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  1. fap.. no fap backs!

  2. Mathletes make hot.

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    2. binkybink77


      Ok.. I suppose I just search Mathlete?

    3. bandwagon


      I'll send you a private message with a link to my FB page, and a pic of my thingy.

    4. binkybink77
  3. Would you settle for slightly bitter love?

    1. bandwagon


      Hell yes. I'd settle for a handy and a hug.

    2. binkybink77


      Well what are you waiting for? Get on over here.. uh.. you!

    3. bandwagon
  4. I'd like to jump out of a giant cake(naked) for your birthday. My body will be matted with cake and frosting. I will be delicious.

  5. Best birthday offer ever!

  6. Stop looking at me, Swan!!!

    1. Machine


      this made me LOL, randomly

    2. Redden


      Maybe its because you are stoned.

  7. thanks for being my pretend boyfriend :wub:

  8. you're a sweetie!!

  9. Best birthday offer ever!

  10. Hi Jock! That's a nice area! PM me with updates on your venture. :)

  11. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Let go of worries for a whole day and eat and drink too much! :)

  12. Jockalicious! Hugs :)

  13. Nice name, DORK!

  14. ..and may all of your dreams be wild.