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  1. 26 FAs come 2018. 10 of these guys might not be here week 1 this season


    Ryan Mathews    RB     29            
    Alshon Jeffery    WR    27            
    Marcus Smith    OLB    25            
    Nigel Bradham    OLB    27            
    Jordan Matthews    WR    24            
    Darren Sproles    RB    33            
    Timmy Jernigan    DT    24            
    Allen Barbre    RT    32            
    Dwayne Gratz    CB    27        
    Terrence Brooks    FS    26            
    Trey Burton    WR    25        
    Taylor Hart    T    26            
    Beau Allen    DT    25        
    Steven Means    DE    27        
    Josh Andrews    C    25        
    Matt Tobin    G    26        
    Chance Warmack    G    25            
    L Blount    RB    30        
    Rick Lovato    LS    24        
    Paul Turner    WR    24        
    Caleb Sturgis    K    27            
    Najee Goode    ILB    27        
    Matt McGloin    QB    27 
    Patrick Robinson CB    29    -    
    Jaylen Watkins    S    24    
    C.J. Smith    CB    24

  2. So if a QB gets traded to a team that has not had a winning season since 2003, 0 talent at all offensive skilled positions, but had success here in an offense he had no business even being in. then winds up on another team where he did pretty good when Smith went down, and that team might release him, makes him a terrible QB? Maybe AR is trying to help Foles by releasing him with several teams that do not have a steady QB in hopes he finds a starting job.

    Why does Foles still get so much hate from Eagles fans after he represented this franchise as Pro-bowl MVP, or 27tds/2 int in 10 games, or the HOF shrine for him along with 1 of the greatest QBs ever in this league, for tossing 7 tds in 1 game? Honestly, what did Foles ever do here to garner so much hatred? Never 1 bad thing ever said in a negative manner from any coach or player he has ever been around, yet still, 3 years later..........EAGLES fans still see him as a 3rd round bust that never did anything right here. Like he was part of Chips master plan to destroy this franchise, but thankfully Howie Almighty stepped in and distinguished these 2 dumpster fires. 

    Foles has never had the chance to, due to unfortunate events to become a teams steady QB. I really hope he gets a chance on a team that has no sure thing, starting QB and he can compete for a starting gig.

    Seems like here, our fans boo the likable players, but love the locker-room cancers, and "me 1st" guys. Foles was 6-2 his shortened last season here with 13 tds and 10 ints....(15-9, 50 tds - 17 ints) and was called a turn over machine.....Wentz went 7-9, 16tds - 14ints and he is labeled our savior. No knock intentionally on Carson, who i think will turn into a very good QB over time. Still though, nothing did Wentz do in his rookie season was Godly, but gets a ton of OMG praise.

    All - in - All, i still would love to know why almost 4 years after the fact, Foles continues to be trashed by Eagles fans. By the way some of you give this guy so much grief, you would swear that Foles should be in the Eagles almanac, as the worst QB this franchise ever had.

    Of course i can already predict the responses i'm about to receive about my mancrush on Foles. Kid just had a string of bad luck so far in this league, and i'm sure i'm not alone when i say " i hope he can find a starting gig somewhere " . He wasn't trade away from here because he didn't play well. I believe Chip thought he had a very good chance to land Mariota in the next draft, who i'm sure Chip believed if he and Mariota reunited at the NFL level, that they both could achieve even better production and success than they did at Oregon. We all know how that eventually took place. Just a shame that Foles had to go to the Rams, that saw several QBs fail by no fault of their own.

    Maybe the 49ers, Cleveland, Jets, Bills, Houston, Bears or even the Saints( if brees decides to move on or retire in a year or 2), lets Foles come in and compete for a starting gig. Several QBs in this league had bad, multiple seasons at the start of their careers, then stellar last half of their careers. Not saying that Foles will turn out to be 1 of the all-time greats at the QB position, but i do believe if he is given the opportunity, and has a somewhat competent other 10 offensive players, he will wind up with nice stat lines across the board. 

  3. I could have guessed who started this thread blindfolded. Foles also was shafted by Chip Kelly. 2003 was the last time the Rams had a winning season. 2008 was the last time the Rams had a good WR.....Torry Holt. 9 years, and that was Holts last season with the Rams after a 9 year stay. He tried Jacksonville in 2009 and realized it was time to hang up the Cleats.

    As for the Chiefs? Alex smith isn't going anywhere. Reid drafted Foles and i'll almost bet He cuts Foles, not because he did anything wrong....36/55 (65%), 410 in yards, 3 TDs ) 0 ints. but because Reid doesn't want to hold him back. Reid knows that several teams are looking either for a starter in a bad QB draft class, or at least he gets a shot at starting for 1 of those teams. 

