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  1. massinger

    Buffalo Game 2019

    Any details on where the Green Legion is staying and where they will be tailgating. Going to the game also with Eagle and Bills fans from Central NY.
  2. massinger

    Eagles bar in Montreal

    Any Eagles bar in Montreal.
  3. massinger

    Nick Foles excused from OTA's indefinitely for personal reasons

    Our prayers and thoughts are with you Nick.
  4. Going to Montreal this fall looking and for a good eagles bar to watch the eagles game. Any ideas. Going for the montreal Rick and roll marathon and the Eagles are playing Detroit at 1pm.
  5. massinger

    Where are Iggles fans watching in Toronto?

    My wife and I are coming for the Toronto Marathon October 20 weekend. Looking for a place to watch the Eagles game with some Eagles fans. Any thoughts on a bar which would show the game. Maybe if we are lucky it will be a BYE weekend.
  6. massinger

    Boston Eagles bar

    Going to Boston this weekend to watch the Eagles Bears game with my son. Does anyone know of a good Phila Eagles bar that has a lot of Eagles fans.
  7. Planning a trip next year to watch an Eagles game in Fargo ND. Hoping to meet up with some Eagle and Carson Wentz fans out there. What are some good Eagles bars to watch an Eagles game.
  8. massinger

    Eagles bar in Chicago

    Going with my wife to Chicago for the Chicago Marathon. After the Marathon we plan to go and find a good Eagles bar to watch the 4:05 Eagles Minesota game. I imagine even the Bears fans would love to see the Eagles knock off the Vikings. Does anyone know of a bar that is frequented by Eagles fans in Chicago.