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    2020 Free Agent QBs

    I originally thought Tampa for Rivers, but he not much of an upgrade over Winston. Both are interception machines.
  2. Boss Hawg

    Anyone watching XFL?

    I could only take a minute or two, then turned it. If anything, it could give former prospects another shot at making an NFL roster. The Combine and the NFL Draft will get more viewers than XFL's entire season.
  3. I'd rather this than the proposal of sitting different starters every week.
  4. Boss Hawg

    This is Andy Reid's Year

    My hatred was more towards Banner than anything. I'll harbor ill will towards Reid on the sole fact that he couldn't see the team needed receiver help badly. They got by with Pinkston and Thrash because the NFC wasn't nearly as good as it is now.
  5. Boss Hawg

    Come Monday...................

    After the Colts got shafted by him last year, I'm surprised a handful of teams trust Josh McDaniels enough to interview him.
  6. Boss Hawg

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    It's safe to say that the R-Skins are going to go hard after Urban Myer. A little schmoozing yesterday while watching his college quarterback. It's the type of splash Dan Snyder likes to make.
  7. Boss Hawg

    Why are NFL refs this bad?

    Miles Sanders was beyond lucky his helmet gave and flew off or his neck would have snapped like a twig on that one play.
  8. Boss Hawg

    Antonio Brown cut by Pats

    It's sad anyone would even start a post saying they would want him.
  9. Boss Hawg

    Antonio Brown cut by Pats

    I read today he sent threatening texts to one of the women. This guy is beyond help. How the Steelers kept this guy in check for as long as they did is amazing.
  10. Word is Brown uploaded the letter Mayock sent him about the fines Brown accrued during his absence. It is kind of surprising since we never heard much about Brown in Pittsburgh, although he did record Tomlin talking to the players in the locker room that one time.
  11. Boss Hawg

    Cedrick Benson Dies in Motorcycle crash !!

    It's usually players you never heard of who were in the league for a year or less. This actually shocked me a bit since I remember Benson being part of the BIG 3 with Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown.
  12. There had been talk in Steeler country that Brown might have some brain damage because this behavior has only begun happening in the last few years or so.
  13. Could you imagine being a fan who bought tickets for the Week 12 game against Seattle and the team winds up sitting Wentz and other players after playing a huge game against the Pats? I'd be pissed.
  14. Another good reason the Eagles shouldn't have drafted him. Although the Eagles have a front office that wouldn't let it get this far.
  15. Found this on NBC Sports:
  16. Yep, but you know at least one agent will find some sort of loophole. It says there is a "hangup regarding the payment schedule of his signing bonus." Sounds like JJ wants it sooner than what is in the rules.
  17. Boss Hawg

    RIP Battleship Lorenzen

    He was truly one of a kind. I've never seen a quarterback that big and probably never will. Not to mention his ability to gain yards with his legs. He was nimble for a guy his size.
  18. Boss Hawg

    Over rated Head Coaches ?

    I was going to add McVay only because it seems the NFL loves him. Now he's the main reason NFL teams are trying to find that next young innovator of offense.
  19. Boss Hawg

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    A lot of money is going to be tied up between Prescott, Elliot and Cooper. Plus add in Lawrence's $65 million in guarantees.
  20. Boss Hawg

    Is Tyreek Hill's career over?

    I don't know why, but all this stuff reminds me of when Reid and his wife were going through all that bull-ish with his druggie son.
  21. Boss Hawg

    Seahawks and Wilson agree to mega contract

    Wilson: Two Super Bowl appearances back to back and one win. Wentz: NOTHING!!!!! Where on Earth are people coming up with the idea Wentz should even come close to these guys in extensions.
  22. Your comment is arguable. Prescott is worth more than Wentz easily. He won rookie of the year and has taken the Cowboys to the playoffs twice already. Wentz shouldn't be making more than Prescott on a yearly basis. He hasn't done anything to deserve it......yet. Don't let Cowboy hate cloud your judgement. Prescott doesn't have Wentz's talent, but he's done much more.
  23. Yes they did. I liked Moose Johnston to.
  24. Boss Hawg

    How much are NFL contracts really worth

    Supposedly he has earned $129 million "so far." Not bad for being in 83 total games in 8 years.
  25. Boss Hawg

    How much are NFL contracts really worth

    I'll still never understand these ridiculous contracts baseball players get. I'm not saying baseball is an easy sport, but you hit a ball with a bat and stand around in a field for $30-40 million a year. Plus you play in nice weather and get to sit when it rains. A starting football player is putting his livelihood and his body on the line 16 games (more with playoffs) a year and gets paid a fraction of what a baseball player makes. Concussions, broken bones, and (God forbid) an injury that paralyzes a player for the rest of his life. Not to mention sub-zero weather, snow, rain, or temps that reach over 100 degrees on the field. Former players are still feeling the symptoms brought on by being an NFL player (RIP Andre Waters). Peter King wrote an article saying anything after two years on a football contract is window dressing. And @Bored is right. The only leverage a player has is to sit and boycott the game. The signing bonus seems to be the only thing that is worth it's weight once an NFL player and a team agree to a deal.