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  1. Cochis_Calhoun

    I am not sure that there will be a NFL season...?

    The thing is for all people call China, a communist or socialist economy is far better set up to deal with a major pandemic than a capitialist one, because a Communist / Socialist Economy will do absolutely whatever is necessary to stop the spread, protect people and mitigate any economic damage through massive state intervention, whereas the US and UK and major capitalist economies will do cost benefit analysis and decide what rate of death is acceptable measured against costs to the economy by control measures like closing offices, schools, free testing and universal sick pay for people who need to stay home. The biggest obstacle to the control measures in the west is that people at the bottom end of the economy simply can't afford to stay home if they feel a little sick, regardless of what they think it might be, altruism doesn't put food on their table. At the moment the death rate of coronavirus is estimated somewhere between 1.7% and 3.4% which means somewhere between 3.4million and 6.8million Americans will die if herd immunity kicks in at 60% infection rates, that's if the population develops immunity post infection, which as far as I'm aware we don't actually know yet. The cherry on top of the cake as far as America is concerned is that there is another cohort of about 5% that will require critical care in a hospital to definitely survive, the US Healthcare system isn't set up in terms of infrastructure or economically to deal with that level of care for that number of people and just won't provide it at all to uninsured people so US death rate might actually turn out a shade higher than comparable countries, although we may mask that by not actually identifying a lot of virus cases because we won't test the uninsured either. This is nonsense by the way, the WHO have actually praised China for their transparency in dealing with the virus so far.
  2. I thought Williams got fired late season and Kitchens stepped in? I should probably pay more attention.
  3. Yeah Quinn is gone, I think Gase gets another year. Kitchens is hard to call simply because the Browns have been so bad so long and he's basically being punished for looking so competent as interim Head Coach. Baker Mayfield is the huge question mark for Cleveland though, at the moment he's more famous but no better than any number of other QB's the Browns have run out of town this century.
  4. Cochis_Calhoun

    How come Brady's receivers never drop passes

    I think there is something in that, I said after the slow start last year, there are a lot of players who have the talent to win a superbowl given luck and the right circumstances, the special players are the ones who immediately want to climb the mountain from scratch again season after season. A lot of our players seem to have won their ring and taken their foot off the pedal psychologically, not much but it only takes fractions, especially when you draft as shoddily as we have lately.
  5. Cochis_Calhoun

    How come Brady's receivers never drop passes

    Because Belichik and coaches like Nick Saban measure their teams against perfection, even in victory they'll sometimes **** in the post game presser about things that weren't right, Doug goes too far the other way, Doug's trying to be the players friend. Sometimes the situation demands you give kick them in the pants rather than put the arm round the shoulder.
  6. Cochis_Calhoun

    Week 1 Open Discussion.

    I wondered why they were waffling about being out of the pocket when Lawrence led with the crown of his helmet too.
  7. Cochis_Calhoun

    Week 1 Open Discussion.

    Kliff Kingsbury's an offensive guru huh?
  8. Cochis_Calhoun

    Week 1 Open Discussion.

    That call on Ebron is why the catch rule in the endzone is absolute horseshit, he's got the ball and it's the force of his elbow hitting the turf (after his arse already hit the ground) that makes the ball move, anywhere else on the field that's a catch.
  9. Cochis_Calhoun

    Antonio Brown turmoil related to unhappiness over helmet

    The guy takes 3 weeks deciding what helmet to wear but he sorts out a contract with the Pats in just 3 hours? GTFO, this stinks to high heaven, AB has known what the Pats would offer for weeks.
  10. Cochis_Calhoun

    AFC Divisional: Chargers @ Patriots.

    Really thought this was his year to finally make it and he curls out his worst game of the season, sheeesh it's ugly.
  11. You're right, Seattle would win a tie breaker on account of a better conference record, we can't get Dallas first up.
  12. Cochis_Calhoun

    Anyone else get sad watching the Saints,Chiefs, Rams

    The one thing that gets me about the Rams, Chiefs and Saints, it's why have we not had a blue chip playmaking receiver since TO? Desean and Maclin were as close as we got but neither was unquestionably elite #1, Jackson was low volume long catches and Maclin had one 1300 yard season and then walked, but I look at the Rams with 2 receiver within 100 yds of 1000 after 11 games, The Saints have Thomas who has been over 1000 yards a season since he was drafted and is already there this season and The Chiefs have Tyreek Hill who is averaging 100.5yds and a TD per game this season and I wonder why do we never hit on those guys? Woods was never an elite guy and so his contract in LA is way cheaper than we pay Jeffery and Jeffery is putting up #2 WR numbers since he arrived, while Woods is at 904 yards already for this year. I appreciate we've never been in a position to draft an OBJ, AJ Green or Julio Jones, but we got Agholor in the 1st round in 2015 and he's a slot guy who's good but not that good, in 2016 Michael Thomas was a 2nd and Tyreek Hill was a 5th. It isn't just Doug or Groh this goes back for ages, is it East Coast weather?
  13. Cochis_Calhoun

    Week 1 Open Discussion.

    Why draft Mayfield and start Taylor though, how much worse could Mayfield be? It's not as stupid as the Bills starting Peterman again ahead of Allen, but why waste a pick that high if they're not ready to start straight up ahead of Tyrod Taylor. I do agree the Browns defense is legit though.
  14. Cochis_Calhoun

    Week 1 Open Discussion.

    Tyrod's passing would still have been godawful on a the calmest sunny day on the West Coast you could imagine. He was lucky to land some passes within 10 yards of his intended receiver.
  15. Cochis_Calhoun

    Week 1 Open Discussion.

    Steelers Browns was the most inept display of football since the Buffalo Bills finished playing 45 minutes ago.