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  1. GoEagles614

    Trading out of a Top 3 Pick

    Browns spent a decade trying to get the right haul and always backfired on them. Even the Wentz deal, I think they don’t have anyone on their entire roster anymore from that trade, I think Jabrill Peppers was the last one. Corey Coleman (Cut)Shon Coleman (49ers)Cody Kessler (Since traded for a late round pick)Derrick Kindred (Colts) Spencer Drango (Chargers) Ricardo Louis (Dolphins)Jordan Payton (Since released)Jabrill Peppers (Traded to NYG)Deshone Kizer (Since traded, along with picks, for Damarious Randall and picks) Denzel WardChad Thomas So they got a solid CB for a franchise QB. And even then they used our picks to trade down, so most of them aren’t even really our selections.
  2. GoEagles614

    Anyone else get sad watching the Saints,Chiefs, Rams

    All three of them have better offenses than we ever had. Our defense helped us a lot last year.
  3. GoEagles614

    Giants in rebuild mode

    Snacks for a 5th we should’ve been all over that. The eagles never get these all-pro guys for peanuts.
  4. GoEagles614

    Week 3: Steelers @ Buccaneers

    Buffalo vs Minnesota this week is probably the biggest in recent memory. I mean two SB teams can’t really be an upset lol.
  5. GoEagles614

    Week 3: Steelers @ Buccaneers

    If we had Wentz we win. Where?
  6. GoEagles614

    Week 3: Jets @ Browns

    Jets OC too scared. Has no plays for anything over 5 yards
  7. GoEagles614

    Week 3: Jets @ Browns

    I don’t think Darnold even gets in FG range this drive.
  8. GoEagles614

    Rams Trade for Talib

    Denver trading Talib to Rams... Marcus Peters and Talib, wow. Rams going all in.
  9. GoEagles614

    What Pats fans are saying as their dynasty crumbles

    He has control during the two steps, moves the ball to his running arm after. Lmao. I’ll beleive the HoF players and officials over the two pats trolls and biased announcers.
  10. GoEagles614

    What Pats fans are saying as their dynasty crumbles

    He had possession the entire time... so the two first steps are where the catch is complete, the third step isn’t even what the officials ruled or reviewed.
  11. GoEagles614

    What Pats fans are saying as their dynasty crumbles

    That hail mary play, Gronk also forearmed a DB to next Tuesday.
  12. GoEagles614

    John Ross put on IR

    Ooooooh I’m so glad we dodged this bullet. Nothing against the kid personally, I don’t wish injuries upon him, but everyone knows he’s injury prone. So many Eagles fans were banging the table for him, even though he’s had a ridiculous list of injuries. 2014 MCL tear 2014 Torn Miniscus 2015 Torn Miniscus 2015 ACL tear 2016 Shoulder labrum tear 2017 (combine) injured running 40 2017 FA Colts Knee injury 2017 IR shoulder surgery
  13. GoEagles614

    Thoughts on Today's Other Games

    Yeah that wouldn’t be too fun, but I still think we beat them like LAR did
  14. GoEagles614

    Thoughts on Today's Other Games

    I don’t want to face a mobile QB in the playoffs, at all. I want a pocket statue, not named Brady.