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  1. There's belief he masked the injury before the draft. If that's the case, that's pretty messed up. Keenan Allen set for another big year.
  2. Shame. I remember this kid's name being all over here during the "we need a receiver" years.
  3. Sitting by the phone like a virgin a week before prom.
  4. Still doesn't make sense that you would even sign Glennon to begin with and give him over $18 million guaranteed. If that's the case, why not keep Cutler for one more year?
  5. Las Vegas football fans have wanted a franchise ever since the old XFL team left. I think they will get plenty of interest from fans for season tickets. Now I wonder if they will stay the Raiders, or change the team name as well. Arena football had the Outlaws. Pretty bad arse logo
  6. Yeah that's it. I just had the teams wrong. Thanks for finding this.
  7. Sanchez would probably still be looking for work if Barkley hadn't bolted to the 49ers. I really don't see Glennon being the answer as a starter, but it shows you how weak the quarterback market is.
  8. Does anyone remember a Colts running back celebrating a touchdown, even though the Colts were getting there arse kicked by then? It's killing me not knowing who it was or what team it was against.
  9. He was a partier. His biggest issue was signing memorabilia and selling it while at A&M. That got him in the most hot water. Funny how the coach of a team that plays in the biggest party town in the country would be the one talking to him.
  10. Which is the problem. You need to give the team and coaches at least a few years to rebuild, gel and weed out the guys who don't fit. Cleveland's front office will never have a winning team if they don't give these guys a chance. At least the 49ers did it right by giving Lynch and Shanahan 6 year deals to right the ship.
  11. Funny how Belichick took a lot of what Chip did in Oregon and implemented it into New England's offense, yet he won't hire him to hold the Gatorade.
  12. Have to go Elliot on this one.
  13. No offense, but that's dumb thinking. I like players on other teams. Including NFC East teams. I was pulling for Pryor to get a decent contract, but he only has one real year of being a wide receiver under his belt. I'll still pull for him that he plays well and he goes somewhere else or stays and makes the money he deserves. I wanted him more than Jeffery before free agency started, not by much.
  14. I'd be shocked if they aren't still trying to shop Butler around. They won't lock up all that money into two players in two years. Butler can still fetch a pretty nice pick.
  15. At the 32nd pick, they were going to be lucky to get anything out of that rookie this year, unless they lucked out. They know they don't have much Brady time left.