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  1. Oh please give me a break Viqueens fans... we beat your asses last year 38-7... you didn’t hand us shiz.. we took it.
  2. binkybink77

    Denver Philly Fans

    paco and I would be interested in joining.
  3. *squirt*

    1. binkybink77


      You're such a sweet talker.. :wub:

  4. We got nobody to keep us in line anymore. :saddyface:

    1. binkybink77


      Awwww Reds.. I will try to come around more often. It's not easy with a new job!

  5. fap.. no fap backs!

  6. Mathletes make hot.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. binkybink77


      Ok.. I suppose I just search Mathlete?

    3. bandwagon


      I'll send you a private message with a link to my FB page, and a pic of my thingy.

    4. binkybink77
  7. Would you settle for slightly bitter love?

    1. bandwagon


      Hell yes. I'd settle for a handy and a hug.

    2. binkybink77


      Well what are you waiting for? Get on over here.. uh.. you!

    3. bandwagon
  8. I want to make sweet, sweet love to you.

  9. I'd like to jump out of a giant cake(naked) for your birthday. My body will be matted with cake and frosting. I will be delicious.

  10. dunno why this makes me post twice