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  1. lamont

    Week 5 Open Discussion.

    What teams have really good defenses? I spend so much time lamenting the Eagles defense that I didn’t notice how average to mediocre most defenses have become.
  2. lamont

    Antonio Brown cut by Pats

    Prediction: Brown will realize that no team will sign him and then he will act like a new and enlightened human being. He will give an interview to Stephen A. Smith, where Smith will act like its on the level of Israel-Palestine talks. Then Snyder or Jerry will sign Brown.
  3. It’s like he is trying to go to jail. I was reading the comments to the story and can’t believe people are defending this dude. What the F is wrong with people?
  4. So is Goodell if he doesn’t do something about him. You can also add the Patriot leadership for signing this chump.
  5. lamont

    Week 1: Texans @ Saints

    I’m pissed because you don’t want the Saints getting home field advantage. Every loss comes in handy and they let them off the hook.
  6. lamont

    Week 1: Texans @ Saints

  7. lamont

    Week 1: Texans @ Saints

    Exactly! That is on the coaches and the defender. He touched him down with urgency too.
  8. lamont

    Week 1: Texans @ Saints

    Why did the Texans defender touch the receiver down? Why not let the clock run?
  9. lamont

    Week 1 Open Discussion.

    The Cowboys offense looks great but that Giants D is embarrassing.
  10. How many players go to the Patriots and don’t behave?
  11. Hell no. Eagles are good enough and don’t need him. They already have a lot of weapons to keep happy. Adding him will only cause problems.
  12. Unfortunately teams will be tripping over themselves to sign him.
  13. lamont

    Tyreek Hill 3 year, $54M extension

    There must not be any women’s rights advocacy group putting pressure on KC. This is a bold "F-You” to the people who were outraged by the charges. Where is the NFL? No suspension?
  14. I point out prejudice and racism in s NY minute. Brown, at minimum, should be suspended. The league should do it if the Raiders refuse to.
  15. lamont

    NFC Championship: Rams @ Saints.

    Terrible ball skills. That should have been intercepted.