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  1. BulldogsCards

    When the Eagles were chasing a playoff berth in 2008...

    I was at the NFC Championship game in Arizona, 6th row. Took some pictures for some Eagles fans who were painted green. Met some some Eagles fans and talked with them a bit. Some money got spent to come all the way out to AZ. It was an epic day for the Cards and this year when the Eagles beat the Patriots, I thought about that game, thought about 2005 too when the Eagles lost in the SB, and then saw the Eagles hoisting the Lombardi trophy. What a journey to get to that point. It was trip, surreal to see that.
  2. BulldogsCards

    Thank you fans

    NFL Network played the Rams game yesterday. Lot of green in attendance in the hood in LA. I wouldn't feel self conscious in PHI standing and yelling for the D almost the whole game. Maybe I am envious of the morning beers in Buffalo, Philadelphia that fans make sure they show. Where in other cities they hide it. Maybe I want to stand and yell the whole game, make it tough on the opposing team. The west likes football but not the same way as out east in some places. See the amount of green jerseys present in SD, LA.
  3. BulldogsCards


    The Eagles played like they didn't even think about what they were wearing. The point matching was clinic like. Never seen a team match the Pats like that. Very clutch.
  4. BulldogsCards

    Eagles vs Jacksonville in England.

    That's the best game England has ever got. Finally, a great game.
  5. BulldogsCards

    Building a roster

    I was amazed on how well the Eagles matched the Pats. One of the best football performances ever. They had to be good.
  6. BulldogsCards

    Rank the Owner, GM, HC, and QBs in the Division.

    LOL, a loaded question. Of course the Eagles win in all categories. Any team with a chance to go on multiple SB runs wins automatically. I got the Giants at 9 wins and Eagles at 12 so the only competition is a wild card and won't beat PHI in playoffs.
  7. BulldogsCards

    Julian Edelman suspended 4 games for PED violation

    This is a theory I could subscribe to. Pretty keen insight into the not so obvious but something going on behind the scenes. Ego sure drives a lot, uses a lot of energy.
  8. BulldogsCards

    Which Team Can Go From Worst To First In 2018?

    The Broncos get my vote. They got Keenum, good draft, good D.
  9. BulldogsCards

    Andrew Luck

    Hopefully he'll play again. That shoulder injury is kind of mysterious and there is a lot of dancing around. I feel he had a setback and isn't ready yet.
  10. BulldogsCards

    NFL Live ranks NFC East QBs...Foles #1

    Wentz took a lot of snaps under center in college. This automatically made him more pro ready in some ways. Plus the arm talent, speed. He might be more selective about scrambling but then again he doesn't want to change who he is too much. Veterans tend to settle down as the game slows down.
  11. BulldogsCards

    Body found at the home of Janoris Jenkins

    Sounds like a message. Instead of a dead animal a body was left there.