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  1. snoopdogg88

    Jalen MIlls Playing Safety

    That first play to DeSean was embarrassing. Everyone on the planet saw it coming except for the Eagles
  2. snoopdogg88

    REPORT: FA WR Corey Coleman released by Patriots

    the sad reality is setting in that Mike Wallace isn't really that good anymore
  3. snoopdogg88

    Defense Is a liability

    this defense has been massively overrated all year. very few elite players on defense. secondary continues to be poor. d-line cannot get pressure despite all of the so called "depth"
  4. snoopdogg88

    Philly may host Bucs versus Dolphins

    I would totally go hope it happens
  5. snoopdogg88


    Celek is the epitome of mediocre. Should've been cut years ago, but this organization and fanbase has a weird obsession with him