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  1. Overthecap is currently showing the Eagles with $27.778 million. Have to believe they'll be rolling about $17 million of that into next season, because OTC is also showing the Eagles are $25.131 million over, for 2021. This, on top of the 2020 WR class being as deep as it is, could also be a reason as to why they've passed on high priced FA WR's as well as not trading for Hopkins.
  2. You're the one that claimed he left New Orleans because Brees arm wasn't strong enough for the deep ball, now, all of a sudden, someone links him back to the Saints and Brees is suddenly good enough.
  3. Don Corleone

    CBA discussion thread

  4. Earlier this week, or some time last week Peter King linked Cooks to the Eagles and said a 2nd round pick would likely get him. Then, later, said he wasn't necessarily on the block. Now, today, he says "I think there's a lot of people around the league think the Rams are going to take a bargain basement discount deal for Brandin Cooks." "I'm not saying the Eagles are gonna have to give the 21st overall pick for Brandin Cooks, obviously they're not, and, I certainly don't think a draft that is chock full of WR's, that Howie Roseman would give the 53rd pick in the draft." This all smells like BS to me.
  5. Where did you hear this? Because Peter King is the on that linked the Eagles and Cooks, then said they would probably get him for a 2nd round pick.
  6. Here you go again with the whatabout-isms. Completely dismissing everything posted about Cooks. This isn't about DeSean, it's about Cooks. But, hey, since you want to keep bringing him up. There was nothing wrong with signing DeSean, the problem was not getting someone to put behind him, in the event that he was lost for any amount of time due to injury. Could the Eagles predict he'd be injured? No, obviously not, but his history and age both tell us, that it wasn't very likely he would stay healthy, and that's where the mistake was, they put all their eggs in the DeSean Jackson basket. He's on the roster this year, in part, because of his contract. And, because Howie is hoping to get more of what we all saw in the season opener out of him. Even though he said himself "hope is not a strategy." You even mentioned Alshon at one point, yeah, he helped the Eagles win a Super Bowl, but, what was one of the main ? marks with signing him? Right, his injury history and, he's been injured every year he's been with the Eagles. Couple that with DeSean's injury history and you have to ask, why trade for another injury prone WR with a more significant injury history? And yes, Cooks concussion history is more significant.
  7. Since you want to throw stats at me. What did he do last year? Targets went from 117 in 2018 to just 72 in 2019 Receptions went from 80 in 2018, to just 42 in 2019 Yards per reception went from 15.1 in 2018, to 13.9 in 2019 5 TD's in 2018 to just 2 TD's in 2019 Yards Per Game went from 75.3 in 2018 to just 41.6 in 2019 Catch % dropped 10% from 2018 (68.4%) to 2019 (58.3%) The NFL is a "what have you done for me lately?" league and his most recent numbers were down significantly across the board. Yes, he missed 2 games last year, but had he played in those 2 games, about the only significant change here, would likely be TD's. He might have had a few more of those. The questions that need asked here are, is this just the result of a down year, or, is he already on the decline? Neither one of us can answer that question definitively. However, it's something else that needs to be considered before trading for him. I don't believe the Eagles will make the move, nor, do I believe the Rams will take the $17.8 million cap hit to trade him, after they decided to keep him on the roster guaranteeing him his 2020 base salary as well as his roster bonus.
  8. LMAO, oh, I'm sorry, is Winston a HoF caliber QB? No, not even close. I'm not spinning anything. The Rams could've moved him before his base salary and roster bonus became fully guaranteed and didn't. They would be taking on a $17.8 million cap hit by trading him. He's had 5 known concussions in 6 seasons, on top of this, is potentially looking at his 4th team in 5 years, if he's traded. There isn't anything to spin there, it's all facts. You're the one building strawman arguments and whatabout-isms, because you're willing to over look all of that because of what Cooks was, not what he will be.
  9. Nice strawman. So, I'll say it again. You're going to spin all the negatives staring you in the face to justify your want of him.
  10. So, playing with a QB that will be in the HoF when he retires wasn't good enough and he forced his way out of New Orleans? LOL!!!! Yeah, he's not a problem at all. You don't give up a 1st and a 3rd for a 1 year rental. Yes, he got the 1st round pick back because the Rams were dumb enough to do it. No, I haven't noticed at all them jettisoning players. They're GM gambled everything to win a Super Bowl and lost, this is the result of losing at the tables. But as I said, you're going to spin all the negatives staring you in the face to justify your want of him.
  11. LOL, you're talking about taking players out, potentially ending their careers, yet you're trying to spin 5 known concussions in 6 seasons with Cooks as no big deal, because you want him. You don't see the irony in that?
  12. It is the single biggest issue, then you have to look at why he's going to potentially be on his 4th team in 5 years. The Pats traded a 1st round pick as well as a 3rd round pick for Cooks and a 4th. Why did they dump him after just one season? There has to be more to it than, they just didn't want to pay him. What else is going on with him that we aren't privy to?