    If Foles was still here and wasn't traded by Chip for Bradford, I'll bet that Pederson would have loved him. Simply because Pederson is from the Reid tree and has worked with Reid for several years as a player and a coach. I think its a noble move by Andy, letting Foles get a shot somewhere as a starter. 

    The only part i wouldn't care for, would be not getting Wentz. But then again, no-one would have thought about Wentz anyway if Foles was still here. He's only 28, and though he isn't an Elite QB, he did nothing wrong here at all. 

  4. On 1/4/2017 at 2:35 PM, nipples said:

    We are not in "cap hell." There are a handful of players that can be let go to free up a bunch of space. People need to stop worrying so much about the cap. 

    Your are correct, but there will be a lot of players released that helped this team win 7 games this year. Most of the players that will be released this year will be starters or rotational players. Guess what friend? They all need to be replaced...Barwin for instance, isn't right for the 4-3 but still makes an impact in games. I think the count was 32 players that are gone and replaced since chips 1st season. Are we a better team? NO. Not even close. Of the players that will be replaced this offseason, i think 9 of them are starters for our 7-9 team. Will their replacements cost more or less than what we are paying now? Will the team be better or worse? Time can only tell that. So yes, the eagles are for the first time in awhile in CAP HELL. At the moment, before any moves are made, we are near the bottom with cap space. Yes, there will be moves made, money will be freed up. Each season, players are earning more money than the previous year. What or who says that the replacement players will be any better than the players we have now? What this team lacks the most is players here for years. Changing players at the rate this team has done over the past 5 years or so is the reason we are 7-9. 

    We have the 23 million in dead money (4th highest in the league). we only have 9.5 million in cap before the raise next year and all the cuts that will be made. Its the worst been here for many years. Something we just aren't used to. To land all these great players we need will cost money. CBs that can actually cover, doesn't come cheap. nor does a primo WR or 2. We might be needing a center, guard, maybe a linebacker or 2. The draft everyone knows is a crapshoot, and good/great players in FA rarely do as well with their new team as they did with their previous team.........We have been burnt way to many times by high priced FAs that never came close to what they were with their old team......Nnamdi? Murray? Maxwell? DRC? Should i continue? So yea, i am worried about the cap because so many mistakes have been made by getting the wrong FAs and now it finally has caught up to this franchise. 


    Contradicts what some of us think about the future. We are in cap hell. We really dont have playmakers, and maybe it can't be fixed or even get better over just 1 or 2 off seasons. We blame Chip, Doug, the players.......I have said time and time again that the real problem is with Howie. . no play-offs, the whole bringing in chip kelly, giving him the power just to fire him 15 games in, after the damage was already done. Chip Kelly should have never been hired and it all falls on Lurie and Howie. Its real easy to blame chip for this teams mess, but chip didn't get here until 2013. This team has been terrible since 2010, 3 years before chip kelly. Bad drafts, terrible free agents, coaching, and most importantly........Very bad management.

