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  1. Don Corleone

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    Carr may be done in Oakland. According to his attorney, two teams are interested in signing Kaepernick, the Raiders and Patriots. If the Raiders signed Kaepernick, I'm not sure it would be for just a back-up role and looking at Carr's contract, they can designate him a Post June 1st cut next year and save $20 million. Unlikely they'd cut him before trying to trade him though, so, before June 1st, a trade would save them $15 million against their cap, after June 1st, they would save $22.5 million
  2. Don Corleone

  3. Don Corleone

    Raiders agree to trade Khalil Mack to Bears
  5. Yes. He could potentially be back for Week 11 against the Saints. Eagles have Hollins and Rodgers on IR as well and can only bring back 2 players, barring any other injury, believe it'll be Hollins and Wallace, when he's ready.
  6. To make room for Matthews, Wallace has been placed on IR.
  7. Don Corleone

    LeSean McCoy Accusations
  9. Mike Wallace had surgery to fix his fibula today, could land him on IR.
  10. "People know us from our highlight reels. They see us honored and mythologized before games and at halftime, and it would be reasonable if they thought life was good for us. But on balance, it's not. As a group we are struggling with severe health and financial problems. To build this game, we sacrificed our bodies. In many cases, and despite the fact that we were led to believe otherwise, we sacrificed our minds. We believe we deserve more. We write to demand two things: Health insurance and annual salary for all Hall of Famers that includes a share of league revenue." The letter outlines that the total cost for every Hall of Famer to have health insurance is less than $4 million, which is less than that of a 30-second Super Bowl ad, or about 3 cents for every $100 the league generates in revenue. "The time has come for us to be treated as part of a game we've given so much to," the letter states. "Until our demands are met, the Hall of Famers will not attend the annual induction ceremony in Canton. It's well-known that the NFL is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2020, and while we are proud of our role in building this league, we don't believe 100 years of player exploitation is something to celebrate. As we approach this momentous date, we challenge the NFL to honor its past by helping retired players instead of exploiting their images for marketing purposes." The letter also calls into question Goodell's $40 million annual salary as well as the construction of a $1 billion Hall of Fame Village in Canton, Ohio. "Meanwhile, many of us Hall of Fame players can't walk and many can't sleep at night," the letter states. "More than a few of us don't even know who or where we are. Our long careers left us especially vulnerable to the dangers of this violent sport, especially those intentionally hidden from us. Commissioner Goodell, there are better uses for that money."