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  1. Planning a trip next year to watch an Eagles game in Fargo ND. Hoping to meet up with some Eagle and Carson Wentz fans out there. What are some good Eagles bars to watch an Eagles game.
  2. massinger

    Eagles bar in Chicago

    Going with my wife to Chicago for the Chicago Marathon. After the Marathon we plan to go and find a good Eagles bar to watch the 4:05 Eagles Minesota game. I imagine even the Bears fans would love to see the Eagles knock off the Vikings. Does anyone know of a bar that is frequented by Eagles fans in Chicago.
  3. massinger

    Key West Eagles bar

    Thanks for the info. I am sure there will be a lot of eagles fans hanging around Key west that weekend. Do you think Smokey Joes wouold also be a viable place for Eagles fans to watch the playoff game.
  4. massinger

    Key West Eagles bar

    I am going to be in Key West Florida the weekend of Jan 13 - 14. Are there any good places to watch the Eagles Playoff game with other eagle fans.
  5. Chris Long is a class act. It is good to see him step up and help in a real tangible way. Hatred must be fought with love and concern for the victims. Everyone in our country has the right to peaceful and safe demonstration of their views.
  6. massinger

    [News] Lawlor: Jim Johnson Was The Mastermind

    I agree with Tom's article. JJ was a great defensive mind and had lots of success here. I loved the defense he putouyt thewre. BUT He tended to get out coached in the NFC Championship games. We should never have lost the Cardinals and Bucs game, in both games the defense let us down.
  7. Looking back at the six losses that could have been wins, if the defense had stepped up and stopped the Lions and the Cowboys after fumbles the Eagles would have won at least 2 0f those games.. It was more a matter of Pedersen and Schwartz not stepping up their game plan when turnovers happen. All of the weight of a successful should not be on Wentz totally, Pedersen and Scwartz also need to learn to use their personnel better. Looking forward to the Eagles improving in every area of the game and having a dominant team that will make it to the playoffs.
  8. My wife and I are coming down from Central NY to vist friends and family and enjoy the atmosphere in Philly during the 2017 NFL Draft. Do anyone know what events and venues are planned. Is there anykind of website that is coordinating what is going on during that week. It should be an exciting week to be in Philadeplpohia. On that sunday we are going down to Wildwood to take part in the Wildwoods half marathon. Thanks for your help.
  9. massinger

    Eagles Bars in Los Angeles

    My son is moving to Pasadena this summer. Is the Greyhound Bar and Grill still the place to go. Are there any Eagles bars in Pasadena