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  1. You just copy the link of the tweet and post it here in plain text.
  2. Don Corleone

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    They also save $16.5 cut or trade, so it would push their cap space to $70 million. Carr also has a vesting option that kicks in this Wednesday, taking $2.9 million of his base salary from an injury only guarantee to fully guaranteed.
  3. I couldn't really careless who calls the plays, neither one of them should be the Eagles OC.
  4. I'd be very disappointed if either Duce or Press were promoted to OC.
  5. Yeah, he played multiple positions in his rookie year, then safety for two seasons and CB for the last two.
  6. Ask yourself this Ham. When was the last time the Eagles drafted LB in the first round? Going all the way back to 1936, they've only ever drafted 3 LB's in the 1st round, 1956 Bob Pelligrini from Maryland, 1970 Steve Zabel from Oklahoma and 1979 Jerry Robinson from UCLA. From the sounds of it, they are going to fill the CB need through FA, which would leave them targeting WR early in the draft. My guess is, with the amount of picks (10) they're looking to have, they're going to try and move up to nab the guy they want.
  7. Everything is good, thank you. Hope all is well with you.
  8. Maybe I should change the thread title to "Antonio Brown not expected to ever play again"
  9. Yup, believe that's exactly what happens and Tua goes 5 to the Dolphins.
  10. I believe they do, no one thought Joe Burrow was a Heisman candidate or the potential #1 pick in the draft before this season. Believe he had a positive impact, as well as their OC Steve Ensminger
  11. Justin Jefferson this year, Ja'Marr Chase potentially next year.