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  1. Aussie_Nick

    should we start working about the BOYS ??????

    Im worried about going 1-0 each week.
  2. Aussie_Nick


    F Dallas and F Jerry Jones. When i started following this sport from australia i knew nothing of the game or the teams... finding the right team to capture my passion was difficult... discovering immediately that i had an irrational and profound hatred for the Dallas Cowboys helped narrow the field considerably. I'll never not hate Dallas with the fire of 1000 suns
  3. Aussie_Nick

    McDaniels changes mind, will stay with Pats

    Trash behaviour hard to imagine he is going to get much of a look in from other owners in the future and nor should he
  4. Aussie_Nick

    Saints shopping CB Breaux

    No thanks Every time they turn to a saints game on redzone he seems to be getting roasted alive. And if i have to watch him strut around doing the incomplete sign once more after a WR drops a ball that hits him in the boobs, i might go postal. Maybe im being harsh and i certainly dont know his actual stats on PBU or TDs conceded etc. Just speaking anecdotally about my weekly redzone experience haha. Im sure the arm chair GM's (no offence meant, just my name for those who actually watch the all 22 etc) will set me straight on this. But i just dont like him as a player at all I really like Darby in this scheme and i think Sidney Jones is going to be a really good NFL corner.Also, call me crazy but i like Mills too. I really think he can develop into a legit starting corner. I think he's going to be a good player for us this year I dont want to give up more draft capital for a guy like him. If we could get him for a guy like Kendricks who is going to wind up being cut in the next 12 months anyways, sure throw another dart at the CB dart board. But picks is a no go imo