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    CBA discussion thread

    Definitely expecting a lockout. Whether or not it'll be resolved prior to the regular season is the real question.

    Your top 3 worst Super Bowls since 2000

    Rams vs Patriots- most boring super bowl I ever watched Seahawks vs Broncos- blowouts suck Broncos vs Panthers- idk I just didn't enjoy this game at all

    This is Andy Reid's Year

    I like Andy reid. He's a great dude and brought us some of the best eagles football up until 2017. I harbor no ill will towards him and I would gladly cheer for him against any NFC team left. Hate the seahawks and don't care at all about the packers or 9ers

    Cowboys could lose Cooper & Jones in Free Agency

    You can say what you want about Dak but I am not saying that about wentz based on this season

    Cowboys could lose Cooper & Jones in Free Agency

    Dallas isn't going to let one of the two things making Dak look like an above average QB get away. Cooper isn't going anywhere, but all the money invested on offense is going to kill the defense eventually. The O line, dak, zeke, and cooper are probably going to be making close to half the cap
  6. With baseball you have 8 other guys people come to see who aren't affected by the pitcher. If Wentz is sitting, the entire offense is affected. Remember how fun it was watching our starting receivers catch passes from the backups during the preseason? That's what 2 games without wentz look like. Also, baseball has a rotation so you know when pitchers are going to be pitching. If they did this in football, teams aren't going to put out who they're sitting when, so you'll buy tickets at the start if the season and the day of the game you find out Wentz is sitting that day. It just isn't a good idea for football IMO. People are going to be pissed like in basketball when people buy tickets and then star players get load management for that game. Edit: And don't forget if every player has to take 2 games off, then you also have 2 games without a key offensive lineman.
  7. They won't go for that, because then the appeal for the games where stars aren't playing goes down. Means less people will watch/go to the game which means less money. Like basketball, when I was in san Antonio I wasn't going to a spurs game if Kawhi wasn't playing. People go to these games to see the stars, if the stars can't play for 2 games no one is going to care about those games.
  8. I am all for anything that eliminates TNF outside of thanksgiving. There have been maybe 5 total games that were worth watching since they started doing it regularly

    Andrew Luck decides to retire

    Shockingly level headed in the 6-ish pages I read through.
  10. They should expand the roster regardless, it's stupid that you have a 53 man roster and only 46 of them actually get to play. Never made any sense. Let teams have a 55 man roster (all able to be active on gameday) plus the 10 man practice squad. Added two roster spots just because I like things in 5s and 50 is not enough.

    Goodell reiterates desire to shorten 4-game preseason

    Preseason sucks. All of it. Also don't agree with them tabling the overtime change. College overtime is immensely more exciting than NFL overtime. With the NFL, it seems that most of the time whoever wins the toss wins the game.
  12. He was a pain in the arse who would bring a circus along, no owner wanted to deal with that because he wasn't talented enough to make it up. Half the NFL did not wear pig socks and a Fidel Castro shirt. He had success in a system that is dead and gone in the NFL, and he also had a lot of help from a fantastic defense in SF. No argument goes flying out the window. If the guy would have protested normally like the rest of the people who kneeled it wouldn't have been as difficult, but all the extra BS he did created a ton of animosity and no owner wants to deal with that.
  13. I just don't get people who say he threw away a career. No. He had opportunities to sign a contract but overvalued himself. He thought he was a starter worth 20 mil, when in reality he would be an ok backup worth maybe half that if a team is desperate. If he really loved the game he would have taken one of those backup deals and proved he was starter material. Instead he chose to bish and moan because he thinks he's better than he actually is.

    Anyone watching the AAF this weekend?

    I might head to a San Antonio game before I leave here just to see what it's like.

    Hall of Fame reveals finalists for Class of 2019

    This is how I feel also. But I am 99.9% certain reed is getting in.