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  1. No, I'm saying we didn't "LOSE" these players. Once they start making trades and stuff our deal is done lol. We as an organization aren't losing or missing out on these players. Once the pick is traded and altered.
  2. One day they'll just start picking good players instead of getting as many picks "next year" and dropping down as they can. This is how you lose Julio Jones for Phil Taylor, Brandon Weeden, Greg Little, and Owen Mericic.
  3. I didn't have any questions. These are reaches. It's like any player that was on the roster formed Wentz. Chip Kelly came, and all of his draftees and acquisitions molded our FO to target Wentz. Just because someone is ON the team at the same position, doesn't mean we "gave them up" for Wentz. That's so darn dumb to think we traded Bradford and Foles for Wentz. LeSean McCoy and Kiko deal was just that, and ended. That's an isolated event, open and shut. Two years later or whatever, we trade LeSean, that has nothing to do with Wentz.. again, a reach. Browns netted a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th from us. Dolphins netted Kiko and Maxwell So we GAVE UP 4 picks, Kiki and Maxwell for Wentz. What they do with the picks after the trade, has nothing to do with what "we gave up" However, trading Bradford was not compensation, or a loss to get Wentz. Nor was it a piece in securing Wentz. If Teddy Bridgwater doesn't blow his knee, I highly doubt anyone is compensating us for him like that. So yes it does lessen the blow, but wasn't something we lost to get Wentz. Which is the meaning of the thread. Stop reaching.
  4. We didn't trade Bradford or Foles or LeSean for Wentz... people are reaching so hard
  5. Super Bowl MVP: Dan Quinn Channeling his inner Pederson by taking negative yards and passing the football instead of running clock and settling for field goals.
  6. This will be my first Eagles game! Would be cool to learn and discover tailgating! What are the rules? Do I bring stuff? Do I need a pass or something to get into the tailgate area? Go Eagles!!! Those seats will will probably get you an autographed something if you're on the Eagles' side! Football games you can normally see everything from any seat, unless it's CFB and 100,000 seat stadium. Ew.
  7. Yeah because we couldn't use Amari Cooper, AJ Green, LeSean McCoy, Khalil Mack, Darius Slay, Gerald McCoy, Etc because they haven't won playoff games.
  8. Maxwell and Alonso helping in Miami too though.
  9. I disagree. This (10 elite players) thing is ridiculous! Look at EVERY DRAFT and you'll see elite players well beyond the top 10. We need to move back and add a couple more picks. This is a very deep CB and DL draft, especially in the first two or three rounds. Kendall Fuller isn't too far off of VH3. I'd rather drop down, and grab two or three defensive players in the first three rounds. Next year's RB class is stacked, and we may get more value next year. You speak of McCoy and Jackson... Both 2nd rounders.
  10. I'd take him as a third QB. Give them a conditional 7th
  11. Hopefully the Titans will give us our 2nd back to move to 8 lol.
  12. Wentz is an OKAY college QB lol. Why do people want him. Goff is much better than him.
  13. Well Jack may not be there - but I think any of those would be a stellar option. Jack Bosa Buck Hargraves Elliot Would be my order just in preference. Jack Elliot Bosa Hargreaves Is probably their list. I think we can get excellent defensive value this season, and next year stock up on O
  14. SF will reach for Paxton Lynch @ #7 - Eagles will have 2 unexpected Skill players fall to them. Myles Jack, Joey Bosa, Deforrst Buckener, Zeke Elliot, Vernon Hargraves - I think we'll have a choice of 3 of them.
  15. My money is on Ramsey being this draft's non-QB bust.