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  1. I dont worship Carr

    but I am a fan of Carr

    really hope he succeeds I've hung out with him and his brother

    and Mychal Kendricks played football at the same high school as me

    so obviously you know who my favorite Eagle is

    I grew up in Fresno, CA

    so that is why I am rooting for Carr

    and why this whole thread disgusts me

    that all you people are hating on him because of your lack of maturity

    You are so wrong. We are "hating" on carr because a so called Eagles fans has his lips attached to the dudes junk and we are busting his balls. Why on Earth does anyone on THE EAGLES FORUM give 2 craps about the Oakland raiders QB? You have reason to like Carr. We don't. We have been dealing with this village idiot for awhile now. Dude has nothing nice to say about the Eagles, forget Foles. Dude does nothing but **** about everything this team does. 


    Carr may be the next brady or Manning or the next Leaf. Why does anyone here care? See the point now? Has nothing to do with Carr. He may be a fine gentleman. Know what he isn't? An EAGLE. Any other forum i might just say that Carr shows promise. But i won't here. WHY? Its the Eagles forum, not the rtarded forum or the nfl forum or even the Raiders forum.  Though it may be the ATNFL Forum, and this is where everyone talks about other teams and players. This birdbrain has taken his skit all over our forum. So believe me when i tell you this. It has nothing to do with Derek Carr. I don't (we don't) give a crap what happens in oakland until its game time. Eagles vs Raiders. 

  2. So now its the supporting cast? BS cop out. You could argue that since he has a team of veterans that he is being helped by their experience.


    Every NFL player has a dearth of talent. You claimed he was already better than plenty of guys (Foles included). He hasn't showed that yet you remain stubborn.


    You said you'd be eating crow. Why not admit your assessment of Carr was premature?


    Whatever he grows in to he is currently not better than anybody but maybe Matt Shaub. 



    Your schtick came back to make you look ridiculous. I told you it would. You should stop digging a deeper hole and just admit you were premature with your assessment of Carr. You didn't know what you were talking about. 

    He's not just struggling "due to the team around him" or "just being a rookie". He is making horrible decisions and has an occasional great throw. 


    That isn't special. That is average to below-average.

    I was even at 1 point liking Petty in the later rounds until this village idiot decided he was his next stalking victim. 

  3. What i fail to understand about ifarted, is how he continues to make every excuse for Carr that really isn't any better then his own brother. "wait until" all we hear....What does bridgewater have as a "true "1? Manziel as much as i cant stand the guy just had a very successful 1st ever drive of 80 yards and a td. The raiders actually have more talent this year then they had last season and there is already word that the raiders are not as happy as you think they are with carr..Word on the street is that they grab Winston, or Mariota with that #1 pick and rightfully so. Carr has not impressed anyone this year except for you. 

  4. Raiders opponents


    Jets 2-8, Texans 5-5, Patriots 8-2, Dolphins 6-4, Chargers 6-4, Cardinals 9-1, Browns 6-4, Broncos 7-3, Chiefs 7-4


    Eagles opponents


    Jaguars 1-9, Colts 6-4, Redskins 3-7, 49ers 6-4, Rams 4-6, Giants 3-7, Cardinals 9-1, Texans 5-5, Panthers 3-7, Packers 7-3

    That sure didn't turn out how dude planned it huh......Oak 56-35..........Eagles 47-53. The rams are up 34-0 in the 2nd quarter.

  5. rstarter, on 21 Nov 2014 - 10:42 AM, said:snapback.png

    He's on a bad team right now. Also, for the posters that want to inject Foles into the discussion: Foles would've done much worse than Carr. Do you really think that all those additional INTs that Foles threw would've helped the Raiders win one more game than they have right now? Win or lose you can see Carr's skill set and remain optimistic, unlike Foles who people are optimistic about more for his floor than his ceiling.

