be.....Brady didn't take the air out of the footballs.........He took his suspension......This elliot BS is getting old really quick.
  7. ackid38

    Week 9 Open Discussion.

    you mean 5-3 Seattle right?
  8. ackid38

    Week 9 Open Discussion.

    Wahington does their job, but so does andy.......................screwing us twice in 1 year.........F-ing cowturds make me ill.....that will be all the talk....Eagles can't beat the chiefs but those tnuc can. Elliot should have been suspended, should still be suspended and better be suspended.......Everyone else that gets suspended does their time. This is BS
  9. ackid38

    Ezekiel Elliott Suspended for 6 games

    Jerruh can really pull strings. Been an NFL fan for 50+ years and have never seen anything like this. They might as well just say screw the suspension. I'll never understand why our tax paying population is paying for a woman beater being suspended from his job for woman beating. Regular Joe would be doing a little county time, this AH gets to continue to make his millions all the while we get to foot the bill for these idiot judges to battle each other just so Jerruh has a better chance at winning a F-ing football game. NFL is nothing more than a joke. Maybe every player from here on out should do the same....Even Brady eventually served his suspension. A 2nd year guy? Players getting suspended for smoking weed and this jackalope continues to get his suspension put on hold.
  10. Watching this game and i must say, there is no other team in this league that gets so many lucky breaks......Elliot should be suspended. Every positive play the redskins have gets called back. redskins fumbling punts and kick offs. Everything continues to go their way. wouldn't surprise me at all if we lose both games to them....The refs seem to hate us as it is, and always seems to screw every team the turds play against. They are 2nd with least amount of penalties...We have 2nd most...........
  11. ackid38

    Dak Prescott cannot possibly be this mature

    Yep, those were the days........When you could buy your team....I think the cow turds are the reason the NFL decided on a Salary Cap.....It worked though.......Aint won a damn thing since 2 years after the cap......Yes, the last SB the turds won was with players still on the team from before the Cap.........
  12. ackid38

    Jon Dorenbos

    As of today, Surgery went well and should be 100% recovery. Howie saved his life. If not for that trade, he could have Stroked out or had a heart attack on the field. I love the hashtag #savedbyaSaint No doubt, 1 day Jon will come back home and retire as an Eagle. If I were him, that should be, the minute he gets 100% bill of health. No sense in risking anything else. Hopefully, he got his sign. Longtime Philadelphia Eagles long-snapper Jon Dorenbos underwent heart surgery on Tuesday to repair an aortic aneurysm that was discovered after he was traded to the New Orleans Saints on August 28. The surgery went well, according to Eagles coach Doug Pederson, who opened his Wednesday news conference by saying, "I would like to just send a shoutout to Jon Dorenbos. Everything went well yesterday with surgery and he's resting comfortably. Just wish him and his family well, our prayers are with him and hope for a speedy recovery." Dorenbos sent a message to his supporters on social media Tuesday before the surgery, which included the hashtags #philly, #thankyouNewOrleans and #savedbyaSaint.
  13. ackid38

    Week 1: Chargers @ Broncos

    It's like she is trying to be a man. It's embarrassing. I'll bet we will never have to endure this again. I'm reading many boards at the moment and no-one is happy about this. She is trying way to hard, you can tell she is having a hard enough time just reading the cue cards. There will be a ton of calls going to the switchboard at ESPN. Voice doesn't match her body.
  14. ackid38

    Week 1: Chargers @ Broncos

    I'm actually watching the game on mute. I'm not an M.C.P., I'm all for equal rights, But somehow someway a line needs to be drawn, Some things are just not supposed to be. I personally am not happy at all listening to a woman doing play by play. I don't mind at all when women are doing the sideline interviews. Beth Mowins sounds like a teenage boy going through puberty and she is all over the place. Like she is trying to deepen her voice. Or she is as "butch" as it gets. Again, I'm not homophobic, nor against women in football, just not doing play-by-play on Monday Night Football. Cosell and Gifford have to be flipping in their coffins.
  15. What a difference between Doug and that ESPN ANALyst .
  16. What a difference between Doug and that ESPN ANALyst .
  17. ackid38

    Ezekiel Elliott Suspended for 6 games
  18. They'll only dump Robinson if they trade for a CB, which better be soon if they expect that individual to be ready for week 1... Then Undlin praises Robinson in an interview with Spuds. I thought " coach speak" until he sorta criticized Douglas a little. Then is when my head got itchy, and had to be scratched. WTH is Undlin seeing that We and the media aren't? I know that coaches know way more than 99% of us fans, but Stevie Wonder can see that Robinson is terrible.
  19. They'll only dump Robinson if they trade for a CB, which better be soon if they expect that individual to be ready for week 1... Then Undlin praises Robinson in an interview with Spuds. I thought " coach speak" until he sorta criticized Douglas a little. Then is when my head got itchy, and had to be scratched. WTH is Undlin seeing that We and the media aren't? I know that coaches know way more than 99% of us fans, but Stevie Wonder can see that Robinson is terrible.
  20. Used to be. Freshman year at E Texas, He even took a few snaps at QB @ OU. Played a little TE there also before switching to OL.
  21. Jefferies is everything advertised. Torrey is looking better than expected, Matthews i really hope they find a way to keep him. And What's up with Agholor. Sure is looking good now that the pressure is off. Only concern is the CBS. Are the other WRs looking like ProBowlers(other than AJ) because our CBs are just really really bad?
  22. I enjoy all the "no names" during camp. They play for their lives. Trying to build tape for other coaches to see. Then there is that 1 or 2 surprise guys that come out of nowhere and make the team.
  23. keep talking about being more vertical. these reporters never use their heads do they. What HC just throws a kid out there and says, i want you to throw bombs? the smartest thing DP did was keep the offense simple in Wentz 1st year to get his feet wet. You slowly throw in specialty plays as time goes by. I bet we see a bit more verts, and a trick play or 2 this year. NFL is double the speed of college. Kid won 7 games as a rookie on a mediocre team. Coach cost him 2 more games and his rookie mistakes and overall terrible receiving corps cost him another 1 or 2 games. This schedule is a tough one, but this is where Wentz needs to shut up the critics and win the tough games. The Eagles are in good hands.
  24. My only concerns is all the free agents in 2018. Just tired of all the turnover. Maybe they sign the important players