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  1. Another Great win for the Birds!!!!! So awesome to get a win without even playing!!! Troy Aikmen should never ever ever ever ever do another Cockroach game..... Such a one sided broadcast....SMH
  2. What in the World is goin' on?!?!? Im kinda freakin' out! Trying to stay realistic and grounded. Getting Very difficult to do. Our Birds really are Incredible! A week of well deserved rest and healing then off to Destroy the CockRoaches!!! "We All We Got...We All We Need"
  3. C5Alumni

    [Spadaro] No Excuses For Prime-Time Eagles

    Not Good...Not Good at all. Had this game won
  4. C5Alumni

    [Spadaro] No Excuses For Prime-Time Eagles

    10 penalties to 1??? Hmmmmm
  5. C5Alumni

    [Spadaro] No Excuses For Prime-Time Eagles

    Really hope that doesn't cost us an otherwise Great Game.
  6. C5Alumni

    [Spadaro] No Excuses For Prime-Time Eagles

    STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!!!!! Did I happen to mention.......STUPID!!!!!
  7. Gators was ROCKIN yesterday GB. The whole place has been remodeled and is Very Nice! Packed house
  8. The team played ALL 4 quarters. Minimal mistakes coupled with execution. We all just MIGHT have witnessed.....What could be?!?!
  9. I very rarely say this about any player but......Barkley is extraordinary! Most folks think Zeke is the real deal.....Saquon will eclipse him, by far. I see shades of Shady/LevBell.
  10. Few things of note....Very Ugly! Ugly day, Ugly Game, Ugly coaching decisions (nice kick though). OBJ is a pig. Just an awful display(you too Sterling) Please someone explain the running game decisions to me?!?! Actually, I think I have the answer....#26Nittany!!!
  11. C5Alumni

    [News] Script Flipped: Eagles Win On Road

    We evacuated Naples on Friday night and headed 150 miles North to Lakeland. Watched "Front Row Center" the eye come through at 1:30 AM. Unreal!!!! Downed trees and flooding in Lakeland. Naples and the surrounding areas did not fair as well. The Keys are demolished as is Marco Island. My home and neighborhoods around us are ok but we will have now power for quite a while. Gives renewed appreciation for water, lights, food, AC, family and friends. Oh yeah...........The FRICKIN BIRDS WON!!!!!!
  12. C5Alumni

    [News] Script Flipped: Eagles Win On Road

    Boy O Boy!!! That Irma, she was a piece of work to say the least!!!
  13. its a beautiful sun filled day. Not a breath of wind, few clouds in the sky. A MONSTER is knockin' on the door!!!
  14. We are already water logged down here. Now where for any more H20 to go. Any tidal surge at all is going to be a BIG problem. We still have neighborhoods under water from last weeks deluge!!! Booked a pet friendly hotel in Lakeland "just in case"
  15. Outlook is not so hot as of now. Of course anything can happen in the next few days. No water left at Publix already.