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  1. FlyinBrian36-20

    JPP Broke Neck in Car accident

    Oh the irony
  2. FlyinBrian36-20

    Gronk leaves his mark

    Yah! Blast him for having a good time! He should be goin to clubs and startig fights. Seriously, he doesn't give a sht. Hes a future HOFer, multiple sb champ, and is filthy rich. Hes living it up, i would too.
  3. FlyinBrian36-20

    Ryan Tannehill traded to Tennessee.

    Only for Tanne to eventually miss games as well when he gets his time to fill in. Hope they have a decent 3rd stringer.
  4. FlyinBrian36-20

    LeVeon Bell to the Jets

    Hes got guaranteed $. Its all he cares about at this point.
  5. FlyinBrian36-20

    Browns sign Hunt

    Ok maybe philly can offer a late pick for duke Johnson..
  6. FlyinBrian36-20

    Where does Nick Foles wind up next season?

    I can see Pats targeting him IF Brady retires and Foles is a FA. Wouldn't be the first player that everyone thought was crap only to succeed in NE (Dion Lewis, Chung...)
  7. FlyinBrian36-20

    Where does Nick Foles wind up next season?

    Yes, and those 31 teams didnt win the sb, meanwhile Foles was lighting the world on fire the the NFCCG & the SB. Nobody wanted Foles other than Andy & Doug. I guess that means no one else knew D because we ended up with a sb mvp.
  8. FlyinBrian36-20

    Rodgers is a Fraud

    I think FO held that team back. Aaron can only do so much with what he had.
  9. FlyinBrian36-20

    Rooting hard AF for Andy and the "Chefs"...

    I guess I'm ok with Andy winning it. I like Rivers too. If not Andy, i wont be upset if Rivers won it all.
  10. FlyinBrian36-20

    Leighton Vander Esch - NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year

    Dude, stfu.
  11. FlyinBrian36-20

    Leighton Vander Esch - NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year

    Ditto. Dallass know how to find stud lbs.
  12. FlyinBrian36-20

    McCarthy Fired

    He rode off of Aaron's success. Surprised it took so long to happen.
  13. FlyinBrian36-20

    Week 13: Saints @ Cowboys

    Dallass playing a solid complete game.
  14. FlyinBrian36-20

    Your team can't win the next Super Bowl ...

    Cleveland Browns. Because why not.
  15. FlyinBrian36-20

    Are Eagles worst team in division

    Who exactly in our peewee secondary is gonna keep us in a game?