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  1. Number 1 draft pick

    The Giants don't even need to worry about the draft, they have a one-man team in OBJ anyway. stupid hair and all!!
  2. Did we end the Patriots dynasty?

    And the Giants can be thanked for part of that
  3. There's a lot to think about...but I'll let you know as soon as I can.
  4. Oh, but he has Jon Gruden now that won on a Dungy built team.
  5. Time to hang them up, Tom Brady

    You'd think with all that money they would, not like all us poor working bastids that have to.
  6. Did we end the Patriots dynasty?

    Yep, you can't count them out as long as Bill and Tom are there, no way.
  7. Time to hang them up, Tom Brady

    Him and Bill like all the love, I guess. And if you think about it, his line has always blocked really good for him.....will be hard to get him to quit.
  8. Time to hang them up, Tom Brady

    Brady's still a great QB, he just needs better players around him and a defense that stop someone.
  9. Eli benched

    Maybe that or they hope he plays good enough to dump him on someone else?
  10. Eli benched

    Why so hurt, Nancy?
  11. Eli HOFer?

    Doesn't matter, guy won both times when it really counted.
  12. So Peyton... Wow

    Too bad Peyton can't just fall in a batch of papa john's pizza dough and never be heard from again, such a head case he is.
  13. That's most players in the game anyway.
  14. Giants Offseason news

    So glad he's gone, such a waste of time on him.