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  1. Always peacin out for months and months at a time wtf ?? oh wait ha effing ha

  2. hey look who is back in town!!!

  3. Just don't let another 6 months go by please

  4. Kayla where the hell are you?

  5. omg..you have no idea.like for real ..I sooo effin missed you

  6. Where the hell has Kayla been?

  7. kayla where the frig have you been ?

  8. LMAO... you F in' losers!!!!

  9. Well thank you! Too bad you missed the booty shot of me that circled the eagles message board for like a month LOL

  10. Yo girl..You lookin good yo.

  11. Missed you during your suspension... f that mod 9. :D

    :wub: you

  12. I miss you Kayla! Im soo sorry :(