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  1. They did because hes rich as F
  2. FlyinBrian36-20

    Nick back at practice today.

    Im a huge Foles fan, but no way they take minshew out. Stick to the hot hand.
  3. FlyinBrian36-20

    Micheal Bennett Suspended by Pats

    Never should have traded him. He was our most productive DE last season and Long was out the door already. So quality depth at what once was a strength was already becoming an issue. Has Curry even done anything yet?! Other than pocket millions $? If he (Bennett) wasnt a disruption in the locker room, this was a boneheaded decision by Howard.
  4. FlyinBrian36-20

    Cam Newton in a babushka

    This fabulous man obviously played a lot of dress up as wee young lad.
  5. FlyinBrian36-20

    Dak vs Carson

    Both good qbs
  6. FlyinBrian36-20

    Zeke Set To Hold Out Of Training Camp?

    Also steelers had a really good rb in Conner as well and still missed playoffs. I dont see dallass having anyone of conners caliber behind zeke.
  7. FlyinBrian36-20

    JPP Broke Neck in Car accident

    Oh the irony
  8. FlyinBrian36-20

    Gronk leaves his mark

    Yah! Blast him for having a good time! He should be goin to clubs and startig fights. Seriously, he doesn't give a sht. Hes a future HOFer, multiple sb champ, and is filthy rich. Hes living it up, i would too.
  9. FlyinBrian36-20

    Ryan Tannehill traded to Tennessee.

    Only for Tanne to eventually miss games as well when he gets his time to fill in. Hope they have a decent 3rd stringer.
  10. FlyinBrian36-20

    LeVeon Bell to the Jets

    Hes got guaranteed $. Its all he cares about at this point.
  11. FlyinBrian36-20

    Browns sign Hunt

    Ok maybe philly can offer a late pick for duke Johnson..
  12. FlyinBrian36-20

    Where does Nick Foles wind up next season?

    I can see Pats targeting him IF Brady retires and Foles is a FA. Wouldn't be the first player that everyone thought was crap only to succeed in NE (Dion Lewis, Chung...)
  13. FlyinBrian36-20

    Where does Nick Foles wind up next season?

    Yes, and those 31 teams didnt win the sb, meanwhile Foles was lighting the world on fire the the NFCCG & the SB. Nobody wanted Foles other than Andy & Doug. I guess that means no one else knew D because we ended up with a sb mvp.
  14. FlyinBrian36-20

    Rodgers is a Fraud

    I think FO held that team back. Aaron can only do so much with what he had.
  15. FlyinBrian36-20

    Rooting hard AF for Andy and the "Chefs"...

    I guess I'm ok with Andy winning it. I like Rivers too. If not Andy, i wont be upset if Rivers won it all.
  16. FlyinBrian36-20

    Leighton Vander Esch - NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year

    Dude, stfu.
  17. FlyinBrian36-20

    Leighton Vander Esch - NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year

    Ditto. Dallass know how to find stud lbs.
  18. FlyinBrian36-20

    McCarthy Fired

    He rode off of Aaron's success. Surprised it took so long to happen.
  19. FlyinBrian36-20

    Week 13: Saints @ Cowboys

    Dallass playing a solid complete game.
  20. FlyinBrian36-20

    Your team can't win the next Super Bowl ...

    Cleveland Browns. Because why not.
  21. FlyinBrian36-20

    Are Eagles worst team in division

    Who exactly in our peewee secondary is gonna keep us in a game?
  22. FlyinBrian36-20

    Dez Bryant a Saint.

    Same. Thomas and B. Cooks. I have no wr depth though. Theres only 1 backup we and I just dropped djacc for dez.
  23. FlyinBrian36-20

    Dez Bryant a Saint.

    Instant fantasy footy pickup. Glad to see him back in the league.
  24. FlyinBrian36-20

    Sam Bradford released by Cardinals

    Would you accept less money knowing your employer will throw more at you?