    You really aren't very bright are you? Carr has 9, Foles has 10. All what additional ints?  Does the Raiders run the Eagles offense? You just don't like Foles, but have never given a reason why.  He has won games for your favorite team. Why is this such a bad thing for you? Your team is winning games, the qb is helping win said games but all you do is ridicule the QB. Tell me how this makes any sense. 


    I get it. he isnt perfect, he isn't 27/2 again. He has made some mistakes. But he is your teams QB, and your team is winning games. And yes, the Eagles are winning because of Foles...Foles and the rest of the team. Its a team game. Yep the other units have bailed the offense out, but there has also been times the offense has bailed out the other units. TEAM game. 

  6. I still think Carr will get better as time goes by and Oakland gets a better team around him, (if he is their future). But in no way is he better than Foles. Not sure why Rtarted has this love affair with him either. We were never going to draft him, he plays for another team  he has 3tds/3ints with a rating at 74. 63% completion rate is not bad, but he isn't putting any points on the board, his team is 0-3 and they are last in points scored with 37(12 points a game) . he just isnt as good as he was made out to be. 


    On another note and way off topic. How does a team like the Patriots always have such an easy schedule? miami, minn, oak to start the year off? Where is their 1st place schedule? i see 5 tough games on their schedule this year. cincy, denver, indy  san deigo and GB. No wonder they have double digit wins every year. not taking anything away from possibly the greatest QB to play the game or the fact that Belicheat got off pretty much scott free for cheating.


     But looking at todays NFL and players getting tossed from the league for spanking their kids(i know, with a switch). Damn i remember the SWITCH. The worst part about the switch is, they make you go get it. You have to get the weapon so they can beat your on a** with. This league and this country is getting way out of hand. Guy kills a man while under the influence, in a vehicle. spends no jail time and a year suspension from the league. Dude whoops his kid and gets banned from his livelyhood, because people getting into other peoples business.


    Holy cow batman.......i really went way off topic. LOL

  7. So Let me guess, Carr is now public enemy #1 on this board because one Eagles fan prefers him over Foles. :lol:

    not true. Rstarter is the village idiot that thinks he is on the raiders board. No one has to like Foles. That their opinion. But it gets a bit creepy that an Eagles fan continues to bring someone else QB into our QB mix when there wasn't a chance to draft him nor did we need to draft him in the first place. wouldn't of been so bad if the guy said something in the way of " i think chip should of drafted carr to challenge foles" but go ahead and look back at the crazy **** this dip **** is posting. then you might understand.

  8. This whole Carr/Rtarter thingy is really getting creepy. Even the Vick slobbers didn't show this much affection for him and Vick played here. This should be moved to R&R. Either Foles turned this guy down for a date or him and carr got this whole him and Sam thing going. All i know is something ain't right about this. All the while, the MODS are sitting back enjoying their popcorn. Sooner or later someone is going to get banned.


    I would be curious to see his per game stats against ranked teams.

    0-6 vs ranked teams.. Fresno made it as high as 15th ranked in 2013 but never played a ranked team. wound up losing the Las Vegas bowl to unranked southern cal 20-45. So basically, Derek Carr is the Tony Romo of College football. Just can't seem to win the big games. But tears it up vs the bottom of the barrel teams. But he did something that Manning and Foles did. Carr threw 7 TDs vs New Mexico The number 15th ranked team vs the 98th out of 125 team.


    Foles played on a team that was never ranked higher than 35th ,2-7 vs ranked teams. including wins vs #20 usc and #9 Iowa. and lost to #11 oregon 41-44. 0-2 in Bowl games vs #20 nebraska and #16 Oklahoma state.


    Foles played 3 years in the pac 10 vs Powerhouse schools like Oregon, Stanford, USC, While carr played vs great teams like hawaii, air force, and new mexico.  

  10. I'll have no issue saying I'm wrong if Carr proves to be a "bust". People here want to say that Foles is the better QB. Care to give reasons? And please don't give me this junk about prior experience in the NFL being the/a reason why, because it justifies someone saying Luck wasn't a better QB than Schaub before he was drafted.

