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  1. Columbus Eagle

    Dallas Cowboys 2020

  2. They hate us and have every right to after we ruined their "fairy tale” season in their own house. F ‘em. I hope they hate us even more after this week.
  3. Long term, I agree, but that orginization needs to make a playoff push next year. They sacrificed future growth to focus on the next 2 seasons. Not the way to build a strong franchise, but the fan base is starving for a playoff birth. Fingers crossed that the Giants draft a couple busts.
  4. Columbus Eagle

    What Pats fans are saying as their dynasty crumbles

    I think the officials decided to take their time with all replays to ensure they made the right call. With all the issues with officiating this year, I was okay with their approach. Morons like Collingsworth and certain Pats fans will use it as an indication that they were close to being overturned. I didn’t like a couple of the calls/non calls on sunday, but they pretty much balanced themselves out and I was happy with the officiating. Great Super Bowl.
  5. Columbus Eagle

    What Pats fans are saying as their dynasty crumbles

    All that matters is that the rule book and officials consider a TD. And yes there was PI on the Hail Mary, from both sides. Gronk pushed off to set up position. That is what happens in hail Mary’s. Jump ball baby!
  6. Columbus Eagle

    Those Going To The Game

  7. Columbus Eagle

    Those Going To The Game

    Man I wish I was there to soak it up with you guys. I’m sitting here in Ohio and don’t know how I’m going to get any sleep tonight. Tomorrow evening can’t come soon enough.
  8. Columbus Eagle

    Those Going To The Game

    Congrats man! Have fun.