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  3. No!!! They aren't paying him $7.6 million this year, you're dead a** wrong and can't admit it. The $6 million was the remaining pro rated bonus that was left from the ORIGINAL contract he had signed, thus, it was money that was already paid to him, not money he's currently being paid.
  4. And BTW, he didn't have anymore guarantees on his contract, his injury voided that and 2019 was an option year. The cap hit was from the pro rated bonus of the original contract that the Eagles had already paid out!!!
  5. Regardless of when/who/where/how it was paid, you don't add them together and say "they're paying Jernigan $7.6 million."
  6. BUT YOU DON'T COUNT THEM TOGETHER AND SAY THEY'RE PAYING HIM $7.6 MILLION!!! Yes, it counts against the cap this year, HOWEVER, it was already paid out, they aren't paying him anything in regards to that $6 million JFC!!!
  7. LOL no, they aren't paying him that $6 million. That was already paid out at the time he signed the contract, it's just what was left of the pro rated bonus when they released him, you don't count both of them together and say "they're paying Jernigan $7.6 million."
  8. Also, for anyone interested
  9. No they aren't.
  10. He was suspended for an alleged domestic violence incident. That's a little more than just "a physical altercation"
  12. August is the 7 month mark for Brooks, a lot of people have questioned whether he'd be ready for the start of the season, I think if he misses any games at all, it'll just be Week 1