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  1. I think that report is bogus, Patrick Peterson at 29 coming off of a 6 game PED suspension isn't worth a 1st round pick.
  2. The last roster spot is for Mills
  3. I agree, it's more than the secondary. The D-Line is getting pressures on the QB, but they aren't generating a lot of sacks, all of that needs to happen with regularity.
  4. To add, is injury time frame was 6-8 weeks. Uh, well, not exactly. Maddox is still in the concussion protocol, has been for 20 days now.
  5. Yeah, minimum is 8 weeks, so he could potentially be back for the Bears game.
  6. Yup, hopefully they can help, but, the first time Mills bites on a double move this fan base is going to go into full blown meltdown. Leblanc is two weeks away before he can be brought back, IR is a minimum of 8 weeks.
  7. All good man. The guy they had that was on his rookie contract for this year, 2020 and then the 5th year option was Minkah Fitzpatrick, whom I wanted, but the Steelers jumped on that.
  8. So what do you propose then? Other than being frustrated.
  9. LOL, if everyone is pissed about Agholor's drops how would they feel about Matthews drops, guessing it would be the same and people would be asking why they let Agholor go.
  10. And once again, you can't make someone trade player if they don't wan to just because the Eagles could use him.
  11. We couldn't rely on him before the Eagles traded for him, he's only played a 16 game season once in his career. He's running and has said he's feeling a lot better, just because he may not be back for the Cowboys game, doesn't mean the season is lost.
  12. Well yeah, CB, potentially Safety, WR, DE/DT, OG/OC where else?
  13. They aren't just sitting on their hands, I'm 100% certain Howie has been working the phones for weeks/months here. They're also waiting to see if they can get guys healthy and get them back on the field. Jackson, Darby, Mills and Jernigan are examples. Jackson getting back and playing from everything I've read/heard is going to be about pain management and that this is something that he and the Eagles are going to have to deal with for the rest of the season. Perhaps he should've just opted to have the surgery that way he could be back to 100%? But he decided not to have it. Jernigan, Mills and Darby are all getting close to returning, Mills practiced today for the first time in awhile, it's a positive sign. If I had to bet, I would say look for the Eagles to make a move and trade/sign a pass rusher.
  14. Agreed, the Eagles are going to have near $60 million in cap space for 2020, they're going to have some roster turnover as well. They'll need a good draft this year as well as putting that $60 million into some FA's that'll come in a contribute. Depth is a question now and going into 2020.
  15. Because they reportedly offered a 1st and a 2nd for Ramsey, that doesn't mean you go offer that for another CB that's not as equal to the talent of Ramsey.
  16. People keep saying "everyone is available for a price" yet don't want to overpay for players. If a team has no intention of trading a player, what do you think happens? Right, the team looking to acquire said player is going to do what? Exactly, overpay for them. See Texans trade for Laremy Tunsil as a perfect example of this.
  17. What do you suppose they do? I mean, really? You can't trade for players that aren't currently available.
  18. One is for Mills the other is to add someone, which it'll probably end up being someone like Paul Worrilow, that's the general thinking going around the beat writers. Word is the Eagles recently checked in with him to see how his knee was doing.
  19. Yeah, I understand what you're saying. That's what I mean IF, he's traded, his contract will have to be re-worked because you're not taking on that money from 2020-2024. Yeah, it's only $5.6 million next. The reason it's next year is because it's after June 1st, so that $1.4 million you see for each of those years gets escalated into 2020. That said I don't think Miami trades him.
  20. He's actually been hurt a few weeks and has just returned to practice. He's good, but nothing out of Miami suggests he's available. People have written articles linking Howard to the eagles, but it's based off of speculation because A.) they're winless and B.) because they traded Tunsil and Minkah Fitzpatrick.
  21. Yeah, but the signing bonus has already been paid so it doesn't really factor into the trade at all, except for the accounting purposes of the pro rated bonus, which the Dolphins would be on the hook for in 2020, since it's after June 1st, which would be $5.6 million. So, a trade at this point the Dolphins will have basically paid him $12 million for 7 weeks. Actually looking at it, if you assume 1/2 of his roster bonus has already been paid out, the Dolphins will have paid him near $14 million for 7 weeks. Players get paid on Tuesday for the week, so they would've paid this week's salary already.
  22. It's not a signing bonus, it's a roster bonus, big difference. A roster bonus can be paid in installments a signing bonus the player gets upfront, so they may not be on the hook for the full $7 million. Antonio Brown had a roster bonus to be paid in two installments with the Pats, they cut him before the 1st installment of $5 million was to be paid.