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  1. Reggie could do more, speed, power, size. He had it all.
  2. U mean like TO and the sharpie, the Popcorn, Chad Johnson and all he did including the HOF jacket he will never wear, Steve Smith and his row boat. Players got out of hand with their celebrations but so did the NFL with the crack down on them. I don't care either way but there was a bunch that lead to the NFL banning celebrations
  3. I just watch clips on utube.
  4. I like two of the guys they have now but joey needs to be kicked off if he hasn't been already.
  5. Been watching the grand tour recently. Still funny as hell.
  6. Once the draft starts the area in front of the stage gets swamped and everyone's tuned in. Nothing wrong with having fun before it starts. It's like a SB party.
  7. I was there Friday. It was awesome. Beer, food, girls, cheerleaders, more beer, football, the draft itself later on. I got there at 1 and left when it was over. I had a blast.
  8. didn't know the NFL draft needed help. Guess those thousands of people down there Thursday and Friday didn't know what they came for.
  9. He's gonna go to New England and be a beast
  10. No leaping is the only team rule approved and it was from the birds
  11. He's gonna go to Denver and win a sb.