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  1. Matt,

    Haven’t seen much of you in a while.  Hope all is okay and you are enjoying some wandering. 

  2. Are you taking a hiatus from the blog?

  3. Eric, thank you for posting the chart below.  Do you have a LINK to its source?



  4. How is it basic economics? Advertisers have a wealth of different options for spending their media budget. Creating a scarcity of NFL games does not create a scarcity of available time slots, because the networks will simply fill those slots with different shows, all of which attract audiences. What the advertisers are paying for is access to (1) the current customers for their product /service to reinforce existing brand loyalty, and (2) potential new customers for their product/service. They really don't care about the quality of the football being played. All they care about is the headcount of the audience watching. If the NFL makes delivery of that audience scarce, then they will simply move their advertising dollars to other non-NFL alternatives. The basic economics reality is that the football played on the field is NOT the NFL's primary product. Access to an audience for advertisers IS the NFL's primary product.
  5. and
  6. Papa John wasn't speaking with his check book. He was trying to come up with an excuse for his company's share holders for the decline in sales. Yum Brands (Pizza Hut) saw no decline in pizza sales, and laughed at Papa Joh's assertion, noting that the reason for Papa John's sales decline was a failure to keep its product up to the level of its competition. Bottom-line, sound-bites don't matter. The amount spent form check books does matter. Words are cheap.
  7. The ratings, and the amount the advertisers pay for commercials time say that there are enough people watching the Thursday games to make business sense. If "nobody watches those games" was true, then advertisers wouldn't choose to pay for commercials on Thursday night. You don't need a Wharton MBA to understand that the $1 billion per year business model for the Thursday Night games works. The problem with Thursday games isn't monetary, it is that the football model isn't working.
  8. I agree with this point, and the plan put forward by @Iggles_Phan does have potential to address that issue in part. With the 10 day preparation time, the quality of the actual play on the field, and game plan from the sideline should be improved. In addition the opportunity to choose natural in-Division rivalries for the games would more than likely amp up the intensity. Third, the lower quality teams, like Cleveland, would have a game with another equally low quality team, so the game should end up being competitive. I believe fans care about suspense and drama more than they care about quality of play on the field. Most fans really can't discern quality differences, but they can look at the scoreboard and see that they are watching a close game where the outcome is not clear. JMO
  9. Are you willing to see the Eagles' Salary Cap amount decreased by over $10 million per year. That would severely cramp Howie's flexibility to work miracles.
  10. If the NFL did that, they would be walking away from over $1 billion in revenue ... and the players would be walking away from over $400 million in compensation. The Salary Cap would come down by over $10 million per team. Are you willing to incur those consequences?
  11. Monday Night games would be unchanged. Some Thursday Night teams could be playing on the Monday prior to their Bye Week rather than on Sunday, which would mean one less day "off" prior to their Thursday game. Similarly, some Thursday Night teams could be playing on the Monday after their Bye Week rather than on Sunday, which would mean one more day "off" after their Thursday game.
  12. In another thread @Iggles_Phan has come up with a possible solution to the recurring problems that exist with the NFL's Thursday Night games. Here's his plan, which includes an adjustment to the Bye Week schedule. Week One kicks off with a Thursday Night game The next Thursday Night game happens in Week Five, with the two teams that play that game getting a Bye Week during Week Four. With a Bye before the Thursday Night Game each team has 10 days to recover from their prior game, as well as prepare for the Thursday game. Each team would also have 9 days recover from their Thursday game, as well as prepare for the next Sunday's game. In Week Six you would have two Thursday Night games, for example: Thursday night early game (6pm or 7 pm ET kickoff) NE @ NYJ, (9pm or 10pm kickoff) AZ @ Sea. The four teams playing those games would have a Week Five Bye Week Weeks Seven through Eleven would work the same as Week Six ... two games with the four teams having their Bye the week before. Week Twelve is Thanksgiving Thursday, with its current slate of three games, so Week Eleven would include the last six teams' Bye Week. The NFL and the networks get Seventeen Thursday Night games (the opening night teams play a second Thursday Night game later in the season) over eight weeks. The teams get more time to prepare. The players get more time to recover prior to playing on Thursday. The players' "vacation" time (like the Eagles players have had this week) gets split into two parts ... four days after the Sunday game that precedes their Bye Week and the other three days right after the Thursday game). One biproduct of the @Iggles_Phan plan is that Thursday Night games could include a lot of Division rivalry games, with their natural intensity. That could mean that there are fewer boring blowouts. Thoughts?
  13. mattwill

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    Problem #3 (as reported by another poster @Green Dog) @Moderator5 One of the problems with this new board is that there's no separation between posts - it's all white. I feel like I'm burying a briefcase full of money in the snow near a fence in Fargo. I much preferred the older style with thicker borders and more clearly identified edges. This white out makes me feel cold.
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    Problem #2 (as reported by another poster @FranklinFldEBUpper) @Moderator5 Am I wrong in thinking that the formatting of these pages has changed? Seems like there is now wayyyyyy too many words per single line of text. Long lines are difficult to read.
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    Thanks. I am using Firefox on a Mac.