  6. Philly Team Newsletters:2015+-+CSNPhilly+Eagles+Update:20015

    There are few things in sports as misguided and dangerous as a team believing that a few close losses means they’re on the brink of greatness.
    That’s the theme we’ve been hearing out of the NovaCare Complex for the last few weeks.
    That a bunch of close losses — losses by seven points or less to the Lions, Cowboys, Giants, Ravens and Redskins twice — could easily have gone the other way if the ball just happened to bounce differently.
    “When you look back on the season, it's going to come down to about six or seven plays that could change the outcome of your season and flip it for you,” head coach Doug Pederson said last week. “So we were right there.”
    The reality? The Eagles were not “right there.” And nobody involved in this disappointing season has any right to say they were.
    And this is the last thing any Eagles fan should want to hear right now.
    Because it indicates a franchise that has deluded itself into believing it’s closer than it really is. It ignores the reality the Eagles weren’t on the brink of anything this year. It pretends the talent to be a legit contender is here, and it’s not.
    Losing close games means one thing. You lost.
    It doesn’t mean that magically those close losses will become close wins next year.
    Let’s look around the league.
    The Jaguars finished 3-13 and fired their coach. They lost nine games by seven or fewer points. Are we supposed to believe they were nine plays from being a 12-4 team?
    The Bears went 3-13. Six losses by a touchdown or less. Did they look like they were a few bounces of the football away from a 9-7 record?
    The Bills were a 7-9 team with six losses by seven points or less. Right on the brink of 13-3, right?
    You can play this pointless game for just about any bad team.
    The Eagles won two games from Sept. 26 through Dec. 21. A 3-0 start became a 5-9 record. And the close losses and these last two wins better not delude anybody in the front office into thinking the Eagles suddenly figured anything out.
    The Giants win was a good win, and it’s always nice to beat the Cowboys, but that was Mark Sanchez and a bunch of scrubs out there, for crying out loud. Everybody went home happy Sunday, but in the big picture, beating a Cowboys team resting its starters for the playoffs is nothing to brag about.
    The reality is this team won three games against teams playing their starters after Week 3.
    The reality is that a bunch of close losses don’t mask the fact that the roster is shockingly low on elite young players.
    The reality is the Eagles have the NFL’s worst group of wide receivers, they once again need wholesale changes at cornerback, they don’t have a franchise running back, they’re desperate for a pass rusher and there are serious questions up and down the offensive line.
    The Eagles recorded the second-fewest offensive plays of 30 yards or more in the NFL this year — just 12 all year. And they allowed the third-most — 33, just two off the lead.
    Their offense can’t make a big play down the field, and their defense can’t stop big plays down the field. Bad combination.
    Two of their best offensive players, Darren Sproles and Jason Peters, are 33 and 34, respectively. Key defensive guys like Brandon Graham and Malcolm Jenkins are going into their eighth and ninth seasons. One-time Pro Bowl veterans like Connor Barwin and Jason Kelce face an uncertain future.
    The head coach, while liked by his players and generally able to get them to play hard, made enough poor gameday decisions to raise legitimate questions about his ability to guide the franchise to elite level even with a stocked roster.
    But there is no stocked roster. Years and years of poor drafting have caught up with the Eagles, who haven’t won a playoff game in eight years and haven’t even reached the playoffs in three years.
    There is a small nucleus here of promising young players, and it begins with Carson Wentz and continues with Jordan Hicks, Fletcher Cox, Zach Ertz and Jordan Matthews. They do have a very impressive, very promising young quarterback, and that is a terrific start.
    But there is so much work to do, not a ton of salary cap room to do it with and a front office run by a guy with a weak track record for identifying and selecting talented college players.
    This is a last-place team, the only team in the NFC East that hasn’t reached the playoffs the last two years, one of only 12 NFL teams that hasn’t been to the postseason the last three years.

    The Eagles are not close. They are not on the brink. They are not a few bounces away from being an elite team.
    And the people running the franchise better understand that or it's never going to change.

  7. Thurmond has said himself that he'll want more than the Eagles could conceivably give him.

    And thinking Bradford is too expensive isn't at all even the tiniest bit the same as thinking a rookie can play right away, especially in this weak QB draft.

    It's now may 27th and Mr Thurmond seems to have overvalued himself. I'm sure he will eventually find a job somewhere, as of now? He is still a free agent. The draft is over, Manditory OTAs are 2 weeks away, and Mr Thurmond has nowhere to be. 

  8. Crabtree and Cooper, 2 top 10 WRs is the reason that Carr looks like the next montana. Yet they are still only 4-4. Why is this topic 153 pages long? Give any QB great WRs and see what happens.


    Who cares if Foles is better or worse than derek carr? Both QBs have their own skill sets.


    Oakland has been a crap team for the past 13 years. their best seasons were 2 8-8 seasons 2010 and 2011 the rest have been 4 wins at best. Thats called a desperate team. They needed to start somewhere, so they took a shot on carr after getting hit hard by russell in 2007. The free agent thing didn't work so they drafted another QB. Then they drafted the top WR the next year and snatched another top 10 pick in crabtree. There is nothing special about carr. He has very good weapons around him. That should help in his development, but to say he is the next great QB is absurd. What carr is, is a young QB oakland is trying to build a team around and see if they can just get a winning record if anything, something they haven't had in 13 years. They are 4-4 at the moment. Due to the weak division they are in...Denver rules that roust, and a very light schedule along the way, there should be no reason under the sun why they don't at the very least grab a Wild card spot. outside of a few teams, the entire afc is weak. only 5 AFC teams have a winning record as of the upcoming week.

  9. Well, he won't beat 27-2 so end of thread. Come on now, the raiders have had how many top 10 draft picks over the past decade? 8 if i counted right. Sooner or later they had to start winning a few games. Top WR in the draft, some nice defensive players the past few years yet are still just 4-3. I say they don't make the play-offs. Carr is erratic and not very accurate, Cooper and crabtree have been gold to this guy and both can make bad passes look great.

