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  1. Loved mac but hes not coming back.
  2. Probably didn't have any KFC for andy
  3. He was involved in an assault on a woman, i believe. I don't pay attention anyway so i dont know the details.
  4. What are your thoughts on Jalen Mills?
  5. Same 8 plays every game?
  6. Ah yes... Like Vick was the PERFECT qb with chip.
  7. Twas just a lame attempt at humor.
  8. Pederson, Peterson... HC RB
  9. Glad to see him back.. really wanted him in Philly when he was made available as a Bill, has been my favorite rb, and player outside of Philly. With that oline and wrs.. their offense was already potent. If Lynch returns to prime form they'll be hard to stop, depending on Carr.
  10. Turns out, he was too hard for life.
  11. Wtf does the skin color matter? Do we really have to go through with this crap again? Shady is a tool. Kiko was trash in Philly and many including me ripped him for being soft and shite.
  12. Genuinely good guy. Best of luck to him.
  13. Damn, dallass really gonna miss him...
  14. If hes always hurt in NFL, rugby will break him permanently.