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  1. While im not his biggest fan, too early to say what he can or cant do. Give him time.
  2. OBJ = out by January
  3. He's still getting paid.
  4. Packers D is dodgy too...improved.
  5. Basement? Lol no. That's New York's home.
  6. Obj
  7. I've been absent from this thread lately. Had he done that yet this season?
  8. Probably puts one of those peen toys on it too and bends over no lube while starring at a pic of Zeke in a crop top.
  9. Carr has proven to be a decent qb who also benefits from having a pretty stacked offense. Keyword, decent. His arm talent on the other hand is other worldly.
  10. Wtf was that carr?!
  11. C'mon raiders...
  12. You seem to know a bit about that 'nobody'.