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  1. Mama

    Hey Missy! Hope you have a super Strawberry Birthday!

  2. How did the Nair experiment turn out?

  3. Again? Did I miss the first time? ;)

  4. When will we have relations again?

  5. I would rather touch your breasts with my face and mouth then beat you in fantasy football.

  6. Congratulations on the sound a** kicking you handed to me this past weekend.

  7. Good luck on both accounts... you'll need it. ;)

  8. I look forward to competing with you in a friendly manner this weekend in fantasy football, and hope to one day taste your breasts.

  9. I would enjoy giving it a shot

  10. You don't really want to know. You just like seeing my name on your comment wall. Admit it.

  11. I sure would like to know

  12. Yup. Need an address so I can send it.

  13. Did you really get me a Strawberry Shortcake or were you just fibbing?

  14. Would an entire impressive nipple of yours fit into my mouth?