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  1. [News] News, Notes As Focus Turns To Chargers

    So looks like this is the hangout for the EMB crew. Hiding behind the bleachers lol Not everyone looks to have followed through though. At least the block feature works here
  2. [News] Big Day Of Matchups Sunday At Chiefs

    Please dont tell me this site n forum is changing to that Facebook only??
  3. [News] Jake Elliott Prepares To Kick On Sunday

    Gotta read the Schwartz interview. He shut the crap down lol
  4. [News] Jim Schwartz Prepares For Potent Chiefs

    I dunno man think you could be thinking of Chiefs before Preist Holmes days?? lol Chiefs running game been on point since Reid taken over. From Jamal Charles now with the Hunt who ran through n ran away from the Superbowl Champions Patriots on their home turf. Maclin no big loss he wasnt making much of an impact when he was there anyway. All Chiefs did was get another superstar in Tyreek Hill. This is one game where Eagles have to win their 1on1 match ups. Do the 1% things right. Do their job n play as a team.
  5. [News] Jim Schwartz Prepares For Potent Chiefs

    Tough tough match up this week. Arrowhead is a hard place for opposing teams to play at recently. Reid isnt that pass happy HC that he was here anymore. Balanced team on O with an aggressive D. Kelce better show up Logan in the middle n show him why we let him leave. Chris Jones is another player on the D-Line the OL has to win 1on1. Edge rush lead by Houston the OTs gonna have to shut him down. I say run towards Ford hes small but quick. With Berry out i do think the passing game is the way to go. Not attacking the DBs but their LBs. In particular their ILBs. Ertz could have a big day. Our D with the lack of speed they have n now with no Darby i can see our DBs standing back more meaning mini Zeus could see more opportunities against Hicks, Bradham or Jenkins. Along with Hunts emergence in the run game its gonna be a pick your poison type of game.
  6. [News] Script Flipped: Eagles Win On Road

    Dont think its the play calling overall its the bubble screen. Not just on here but look at the other sites and articles saying the same thing. Even saw a comment about it looking like Chip Kelly O with it being run out of the same formation with different variations. Chip Kelly O became predictable but also needed to be executed properly 100% Pederson even mentioned something about the screens n it might have been forced something along those lines. If fans and these blog writers or reporters are noticing it then you can imagine what the teams that actually film study for this are seeing.
  7. [News] Script Flipped: Eagles Win On Road

    Eli just looks like hes on the decline. Hence why i think Giants went all in this year with their signings. Think his replacement will be starting in the next year or so.
  8. [News] Script Flipped: Eagles Win On Road

    Hmm gotta watch the game again if you thought Ags was meh. He was getting open a lot. Yip those swing passes need to go into the bin. Said same thing last year. Rubbish plays n not fooling opponents. Would have to execute it 100% of time but the % of it actually working are low.
  9. [News] Script Flipped: Eagles Win On Road

    Good win! I still hate those swing passes.
  10. This will be my 4th.A bit bigger than the others.2 things we always learn when this happens 1) There is noting to worry about 2) We're all going to die.No way do I go to a shelter where 4,000 people have what I can catch.I'll take my chances.if I die,it's on MY terms Damn GB you got some big balls! Nothing but prayers n positive thoughts sent from this way of the sea.
  11. Think its the best move for both as now they can train on their own. If they were on IR they wouldnt be able to train anyway with the Eagles. So this gives them the chance to do so. Also the chance to be resigned or signed by another team which is the risk.
  12. [News] Eagles Looking To Change Rivalry Mojo

    Roster sorta set. Next Monday is gametime!!!
  13. [News] Development Key In Fluid Roster Picture

    Overall the 53 looks strong. 5RBs bit of a stretch though. Would rather they drop Clement or Pumphrey and kept Dallas Thomas. Well final 53 not done yet still some move to be made.
  14. [News] Eagles In Prime Spot After Preseason

    Gonna be some tough cuts to get down to 53. Pumphrey does not look like he has earned a spot. That 4th round pick looking like a stretch of a pick now. WRs, CBs even DTs down to the last game fighting for spot.
  15. [News] McDougle In Mix At Crucial Nickel CB Spot

    How come Watkins not talked about being in the mix? Or is he back playing S?