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  1. Not a coulda, shoulda, woulda person, proceeds to go into coulda, shoulda, woulda. Alshon didn't catch the ball, Nick is in Jacksonville and Carson Wentz is the franchise QB. The owner, the GM and the HC have never said and or suggesting anything other than Carson Wentz is the guy.
  2. I think they target one of Henderson/Mongomery/Singletary/Hill in rounds 2-4.
  3. I don't want Bryce Love. There's a report out today that he's still dealing with stiffness in his knee.
  4. Could the fans do worse? Yes, yes they could, like wanting to hire Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher. Or draft Johnny Maziel, or Geno Smith, plenty of fans around the EMB wanted those two. Some wanted to draft Vontaze Burfict as high as the 3rd and 4th rounds and he went undrafted lol. Or worse yet, wanting to trade Fletcher Cox in a package to the Titans to draft Mariota. Plenty were on board with that idea.
  5. lol good lord. NFL Front Offices couldn't care less about what fans think is my point. Wasn't it Bill Parcells that said something to the effect of "as soon as you start listening to the fans, it won't be long before you're sitting with them." Yeah they don't care what we think, they will make decisions based off of what they feel is the best for the organization, that includes a contract for Carson Wentz.
  6. Doesn't matter and I'm not saying the fans shouldn't care, I'm saying who cares what they think. Except Foles doesn't stay healthy, he's never played a full 16 game season in his career.
  7. Some of these so called "best fans in the world" wanted to trade Wentz and re-sign Foles.
  8. No, that's not what I said. I said teams that sign their QB's to big contracts need to draft better, see the Lions as the perfect example. Stafford's contract hasn't hamstrung them as much as their FO's ineptness to surround him with talent. Teams also need to add better talent in FA, see Dan Snyder overpaying Albert Haynesworth for basically nothing. These are things that cripple teams and keep them from being playoff/Super Bowl contenders. The Eagles viewed last year as Sidney Jones rookie year, the kid is still learning, he's what? 22, soon to be 23? How healthy was Wentz going into that saints game to begin with? On top of that let's just pretend players can't have bad games for whatever reason. Has to prove it to whom? Because it's obvious it isn't the owner, or the FO or the HC. The fans? Who cares?
  9. You don't? They've drafted pretty well, they've made some very smart decisions in FA, Brandon Brooks, Chris Long, LeGarrette Blount, Alshon Jeffery, trading for Michael Bennett, trading for Sproles, signing Malcolm Jenkins. Carson Wentz is closer to Brees, Wilson and Brady than he is to Keenum, you may disagree with that, but in all honesty, I couldn't care less.
  10. OK. What is your point? I'm so sick and tired of people quoting this article as some sort of gospel. It's incredibly flawed. It's been well documented that yes, while Brady looks to be underpaid on paper, the Patriots have paid him through other means. That's just one issue I have with the article. Another, he willfully admits it's a small sample size. Yet another, this Comparing anything in 2017-2019 to 1996 is laughable. Likewise for Rodgers deal and a team's 2000 salary cap. The league's popularity has grown in leaps and bounds from 1996, thus the reason revenue has increased every year and because of that, team salary caps have increased, and since QB is the most important position on the field, they're being compensated at market value, with Brady being the exception. Another issue I have with his article is it's contradictory, he talks about paying QB's big money and it hampering teams being able to make other moves, but the Saints took the Rams into OT of the NFCCG and Brees' contract didn't restrict them from re-signing players. Matt Ryan and the Falcons blew a 23 point lead in the Super Bowl, same can be said here, Ryan's contract hasn't hampered them from signing guys. Guess what? they're about to extend Julio Jones. Teams like the Packers, Falcons and 49ers haven't missed the post season just because they've paid their QB's top money. There are many more variables. Aaron Rodgers wasn't healthy last year, there was turmoil between the QB and coach, on top of that, their former GM never really went out and spent money in FA. Look at this year, Rodgers cap number is $26.5 million, yet the Packers went out and spent $56 million by signing Za'Darius Smith, Adrian Amos, Preston Smith and Billy Price. The 49ers may have had a shot last year had Jimmy Garoppolo hadn't suffered an ACL injury. So again, this article is flawed. Lastly I get paying guys like say Keenum long term for top dollar could hamstring a team, not all QB's are created equal. There are a few bad FO's in the NFL that do things like that. Having said that, is Wentz closer to Keenum, or, is he closer to guys like Rodgers, Brees and Wilson? From all indications, the Eagles believe him closer to Rodgers, Brees and Wilson. So, he'll be paid accordingly and it won't hamstring them from going out and signing FA's or making trades. Yeah, it also helps having competent guys in the FO and yes, despite what people want to believe, teams that sign QB's to big contracts do need to draft better as well as making better decisions in FA.
  11. Sam Bradford, Matt Cassel
  12. Most important position on the field. Without one, what do you have?
  13. Even Fletch's deal has guaranteed money for injury only. The Redskins had that in place with Alex Smith and are now on the hook for it because he suffered the Theismann like injury.
  14. Two links for anyone interested in the book Barnes and Noble Amazon It's $20 at both.
  15. The guys over at overthecap wrote a book in 2016 called "Crunching Numbers: An Inside Look At The Salary Cap And Negotiating Player Contracts" I recommend it.
  16. It has 0 to do with him being honest lol. It's called market value, and whether you think he's worth that, that's the ballpark he's going to be paid.
  17. LOL. Lane didn't have to pay anything back. The rest of his guarantees were voided because he was suspended. And guaranteeing money for injury only doesn't work that way lol. The player only gets that money if he is injured.
  18. Anyway, it's late and I need to get up in about 4 hours ✌️
  19. Yeah, that's not going to happen. I think Wentz is looking at $28-$30 million APY. He'll account for 10-12% of the Eagles yearly cap and people will piss & moan about it lol
  20. How well did the O-Line play to begin the season? Right, Foles took a pounding early on too, but yeah, overlook that because it doesn't fit your argument. You also have to take into consideration that he hadn't played in awhile and wasn't going to be himself until near the end of the season, and a doctor said as much. There were times last year he was hesitant, you could see it, he wasn't trusting his knee all the way and guess what, that's to be expected coming off an injury like that, QB's that have had torn ACL's have done the same thing and that includes Tom Brady.
  21. Also, people seem to want to ignore his numbers were better last year coming off knee surgery and with a back fracture than his numbers in 2017. But no, let's not pay him unless there's an injury clause, or let's low ball the hell out of him. Yeah, great strategy.
  22. And he's said he needs to play smarter, no reason not to believe him. JFC some of you guys man.
  23. It's football, players get injured, Wentz injured his knee on a fluke play. The two aren't even similar. Wentz will be fine. Maclin tore his ACL after his cleat got caught in the turf during practice, it happens.
  24. Yeah, now all of a sudden he's going to be David Boston. They've created a ton of cap space and the FO has said they want him here long term, they aren't going to drag their feet on this, a deal is coming and it could be as soon as this summer, if not sooner. Some of you guys are just going to have to come to grips with it.