  10. You should give your quote the credit its due..... RIP George Carlin

    Never argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

    True......But Mark Twain(Samuel Clemens) Quoted it way before George did. The way i posted it actually came from Carlin. Twain quoted " Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not know the difference and they will drag you to their level, beating you with experience.

  11. You must not trust chip at all. If he makes a move to get him I'll have some faith he knows what he's doing.

    What actually happens not even God knows

    This is true, but since chip has told these fools in the media twice that he WILL NOT be moving up to get him makes Kelly 1 of 2 things.....Truthful or a Liar. 

    Ih Chip said that he would not move up to get mariota because he just isn't worth it, then i would question it. But he said that moving up to get Mariota is not worth jeopardizing the future of this franchise, More players are always better than 1....Thats chips words not mine. So? Is he telling the truth?, trying to throw off other teams? Or just lying through his own teeth? 

  12. Since 2004, these QB's have won Super Bowls:


    '15 - Brady (not the best O-line or WR's, an improved D, decent stable of backs.  In the end, it was Brady/Belichick though)

    '14 - Wilson (incredible D, but played smart football and did not turn the ball over, nothing special at WR)

    '13 - Flacco (red hot season, defense did not play well down the stretch.  Not the best WR's  This was all Flacco on a contract year.)

    '12 - E. Manning (defense wasn't 2007-08 good, but still rock solid.  Manning got hot)

    '11 - Rodgers (incredible season by Rodgers w/ good weapons on O to surround him with, minus a RB)

    '10 - Brees (enough said there)

    '09 - Roethlisberger (another complete team with very good play out of Big Ben)

    '08 - E. Manning (incredible defensive effort, but Manning played extremely smart in the playoffs)

    '07 - P. Manning (all Peyton/Harrison on offense, but defense did improve down the stretch)

    '06 - Roethlisberger (another complete team effort lead by Big Ben)

    '05 - Brady (complete team smart play by Brady)

    '04 - Brady (another complete team effort but lead by clutch play at the QB position)



    What's my point? - If you don't have your QB, you're probably not winning a Super Bowl unless you have an incredible defense.  There are variables of ways to win, but the ultimate starting point and measuring stick is your QB play when it counts most.  If Chip feels like Mariota is this type of guy, he needs to get him first and foremost and then he can work on the rest thereafter.  Even if Mariota costs us a king's ransom, eliminating the top 2 rounds of this draft and next...if Mariota is THE guy then we can forget about drafting a QB for the next 12-15 years.  Meaning no trading up for Barkley, trading picks for Bradford.  Taking Kolb in the 2nd round.  Signing backups like Vick and Sanchez to decently sized contracts taking away from money for depth elsewhere.


    It all starts w/ the QB.  Period.

    Why can't it be Bradford? He was a #1 overall pick. Blew out his knee, yes he did. Doctors have come a long way over the years. 


    Bradford college stats. 31 games= 88tds,16 ints, 68.7% accuracy,178.6 rating


    Mariota college   stats. 41 games= 105tds,14ints,66.8% accuracy, 171.8 rating


    The difference here is the NFL exp. Sam has played in 49 games, 59tds and 38 ints, 58.6 accuracy 79.3 rating...None of these stats are impressive but remember where he played. He(with the Eagles) is in a similar offense that stoops had him and murray play in oklahoma. I watched every home game in norman and every away game on the tube. Been an OU Boomer Sooner since the early 80s. I think that bradford will go crazy in this offense. Bradford can be very accurate and this offense puts him in a place that the Rams couldn't. This is the perfect set up for Bradford. The key to it all is his health. Healthy bradford and a better defense i think chip kelly is on to something. 

  13. Whats funny is the fact that Chip has said twice that he isn't moving up to get mariota, that no matter what, the price would be to high....If he falls then maybe he moves up a few spots. But come on really? this guy isn't maziel with a blow and stripper habit. This kid is clean as a whistle. Mariota is going top 10 period. 


    The haters wanted chip to get rid of Foles so bad because they all knew mariota was coming out this year. Well, they got half of their wish. Foles is gone but look who took his place. Not what they had in mind. But they are really hanging on to every trade article there is and trying to convince the group that chip is going to stop at nothing on bringing his boy here. 


    Healthy, i think bradford is a better QB than Foles. Health is the concern. I don't care if Kinne is the QB. As long as Sanchez never takes another snap i'll be thrilled.

  14. suggests the Eagles could use DE Fletcher Cox as trade bait in a Marcus Mariota deal.

