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  1. GoEagles614

    Seahawks Trade for Dunbar

    5th round pick to the Redskins, a really good value for the 27 year old CB.
  2. GoEagles614

    Anyone else get sad watching the Saints,Chiefs, Rams

    All three of them have better offenses than we ever had. Our defense helped us a lot last year.
  3. GoEagles614

    Giants in rebuild mode

    Snacks for a 5th we should’ve been all over that. The eagles never get these all-pro guys for peanuts.
  4. GoEagles614

    Week 3: Steelers @ Buccaneers

    Buffalo vs Minnesota this week is probably the biggest in recent memory. I mean two SB teams can’t really be an upset lol.
  5. GoEagles614

    Week 3: Steelers @ Buccaneers

    If we had Wentz we win. Where?
  6. GoEagles614

    Week 3: Jets @ Browns

    Jets OC too scared. Has no plays for anything over 5 yards
  7. GoEagles614

    Week 3: Jets @ Browns

    I don’t think Darnold even gets in FG range this drive.