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  1. goeagles5039

    Will the Cowboys be a threat this year?

    I doubt it but who knows?
  2. Which lots are the cash lots and will I be able to get a spot at 3 or 4 pm Sunday?
  3. goeagles5039

    Lot times

    Someone told me the Jetro lots were cash lots. Which are the cash lots? Will I have a problem finding parking at 3 or 4 pm?
  4. goeagles5039

    Septa help

    I’m just gonna drive to the game thanks
  5. goeagles5039

    Lot times

    Is the M Lot the Jetro Lot? It I get there around 3 or 4 pm will there still be spots left in that lot? Thanks.
  6. I am coming from southern Delaware and have never using Septa but wondered if this is a good way to get to the stadium? Where would the best station be for me to go? I saw they have a pass to get to the stadium and from the stadium for $4. How does this all work?
  7. goeagles5039

    Jetro Parking Lot

    I am going to the game Sunday night. What time will the lots open? Also will they be $40 again?