    What part of "we don't care about derek carr" are you having a hard time understanding? Still can't figure out what your point to all this is. This is The Eagles Member Board. This section is called Talk About The Eagles. What in the hell does the Raiders Qb have to do with the Eagles? If Carr turns out to be the greatest QB to ever play the game. What does it have to do with the EAGLES? All this crap just because you don't care for Foles? Geez, even the other ones on here that don't like Foles want to know your reason behind this ****. 


    The Raiders had the luxury of letting your boy get some on the job training. Oakland isn't going anywhere anytime soon. If the want to build a team around Carr? Good for them.The only question we all have for you is, where does this whole Carr thingy mean anything to the Eagles. We won't play the Raiders until 2017(3 years from now). So it would of been somewhat interesting if we were playing them this year, but we are not. 


    Last but not least. You keep saying that Carr is so much better than Foles. Where is YOUR proof to this Claim? Did Carr throw 7 TDS in a Real NFL game? Did carr lead the league in QB rating. Has Carr ever thrown 27 tds and on 2 interceptions on any level? Has he won MVP of the Pro-Bowl in "the next great QBs" offense? Has Carr been successful in 3 different NFL offenses in  2 NFL seasons? Or any of IIRC, the 17 other stats that Foles Tied, broke or was in the top 5 of all time? The answer to each and every one of these questions is NO. Carr aint **** until he proves he is the ****. He will make mistakes along the way, but once again.............No-one on here cares about what carr does but you. Now can you please take your "carr love" over to Around the NFL? Where you can Drool all over your keyboard with every keystroke you want and we don't have to deal with it. I promise not to bring carr up again until 2017. Note: just for giggles i checked on carr in fantasy. 0.01% has him starting for their team. I will bet anything that , that 0.01% is you.  :D

  11. My bad. The word I was looking for was football IQ. By that, I mean has he shown the ability to walk up to the LOS and identify blitzes, or change protections especially in the passing downs? He might not be terrible at it, but it's not something we can point to as a defining facet of his game.

    You are are so funny. Yes i have seen Foles do all the above IN ANDY'S OFFENSE. If you haven't erd, there are no audibles in Kellys offense, just variations of the play that is called from the sideline. If Foles or any other QB on this team had to call audibles, they wouldn't be able to get the play off quick enough. Foles, and the rest of the QBs walk up, look at the defense and decide right there what he will do with the ball. IIRC, there are 4 different options for each play that the QB can make by reading the defense, which does not affect the other 10 players at all. Where in the hell have you been? Oh wait, nevermind. You are to busy Wanking to your lifesize carr cutout. Just GTFO.

  12. It's a position I've maintained for a while now, and it comes down to what either QB is able to do for you. On the one hand you have Nick Foles' great pocket awareness and ability to make good decisions, but other than that he possesses neither the otherworldly arm talent, FB acumen nor athleticism that the other premier passers in the league are renowned for. Just watch this dude is going to be the OROY, and the margin isn't even going to be close. Tenure doesn't make you a great QB; it's the tangible skill set that enables you to be identified as one of the best QBs in the league.

    Why are you even here man? Who didn't see this coming. Schaub has been a mess for a few years now. I'm actually happy for the kid. I really am. Nice to see youth in this league. I hope he has a great career. Then again its the raiders. But the question remains. Why are you on the Eagles member board, slobbering all over another teams QB and doing nothing but shitting all over Foles? I would understand 100% if Carr was the back up here and Foles was doing a Schaub imitation,or if we were in desperate need of a QB during the draft. But its just not the case. Yet here you are doing your CARR shtick once again. When does this end? When everyone just agrees with you that we should all take turns bowing to derek carr and this magical thing he does so much better than anyone else? Hope they make room for his bust in canton.

  13. Ok. Now i admit that we could be in some big trouble this year. :It was bound to happen, just was hoping for it to not. We have issues in the WR dept.....And before anyone says anything about jackson. he too is dealing with a hamstring injury. Its just the luck of our Eagles. Hey who knows. Maybe the team STB and the haters get their wish.