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  1. Bye week games

    Actually, rather than using sarcasm or conspiracy with a condescending attitude, it could be some lady from the Bronx working in the park avenue office with a bitter pill towards Philly - which is plausible there is enough math that the league has continually screwed the organization unlike no other since 1960. Historically, the math suggests this as the last year the Eagles won an NFL championship, but it is also the year that the NFL moved the office from Philadelphia to New York City to accommodate the new LA based attorney Pete Rosel a direct flight from LA to the East coast and started to fill the office with local talent. His successors have grown up giant fans- so "maybe..." just maybe they have stacked the deck a little... their arch rivals (NYC Giant fans working in the NFL office hating everything Philadelphia) have 30+ more games over the other 31 teams in the schedule against opponents that have more time to rest and prepare in a league that is so evenly matched that the schedule is dicatated by formula. A league with former all American NCAA all college heismam trophy winning talents are playing at a 1-15 record (see Browns roster) making something this hideously biased on the schedule a true disadvantage year after year. But, whenever it is brought up in mathematical terms is seen as a crazy conspiracy... by the way - the Gmen were caught with the illegal communication and were barely punished- yet other teams had their coach suspended for a year or all pro QB suspended for 4 games while sacrificing their top draft picks... we can focus upon the favors and light punishment to that organization after we first fix an obvious 57 year bias in the schedule - but do not respond without looking at the math, it does not lie. 2+2=4. It will always be 4 and you can make sarcastic irresponsible ignorant statements, it doesn't matter. You can believe it's not 4... but it is. That's the math
  2. Bye week games

    Quick question:- long paragraph- i have been trying to find out why there is no readily available on opponents coming off of a bye week. Since 2006, the Eagles have had an exorbitant amount of opponents that played a Thursday game or had a bye week the week before they play, giving the opponents extra time to prepare and rest. The NFL schedule formula dictates who and where the games are played, but not when. Teams in 2009 who had a home game after a bye week won at a 90+% avg and we have witnessed the home teams winning Thursday nights. After watching the schedules closely since 2006, the Eagles have had about 30something more "extra-rest" opponents over the rest of the league and the math shows that there should be some more research in this area as a plausible explanation that the NYC NFL office may need to rethink the when you play opponents may need to be addressed in the formula as well. I am still looking at the rest of the league game by game (176 games x 32 teams) there does seem to be a blatant biased repeated to this organization. Has any one noticed? I did point it out when the birds schedule came out --> and they were 3-0 before the 8 week disaster of seeing opponents continue to come off bye weeks to see the Eagles- most at home... that is about when injuries and close losses started to derail the season. Of course, responses were typical "play your schedule... everyone has these speed bumps... arenas have lots of concerts making it difficult... etc" But, there is now too much evidence that this continues to happen to one of the 32 teams that there is something there, only 1 time in the last 11 years did they not have the worst "when they play" their opponents in their division and conference. Any comments or information is welcome.