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  1. eaglegenius

    Brees-Brady SB

    Brees vs anyone would have been more exciting than Goff and the Lambs.
  2. eaglegenius

    Brees-Brady SB

    Why don't you just come clean and admit you're a Rams fan.
  3. eaglegenius

    Time for the Rams to right a wrong

    I like them less since Goff proclaimed that they "deserved" to win the championship game when everyone knows it was handed to them by the refs. And Gurley was even more obnoxious about it. I hope the Pats bury them.
  4. eaglegenius

    Downside to this Playoff overtime format?

    OT rules as is would be fine if other rule changes in recent years hadn't slanted the game heavily in favor of the offense. Under the new offense-friendly rules, winning the coin flip gives a team the edge. They should change it so they play one full period regardless of who scores and how much. And if it ends in a tie, so be it. At least both teams would have a chance to play.
  5. eaglegenius

    Brees-Brady SB

    Why? I called the actual winning teams. The refs stole it from Brees.
  6. eaglegenius

    Where does Nick Foles wind up next season?

    Foles is going, it's clear. If God forbid the team sinks under a constantly injured Wentz maybe we'll get Trevor Lawrence in a few years. Or maybe Sudfeld steps up and shines like Foles.
  7. eaglegenius

    Brees-Brady SB

    The old vets shoot it out. Brady polished off Rivers easily. This one will be different. Better supporting cast on the Saints. Would likely be the highest rated SB yet.
  8. eaglegenius

    Rodgers is a Fraud

    Not to take anything away from Rodgers, but the Packers (as well as the Cowboys and the Steelers) have always benefited at home from highly favorable officiating. There's also an apparent curse on players who do TV commercials. Peyton's career started sliding when he started doing them. And McNabb's Campbell soup commercials coincided with the start of his decline.
  9. eaglegenius

    All-Los Angeles Super Bowl?

    How about a Brady-Brees SB?
  10. Agholor is fine. Jeffery is fine. Mathews is the best of the lot though. Do not lose him again.
  11. eaglegenius

    Is Jon Gruden in way over his head?

    Gruden is not Tesla. But in fairness let's give him two years and see what he does. Maybe he's deliberately tanking the season to get the most bang from his draft picks. Maybe he'll even spring for a grown-up haircut.
  12. eaglegenius

    Is Jon Gruden in way over his head?

    Gruden declared Nathan Peterman the most NFL ready QB of his class entering the draft. I wonder if he can somehow convince the Bills to part with him so he can get one of "his guys in."
  13. I'd stop harping on the WRs and focus on the dreadful O line. If Wentz is constantly scrambling for his life, it doesn't matter who is out there waiting for his hurried throws.
  14. The Rams had a huge edge against the Vikings - the REFS!!!! While today Max Kellerman is ranting about the Browns getting screwed by the refs against Oakland, no one except the gameday announcers seems to be concerned that the refs A) took away a legit TD from the Vikings and B) picked up a legit flag basically handing 50 yards to the Rams helping them score. They did so flagrantly, and their NY overseers let them get away with it. It's clearly about the money. Either someone paid someone off in the interest of sports betting bookers or the NFL wants to set the Rams up in the money-rich LA marketplace. And with the Raiders heading to Vegas, it's not hard to guess who bribed the officials in that game. This isn't to take anything away from the Rams. They've dumped a ton of money into the team, obviously intent on becoming a superstar franchise like the Yankees or Lakers. Which is what makes the ref's interference even more despicable. The Eagles might have gotten lucky winning SB 52 because the "marketplace" might dictate who gets to play in it from here on, with the refs guaranteeing those spots to the biggest market teams that generate the most bets.
  15. eaglegenius

    Alex Smith to Washington

    It doesn't matter who the Foreskinz get at QB they have systemic problems. Talent is wasted on them. I'd be more concerned if I were a Chiefs fan though. It's nice that AR loves Mahomes but there's no guarantee on any of these rookie QBs. They all can't be Wentz or Goff and look what happened to Watson. If he sputters or goes down, is that their season? I have to laugh at all the "experts" hyping the incoming QBs in the draft, especially when I see their top picks. Darnold is a coin toss, might be okay. Josh Allen, the next Joe Flacco. And Josh Rosen might go running back to school to study medicine after taking a few hits in the NFL. I'd put my money on Mason Rudolph. If the Browns miss out on Saquan Barkley because they went for a QB first, it'll prove what cretins they are.