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  1. Celek is the epitome of mediocre. Should've been cut years ago, but this organization and fanbase has a weird obsession with him
  2. i have a feeling Howie will be leaving the organization and moving on after the season
  3. The Eagles didn't have to gamble on Maxwell They could have used money on lesser known options with potential. Or used a 1st in what was a very strong CB draft. Spending big money on a mediocre option just because you need an "upgrade" is asking for trouble. It's like when the Sixers signed Elton Brand
  4. He was an awful signing. Really poor judgement by the front office to buy into this guys unwarranted hype. and this is not Monday morning QBing. I've been screaming this since they signed him.
  5. oh and another thing. "Spygate" was caught in early 2007. Amazingly enough, the Patriots managed to go 16-0, reach 5 more AFC Title Games and 3 more Super Bowls. Weird how they are still the dominant NFL team without the "mighty spygate!!11" to assist them. it's almost like Belichick and Brady are arguably the greatest duo of all time even without some lame overblown "scandal"?
  6. of course it could help. but can anyone sit here and tell me exactly how much it helped? but everyone holds onto this logic "well they only beat us by 3 pts!!11" We. Didn't. Win. Who's to say McNabb wouldn't have choked on his vomit in overtime, and JJ's defense would have gotten carved up, like they did in 99% of big games they played in. there's no guarantee. it's pointless to sit here and try to pinpoint exactly how we would have won that game. it's a rabbit hole with no ending.
  7. this is too intelligent and level headed of a response. majority of TATE won't be able to grasp this.
  8. God some of you live in a dream world. All the people hating on me. LOL. and I get accused of trolling? dear god. I truly worry about your intelligence if you honestly think the Eagles should have won that Super Bowl and just don't have the ability to give the 6x AFC Champion and 4x Super Bowl Champion Patriots their due. It's genuinely sad and pathetic that you have to hold onto this stupid "PATRIOTS STOLE OUR PLAYBOOK!!!`11" Tater nonsense. This is why TATE has the reputation it does. Because of you mouth breathers.
  9. LOL at this thread Freaking choke artists Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb and Jim Johnson could not beat the Patriots. They just couldn't. Deal with it. You would hope after the countless championship game chokes you people would have grasped this by now. But apparently not
  10. the truth on RG3 lies in the middle. He's in a terrible, dysfunctional organization that mishandled his abilities and injuries. He's also an ego driven dummy who has put himself in bad situations and refused to do the things to improve his game. It's worth it for another QB desperate organization to take a chance on him and try to salvage his career, but he pretty much gets 1 more shot before teams totally give up on him.
  11. Have to agree with the Giants fans about Ertz Eagles fans hype him up like he's Tony Gonzalez He's a nice player. Nothing more nothing less
  12. Yeah went to the 2nd preseason game and was stunned. After waiting in an hour of traffic I almost didn't even have 40 bucks in cash on me. It's a disgrace. As is most things NFL related these days
  13. yeah i'm so glad we have freaking malcolm bunche and andrew gardner, and allen barbre this isnt college anymore "chip" time to stop letting your ego hurt the team
  14. lol eagles fans are so salty over mathis. it's funny cue all "NO WE RNT!1" respones
  15. god I swear i'm the only one who finds this story incredibly boring and uninteresting. he maybe deflated footballs a bit? oh noez. he might get suspended 2 or 4 games? Okay, does it really matter? The Patriots will still win 12 games roll through the AFC East like they do every single season. Is a 4 game suspension really that fascinating to talk about?