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  1. 16M a year is way too much.
  2. Parking will go up this year. You can book it!
  3. AB is ridiculous How can you have a LB on AB
  4. Go Chefs. Go Big Red
  5. Game.
  6. I wish Chip ill. Like get hit by a bus or fall down the stairs and break your neck
  7. They should of challenged the last spot.
  8. How Marvin retains his job year after year is crazy
  9. Well there goes the division Start looking at wildcard for the Eagles. They must win one of the next two games
  10. Zeke is going to be good for years
  11. Dallas is going to win
  12. Refs miss Beasley's head getting taken off
  13. Rivers is throwing three pics, Kiko with a pick six
  14. What is wrong with Luck
  15. SEPTA is on strike right now, so BSL or MFL.