    If the Eagles are going to move up from No. 20 to the top-five, they'll likely have to surrender both picks and talented players. Cox, establishing himself as one of the game's best interior linemen, certainly fits the bill. He's also entering the final year of his contract and is playing the 3-4 end spot when his natural position is a 4-3 tackle.
    I would be irate.  Hopefully this is just a rumor.


    Soon it will be jenkins for Mariota. WTF is going on in this world...They(media) are really just throwing **** at the wall now. Seems like the Media wants chip to get Mariota no matter what the deal would be. 


    Hurry up draft before i start drinking again....its been 15 years tomorrow i haven't touched a drink. 

  15. I'm actually looking forward to seeing how the know-it-alls react when our new QB has bad quarters, a bad game, bad games, bad season(s).....will there be (name QB) followed by A LOL? What will be the excuses 2-3 years in when the new QB is still making the same mistakes? Better yet, how will they react to the new QB when he will have to play in another HCs system that he wasn't drafted to play-in? Fun timez are ahead in the world of make believe. Already seen this same thing from the same people with now 2 different QBs.....If its a qb they like, excuses count. If they don't like them, then no excuse matters. 

  16. Yeah let's ignore the existence of leaks through sources.  




    But hey, it's okay.  I understand you are in deep denial along with a few other people.  Just keep ignoring all the writing on the wall.  It's okay, you have two months more where you can do that before you're forced to face reality.  

    A few? Thats funny! There are way more then a few sister. This happens? It could go down to the worst moves in Eagles history. Whens Mariota going to bring us home that lombardi ? Will it take 9 years like it took Peyton Manning? Or with our great defense, just 2 seasons like wilson? I don't remember seattle giving up umpteen picks for their franchise guy. Won't matter though huh....the main thing here is that Foles will be gone, Mariota can take as long as he wants because chip paid the outlandish price its going to cost and that eliminates ever claiming failure. He gets all the time he needs even if its never. 

  17. Difference is those QBs were on teams where the focus of the team wasn't their offense.  That isn't going to be the Eagles under Chip Kelly.  He is going to win with his offense with an offensive minded team.  Might as well go get the best guy for that job then at the post important position.  You're foolish if you think Chip Kelly has any intention of putting together the 2000 Ravens defense.  

    Is this really about Foles or are you the pastor of the church of mariota? This seems to me your main goal here. You want chip to do whatever it takes to get your crush. You do know if chip finds a way to pull it off and it fails, this team will be without Chip but stuck with mariota for min.5-6 years right? In reality, simply because history has proven this. There is a much better chance that Mariota will fail then be a stud in this league . Possible #1 overall pick and a heisman winning QB? It has failure written all over it. 


    Since 1950, 27 quarterbacks have been selected as the Heisman Trophy winner. Of those 27, only 20 started at quarterback in at least one NFL game. Among those 20, only four quarterbacks have a winning record in the NFL (regular season). Robert Griffin III is the only Heisman winner with a career passer rating over 90 in the NFL (90.8). Since 1950, the combined NFL winning percentage for quarterbacks who won the Heisman Trophy is under .500 (480-501-4, .489).


    If kelly truly decides that he needs this mobile QB so desperately, there will be several to chose from later in the draft. Since a said "mobile QB " is all this team needs to succeed, since as you say that  kelly is only about the offense, screw the defense....btw, not a very good combo in this league. Then any one of these mobile QBs should do just fine in chips offense..... I mean hell, since slow poke stationary nick foles can win in it then surely a 2nd - 7th round mobile QB can right? Oh other QB has a winning record under kelly except for Foles...Thats odd huh? How can that be? The all played with the same o-line, the same wrs,  rbs, TE as Foles did yet they couldn't win.....I guess Foles was just 1 lucky Eagle huh? 

  18. what a waste of time.

    i'll come back to this thread in the future

    after next year or something

    we will see how all of this pans out


    but as of right now.. today.. 

    after this last season unfolded

    there are a lot of teams that would choose Carr over any QB on the Eagles roster.. most people around the league would

    and that's a lot more than you could say before the season


    but we're gonna find out who is better in time

    out of Carr, Foles, Bridgewater.. or whoever else

    until then i'm not wasting anymore of my time with you baboons

    Why does this bother you so much. As an Eagles fan wouldn't you want the Eagles QB to be the best in the league? This type of post is the reason Retarded gets so much grief. You would rather have some other teams QB to be better. Then call us monkeys. F you rtarded, hope carr breaks a finger off in your a-hole and misses next season. No go back to your other username. i can't waste anymore time with you, you dung beetle.