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  1. 20dawk4life

    Hello, Bonjour ! from France

    Welcome to the boards. Yes TATE (talk about the Eagles) is a moronic as it seems.
  2. 20dawk4life

    Hello, Bonjour ! from France

    Pssst fries are from Belgium.
  3. 20dawk4life

    Will there be an NFL season in 2020?

    Already played in 2020
  4. Hey bro, obviously people are tired of the arguing in the main thread but if you want to discuss whether income is truly "earned" or not via PM, I'm up for that. Up to you. 

  5. 20dawk4life

    Travis Frederick Retires

    Hope he’s ok. F the cowboys.
  6. Wonder if he had it at the combine
  7. TB going to TB probably going to get TB
  8. 20dawk4life

    Amari to resign in Dallas

    Ahahahahahahaha F you Dakota
  9. 20dawk4life

    Dak Prescott gets exclusive franchise tag

    Let the games begin!!!
  10. Dak after seeing Ryan tannahill's contract
  11. 20dawk4life

    2020 Hard Knocks - Featuring the Rams & Chargers

    Jags. NFL needs to be able to sell them to London.
  12. Maybe they have a deal structured out but need to wait for the new CBA to be agreed upon and then they will cross Ts and dot the i's
  13. 20dawk4life

    Anyone watching XFL?

    I've hardly watched. I do like their concept for kickoffs though.
  14. They did. Now we are all numb to it.