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  1. 16 hours ago, clskinsfan said:

    Jack Del Rio may end up being the better hire of the two in all honesty. That guy has had top 5 defenses everywhere he has been. It is just a refreshing time to be a Skins fan. Bruce gone, Rivera and Del Rio added and the number 2 pick in the draft. It gives us fans hope. Something we havent had for a decade.

    This may sound morbid, but the only hope this franchise has is Snyder falling into a coma for the next 20 years. 

  2. 19 hours ago, CountBlah said:

    Hopefully the "power" of 'lil Danny makes sure it fails, as usual for him.

    He will, it's only a matter of time before he finds his next Bruce Allen (puppet) to force his decisions through. If not, he'll fire everyone competent like he did Marty Schottenheimer, John Schneider and the rest of that staff because they refused to listen to him. 

  3. 23 hours ago, metalhead0043 said:

    Yep and they will add Chase Young to that front 4 rotation. They are switching to a 4-3 so Young - Ioannidis - Allen - Sweat/Kerrigan possibly will be the day 1 starters. 

    Daron Payne will be in that rotation somewhere. That DL is going to be stacked, it'll be nice to finally see coaching to match the talent there. 

  4. 9 hours ago, CaliEagle said:

    I think Rivera is a decent hire, but the Skins are in an awkward position of having to hire a GM who had no say in the HC hire.  So, Rivera will have more power initially and that might make it harder to bring in a top notch GM candidate.  Just like a HC wants to choose his own QB, a GM wants to have some say in the HC.

    Their best option is to elevate Eric Schaffer, who's done a decent job of talent evaluation and running the scout dept, to GM. Promote a good exec from within instead of trying to find someone who's willing to work with Rivera. 

    But Snyder will probably screw this up too. 

  5. 39 minutes ago, Jason1978 said:

    Ron Rivera was 61-68 (1-3 in playoffs) with the Panthers if you remove that 15-1 (2-1 playoff) year. Players love the guy but he was a pretty overrated HC and the Skins are a massive mess. Upgrade over what they had but Dan Snyder still owns the team and Bruce Allen was said to be a genius hire, he would run things...and Allen was just fired. Until Snyder steps down, this team could have the Packers with Lombardi and still find a way to suck because of Snyder and the morons running things. 

    Is Haskins going to be a good QB? Who is their RB with Guice battling many injuries. McLaurin was a bright spot at WR but they have no other WR. Jordan Reed is always hurt. They have the #2 pick but many holes. 

    Nothing will really change unless Snyder either sells the team or dies. I don't expect either to happen anytime soon so, yeah....


    But to clarify a few things. Nobody ever considered Bruce Allen as a genius hire. I have never heard that before. His reputation coming from Tampa was spotty, and he proved then he was not good at managing personnel or spotting talent. He was hired due to nepotism and that Mike Shanahan wanted him around for some reason. He stayed on after Shanahan was fired because Bruce is a crafty one, and in those few years Shanahan was around he got close to Snyder. His drafts since Mccloughan left would be even worse if Mccloughan didn't revamp the scouting department. 

    Haskins looked better in his last last 3 games but he may still be a bust. What they do with the RB situation is up to Rivera, but I wouldn't be surprised to see AP back. As far as WR goes, they actually have a nice, young core in Mclaurin, Harmon, and Sims Jr. I don't expect to see Chris Thompson or Jordan Reed back at all. Unless someone offers them a haul for the #2 pick, you take chase young and keep it moving. You can't fill all of these holes in one off-season. 

  6. They will play Haskins to determine whether they need to draft another QB with their top 5 pick in the draft. Haskins will likely stink as he isn't ready, and they'll finish with a #2 or #1 overall pick. It really isn't Dwayne's fault, he has few weapons to work with, and will be dealing with players who have already quit on the season. But it is what it is. 

  7. Just now, paco said:

    Thats the problem... He's in the one business that even he can't possibly take a loss.... which is impressive because this Ding Dong is the same guy who thought Six Flags and a Mattress Company would be natural synergy.  He's going to get his share of TV revenue, and even if R-words fans don't show up, the stadium will still have opposing teams fans so he will have ticket sales, concessions.  Just not many jerseys... unless he wises up and has opposing teams ones on sale at the stadium shops


    It is nice though that he is trying to get a stadium close to DC.  Will make my road trips to see the city and catch a game that much easier.

    They've gone from being a team that was doing a lot of giving in the revenue sharing to a team that does a lot of receiving. And he is tanking the overall value of the franchise, which has gone from top 5 in sports to much further down the list. Maybe he doesn't care about any of these things. 

  8. Just now, SBorBust said:

    Or if someone offends China.

    If Snyder is anything, he's crafty enough to avoid situations like that. This is why he is very private, and very rarely makes any public comments or interviews. The best chance Skins fans have of getting rid of that gremlin is refusing to support the team to the point where it's unprofitable for him to remain owner, or he chokes on a chicken bone someday and puts us all out of our misery. 

  9. 3 hours ago, Jason1978 said:

    I live in Maryland grew up in a family of Skins fans, have friends who are diehard fans. Always hated the team but this franchise before Snyder was always respected, a model run franchise. One of the hardest tickets to get, years and years on wait lists for tickets. RFK use to shake during home games. Washington is a HORRIBLY unloyal sports town. The Capitals before Ovie came to town were a joke. Couldn't sell out playoff games. They DEFINE bandwagon fans now. You could go to any Flyer game there and it was filled with orange throughout before Ovie came to town. Redskins now are like the Caps once were. I flipped over yesterday when the Redskins scored their TD and the crowd was so quiet. You just score, take the lead vs NE and very little reaction. 

    Exactly why should any Redskins fan who wants this dumpster juice of a team to be better actually continue to give Snyder money buy showing up to the games? 

  10. On 10/5/2019 at 2:17 PM, SBorBust said:

    Can the league step in? Daniel Snyder’s Redskins have been an embarrassment for so long.

    What for? Other franchises have been trainwrecks for even longer. The league isn't going to do anything about Snyder unless he pulls a "Don Sterling" and embarrasses the league in a way where they feel it might affect the bottomline. Otherwise, the other owners are likely fine with Snyder removing any chance for his franchise to ever be competitive.