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  1. Kenny Britt

    This one surprised me. Seeing what he could do in Indy, I thought he would thrive in New England. It seems they will never be able to fill the void left by Hernandez.
  2. Rodgers to start Sunday against Carolina

    As long as they beat Minnesota in Week 16. Rodgers will be my new hero.
  3. Kenny Britt

    Of all the positional needs, receiver isn't one of them. Call me nuts, but I think Hollins is better than him.
  4. NFL Perception around league

    Not even sure I would consider the Ravens a No. 2 in the North. They are playing pretty bad football compared to previous years. Not sure if Flacco is done or their offense just isn't that good as a whole. Wallace has been bust since leaving Pittsburgh.
  5. Reid Is Incompetent

    I see Reid still undervalues the receiver position. He lucked out with Hill coming on in just his second season, but Wilson is an afterthought. His versions of Westbrook (Hunt) and Celek (Kelce) are the only true weapons Smith has to throw to. And Hunt only came around because West got hurt.
  6. After losing Gillislie, I doub't McCoy is on the block. Source please? Or was this a friend of a cousin?
  7. Bills Sign Anquan Boldin

    If they don't suffer major injuries during their career, receivers have a fairly long shelf life. It's not something that you see all the time, but Boldin should have a good 2 decent years left in him. Especially for a guy who was never known for his speed.
  8. Chargers WR may miss year

    There's belief he masked the injury before the draft. If that's the case, that's pretty messed up. Keenan Allen set for another big year.
  9. Shame. I remember this kid's name being all over here during the "we need a receiver" years.
  10. Andy gets extended

    Sitting by the phone like a virgin a week before prom.
  11. Trubisky Booed at Bulls Game

    Still doesn't make sense that you would even sign Glennon to begin with and give him over $18 million guaranteed. If that's the case, why not keep Cutler for one more year?
  12. Las Vegas football fans have wanted a franchise ever since the old XFL team left. I think they will get plenty of interest from fans for season tickets. Now I wonder if they will stay the Raiders, or change the team name as well. Arena football had the Outlaws. Pretty bad arse logo
  13. Wish the league would allow real celebrations...

    Yeah that's it. I just had the teams wrong. Thanks for finding this.
  14. Sanchez signs with bears

    Sanchez would probably still be looking for work if Barkley hadn't bolted to the 49ers. I really don't see Glennon being the answer as a starter, but it shows you how weak the quarterback market is.
  15. Wish the league would allow real celebrations...

    Does anyone remember a Colts running back celebrating a touchdown, even though the Colts were getting there arse kicked by then? It's killing me not knowing who it was or what team it was against.