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  1. Boss Hawg

    Dak Prescott gets exclusive franchise tag

    I usually don't get pissed off by other people, but I get so angry when I see people not even attempting to stay within the limits of what is allowed. People still going to church since "the blood of Jesus will keep the virus off me." Yes someone actually said that. Still going to the beaches in packs. Governors not enforcing any limits.
  2. Boss Hawg

    Travis Frederick Retires

    A bit different since Witten didn't announce his retirement until AFTER the draft. At least Frederick did it now. And despite being a Cowboy, he made that line so much better. Going to be hard replacing him.
  3. Boss Hawg

    RAMS CUT RB TODD GURLEY Bit shocked with this one, although his knee problems aren't going to get better.
  4. Boss Hawg

    Tom Brady or Bill Belichick?

    Pats went 11-5 with Cassel in 2008, although they didn't make the playoffs.
  5. Boss Hawg

    DeAndre Hopkins Traded to Arizona!

    It's O'Brian's version of McCoy for Alonzo. People are pissed the Eagles didn't make a move, but I think the Texans were looking distinctly for a running back. We don't have that luxury, but the Cards keeping Drake allowed them to toss Johnson
  6. Boss Hawg

    I am not sure that there will be a NFL season...?

    Predictions are that summer heat will get this thing to die down. Viruses love the cold.
  7. I originally thought Tampa for Rivers, but he not much of an upgrade over Winston. Both are interception machines.
  8. Boss Hawg

    Anyone watching XFL?

    I could only take a minute or two, then turned it. If anything, it could give former prospects another shot at making an NFL roster. The Combine and the NFL Draft will get more viewers than XFL's entire season.
  9. I'd rather this than the proposal of sitting different starters every week.
  10. Boss Hawg

    This is Andy Reid's Year

    My hatred was more towards Banner than anything. I'll harbor ill will towards Reid on the sole fact that he couldn't see the team needed receiver help badly. They got by with Pinkston and Thrash because the NFC wasn't nearly as good as it is now.
  11. Boss Hawg

    Come Monday...................

    After the Colts got shafted by him last year, I'm surprised a handful of teams trust Josh McDaniels enough to interview him.
  12. Boss Hawg

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    It's safe to say that the R-Skins are going to go hard after Urban Myer. A little schmoozing yesterday while watching his college quarterback. It's the type of splash Dan Snyder likes to make.
  13. Boss Hawg

    Why are NFL refs this bad?

    Miles Sanders was beyond lucky his helmet gave and flew off or his neck would have snapped like a twig on that one play.
  14. Boss Hawg

    Antonio Brown cut by Pats

    It's sad anyone would even start a post saying they would want him.
  15. Boss Hawg

    Antonio Brown cut by Pats

    I read today he sent threatening texts to one of the women. This guy is beyond help. How the Steelers kept this guy in check for as long as they did is amazing.