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  1. Philly may host Bucs versus Dolphins

    I would totally go hope it happens
  2. Celek

    Celek is the epitome of mediocre. Should've been cut years ago, but this organization and fanbase has a weird obsession with him
  3. $40 To Park?!?!?

    Yeah went to the 2nd preseason game and was stunned. After waiting in an hour of traffic I almost didn't even have 40 bucks in cash on me. It's a disgrace. As is most things NFL related these days
  4. Rolling Evan Mathis Updates

    yeah i'm so glad we have freaking malcolm bunche and andrew gardner, and allen barbre this isnt college anymore "chip" time to stop letting your ego hurt the team
  5. Rolling Evan Mathis Updates

    lol eagles fans are so salty over mathis. it's funny cue all "NO WE RNT!1" respones
  6. Rolling Evan Mathis Updates

    great for Mathis, and great for the Chiefs who need help big time on the line.
  7. Rolling Evan Mathis Updates

    the Chiefs will be a great for him though. Massive need at OL, reunited with the man who resurrected his career.
  8. Rolling Evan Mathis Updates

    I have no idea why this stupid thread has been obsessing over Mathis like bitter ex-wives pretending they aren't actually bitter. Mathis was always going to wait until the majority of training camp was over. He's a long time veteran, he has no incentive to bust his a** in training camp when he can just sit back and chill until he's ready to sign. it's a win-win. less hard work, and if he sucks? still works out for him, he's in his mid 30's and got his last big contract. the team who signs him is the one taking the risk.
  9. Rolling Evan Mathis Updates

    Lol at the breathers criticizing Mathis and his agent. It's the NFL. These guys have a limited amount of time to make as much money as humanly possible before getting cut/retiring. Get your money Evan. Get as much as you can.