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  1. GA4M

    Eli Manning

    What's a lil Wayne? Guy needs to get more women hanging around.
  2. GA4M

    Dak vs. Wentz

    Glad to see the Eagles using their boy, Wentz... should have kept it the way it was.
  3. The Desperado Bowl! Hard to believe as bad as we've been, the East is very open.
  4. Someone needs to fire people up. I enjoyed the game yesterday, they played hard...but lost.
  5. GA4M

    Is Jon Gruden in way over his head?

    It will get even better when they go to Vegas.
  6. GA4M

    How does Dez not have a team?

    Yeah, when the Browns or Raiders don't scoop you up, you have a problem.
  7. GA4M

    Concerning DirecTV

    It's ridiculous what they want for the BS. you can live somewhere else and watch it for way cheaper, American Greed!!!
  8. GA4M

    Making Football Safer

    No problem, have a good one.
  9. GA4M

    Making Football Safer

    Maybe they need a new sissy league and wrap them in bubble wrap. just think of all the cool popping sounds!
  10. GA4M

    Giants fans...

    Alright, so if it's just still can't say how he'd handle a regular game with the starters in place.
  11. GA4M

    Giants fans...

    See, he looked better the 2nd game....what is this, ready-soot-aim stuff with you, man?
  12. GA4M

    Giants fans...

    Oh believe me, I've seen it with my own eyes. many fans thinking Webb could step in and do it for Eli. remains to be seen, but right now it's a no.
  13. GA4M

    Giants fans...

    I'm giving the guy a break, one preseason game and fans all over are jumping off the wagon already. Webb needs work, no doubt....but I saw something I like in him.....maybe he'll work it out.
  14. GA4M

    Giants fans...

    On the roster? better get over those jitters really quick.
  15. GA4M

    NFL free speech history

    But, but, but...…..