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  1. Mariota is nothing
  2. Dude is like 3-17 lately that's why plus nobody wants somebody trashing our flag
  3. Actions have consequences especially when you have a horrible record
  4. Wentz stomped them
  5. I bet they still win 3 games max
  6. lol just lol
  7. Nope and Scam has been exposed
  8. The lib fired Harbaugh for making a gay joke in the locker room literally
  9. Emmit Smith Cardinals
  10. The Pats will fleece the Browns
  11. Alshon plus T Smith is a huge upgrade from what garbage we have our leading wr had 3 tds i bet Alshon is worth 8 tds and Smith 5
  12. At least it kills time till next season.
  13. Worst choke is sports history and Matt Ryan isn't the MVP Brady doesn't need Julio
  14. Biggest choke ever aside from Hillary