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  1. weko

    Antonio Brown cut by Pats

    It's Dan Snyder time!
  2. Now that the Cheaters have cut Brown it's Dan Snyder's turn to step up as the only imbecile to sign him. Hail to the Redskins!
  3. weko

    Are the Cowpukes going undefeated?

    You play as well as your draft and the Cowboys have been far superior to Howie in that dept. We can expect them to win the division this year, next and going forward until we get someone to draft us thick, strong, tough guys with character who love to play the game over Howie's non stop thin, weak, injured, finesse guys. Lurie needs to intervene. I've seen this movie before as it's my 55th season. It's going to get ugly from here as our older good players sustain injuries and decline. What really good core younger players do we have on this roster from the last 4 drafts other than Wentz?
  4. Actually the CBA has precise language that's been negotiated between the player's union and the owner's reps. Talk is AB already has 3-4 different violations that could each result in forfeiture of his guaranteed money. He may be entitle to 1 million only if he is cut by Saturday. We'll see...
  5. I would like to know that for sure. How can there be dead cap money for money that was never paid? We always hear about teams cutting a player to save money on the cap. The dead money part is the prorated part of the signing bonus paid upfront. As it is normally spread out over the life of the deal, that amount scheduled for future years would accelerate into the current year as dead money when that player is cut. Brown has not been paid any money and if suspended the Raiders claim he is nor longer guaranteed any money. The CBA is fairly precise in its language over issues like this. I don't see much grey area for AB's reps to maneuver.
  6. I think you have to pay out cash to have it count vs the cap. They have not yet paid Brown a cent and now can get out of the guarantees.
  7. Raiders haven't paid Brown a cent yet. He has already nullified his guarantees by missing a walk through and practice, both unexcused. He verbally threatens the GM. Then there's the Instigram posts mocking the team and its rules. They have suspended him, the first step necessary to cutting him with cause. Now they can cut him and completely get out of his contract but only if they do it by Saturday. If he's on the roster Sunday his 14+ mil contract is guaranteed for the season. I think Mayock might tell Gruden it's him or me. I don't see how they don't cut him at this point.
  8. Brown will be a Redskin by Tuesday. Only Snyder is dumb enough to sign him now.
  9. Colts RB Turbin released today. He had 8 TDs in just 21 games, the last 2 seasons before this one. Any team claims him?
  10. weko

    Here in London

    Don't forget the delicious food and beautiful weather
  11. weko

    REPORT: FA WR Corey Coleman released by Patriots

    Tate had some major locker room issues in Seattle that aren't that widely known.
  12. weko

    REPORT: FA WR Corey Coleman released by Patriots

    Hard to believe they sign 3 WRs to the PS on the same day...and schedule workouts with 2-3 more WRs. This is a shot across the bow to Mike Wallace. He had a poor training camp and pre season then didn't catch a ball in the 1st game. If he has a bad 2nd/3rd game he could be released. Maybe they trade Gibson or release Wheaton. All options have to be considered in play. You can be sure a move is going to be made within a few weeks.