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  1. Don Corleone

    Philly Voice article today

  2. Some more of Santoliquito's works include Yeah, not a stretch to say the guy has issues with Carson.
  3. If you believe any/every thing in that Santoliquito hit piece, well, I have a few bridges to offer you.
  4. Foles didn't look all that great in the first 2 weeks and there were a few deep balls to Wallace that were off, I get Wentz wasn't like he was in 2017, but he was also coming off two ligament tears. I would say for what he was dealing with, the knee and the back fracture, all things considered, he played well. I also suppose the narrative that Wentz was targeting Ertz too much is still lingering here, that's also false and the numbers show that just as they did with the "but he holds the ball too long." Wentz had 37 plays of 20+ yards and 5 of 40+ yards through 11 games.
  5. For anyone interested, the Shrine Game is on NFLN at 3:00 P.M today.
  6. There's some narrative out there that Wentz holds the ball too long and Foles gets the ball out quicker. 0.03 isn't a hell of a lot of difference. As far as the O-Line, it's not exactly like it was playing great to start the season, for whatever reason, there were issues there.
  7. That first bit wasn't necessarily directed at you, was just throwing out there. As for the Eagles being a landing spot got him, it makes 0 sense, for the mere fact the Eagles would be paying Brown and Alshon near $30 million for 2019. Bell will likely go somewhere that has a ton of money to spend, like the Jets.
  8. Nope, neither of them do, the Steelers last super Bowl win was 2008. Their last Super Bowl came in 2010 and they lost to the Packers, Brown was on that roster, he was drafted that year, in that season he had 16 catches for 167 yards and 0 TD's. He had 1 catch for 1 yard on 3 targets in that Super Bowl. Bell was drafted in 2013
  9. A few prospects for you guys to mull over.
  10. Yeah, I'll definitely find out. I asked the guy that runs overthecap, just waiting for him to get back to me.
  11. That's a really good question. I think it does get credited back, but I'm not 100% sure.
  12. He said it on a podcast, but the tweet has been deleted. I questioned it immediately, because if they traded for Brown, they'd be paying Brown and Alshon near $30 million lol. La Canfora also said the Eagles were going to trade for Le'Veon Bell at the deadline.
  13. 100% agree here. I don't see a tag and trade because of the potential of having to hold on to that $25 million until the tag is signed and he is moved. It's just not practical. And yeah, maybe they can pick up the option and trade him to a team, but then I wouldn't be expecting a huge haul from a team if they did that. I made a mistake earlier, I said it was the 5th day of the new league year, it's actually the 3rd day. Joey Nickels said it as well as a few others, that it's likely they pick up the option, Foles gives back the $2 million and that's that. And it seems more plausible than anything else. Here's a funny one. Jason La Canfora said the Eagles would be a potential landing spot for Antonio Brown