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    Andrew Luck

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    Andrew Luck

    They took Nelson in the first and with one of their 2nd round picks, they took OG Braden Smith from Auburn. They currently have 15 O-Lineman on their roster
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    Andrew Luck

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    Andrew Luck

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    Andrew Luck

  7. Did I say they were convicted? Oh, right, no, I didn't. It's ridiculous to want to keep T.O out of the HoF because he never grew up, yet it's OK to have guys in the HoF that were arrested and charged with murder? Yeah, that's not bass akwards or anything. But you go on doing you.
  8. OK, no one is disputing that, however, to call for a complete ban of the man from the HoF is silly, especially when you have two players (one going in this year) that had been arrested and charged with murder. I mean, which is worse? What T.O did, or what Ray Lewis and O.J allegedly did?
  9. Oh, and what about the likes of Ray Lewis, he's going in this year? O.J Simpson is still in the HoF. T.O did nothing compared to what they've done.
  10. Super Bowl ring ceremony next Thursday, per Garafolo
  11. No White House visit tomorrow, the President canceled.