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  1. John Ross put on IR

    Ooooooh I’m so glad we dodged this bullet. Nothing against the kid personally, I don’t wish injuries upon him, but everyone knows he’s injury prone. So many Eagles fans were banging the table for him, even though he’s had a ridiculous list of injuries. 2014 MCL tear 2014 Torn Miniscus 2015 Torn Miniscus 2015 ACL tear 2016 Shoulder labrum tear 2017 (combine) injured running 40 2017 FA Colts Knee injury 2017 IR shoulder surgery
  2. Thoughts on Today's Other Games

    Yeah that wouldn’t be too fun, but I still think we beat them like LAR did
  3. Thoughts on Today's Other Games

    I don’t want to face a mobile QB in the playoffs, at all. I want a pocket statue, not named Brady.
  4. Thoughts on Today's Other Games

    If we lose our next two games, and the Panthers beat the Vikings in a couple of weeks, and we both go 13-3 Eagles have the #1 seed.
  5. Thoughts on Today's Other Games

    ATL Minnesota and Rams Cards is all I’m looking at. We need ATL and Cards W!
  6. Crabtree.. what happened?

    He snatched his chain twice in less than a calendar year smh.
  7. Crabtree.. what happened?

    That was last year I thought.
  8. Week 12 Open Discussion.

    Can someone clarify for me. On the Rams Kickoff (before Kamara TD) the returner touches the ball outside of the endzone, it goes back into the endzone where he takes a knee. If the ball is touched by a returner outside of the endzone, and then he’s downed inside the endzone, wouldn’t that be a safety?
  9. Super Bowl in Minneapolis?

    Sure, won’t have any difference on the field conditions or players. Bundle up!
  10. Super Bowl in Minneapolis?

    What’s up with all of these awful random threads lately. Goodness gracious we’re falling apart. Worried about playing in the "freezing cold” with a heated state of the art closed stadium that’s probably set somewhere in the mid-low 70s.
  11. Maybe Howie should have grabbed Kareem Hunt

    They could've drafted Marcus Peters, Justin Houston, Brandin Cooks, Stephon Gillmore, Devin McCourty, Gronk, Malcolm Butler, Kareem Hunt, and Tom Brady. But that's not how football works. Everything is hindsight, he could rush for 80 yards for the rest of the season. Relax, and don't dream about the past
  12. No, I'm saying we didn't "LOSE" these players. Once they start making trades and stuff our deal is done lol. We as an organization aren't losing or missing out on these players. Once the pick is traded and altered.
  13. One day they'll just start picking good players instead of getting as many picks "next year" and dropping down as they can. This is how you lose Julio Jones for Phil Taylor, Brandon Weeden, Greg Little, and Owen Mericic.
  14. I didn't have any questions. These are reaches. It's like any player that was on the roster formed Wentz. Chip Kelly came, and all of his draftees and acquisitions molded our FO to target Wentz. Just because someone is ON the team at the same position, doesn't mean we "gave them up" for Wentz. That's so darn dumb to think we traded Bradford and Foles for Wentz. LeSean McCoy and Kiko deal was just that, and ended. That's an isolated event, open and shut. Two years later or whatever, we trade LeSean, that has nothing to do with Wentz.. again, a reach. Browns netted a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th from us. Dolphins netted Kiko and Maxwell So we GAVE UP 4 picks, Kiki and Maxwell for Wentz. What they do with the picks after the trade, has nothing to do with what "we gave up" However, trading Bradford was not compensation, or a loss to get Wentz. Nor was it a piece in securing Wentz. If Teddy Bridgwater doesn't blow his knee, I highly doubt anyone is compensating us for him like that. So yes it does lessen the blow, but wasn't something we lost to get Wentz. Which is the meaning of the thread. Stop reaching.
  15. We didn't trade Bradford or Foles or LeSean for Wentz... people are reaching so hard